Legacy porn site Kelly Madison is keeping up with the times

KellyMadison.com has been a part of the online world of porn for 20 years. Originally launched as a solo site focusing just on Madison’s personal scenes, the legacy site has expanded its scope, putting out new high-quality hardcore scenes every week with major porn stars. It’s a long-standing staple, but is Kelly Madison porn worth your money? Here’s everything you need to know about a Kelly Madison membership, from pricing to features to what’s lacking. 

Kelly Madison membership cost

Kelly Madison costs $29.95 per month, about the average cost of other major porn sites. Here’s where it gets weird. Most sites offer a discount for subscribing for multiple months at a time. But the cost of Kelly Madison’s three-month package is the same price as three months of the monthly package. There’s no discount. Occasionally, you can find a sale, like the one listed above, but otherwise, it’s the same to cost month-to-month or for a three-month package. Thankfully, Kelly Madison’s content makes up for its strange pricing model. 

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Kelly Madison membership benefits

1) Kelly Madison’s original content

A massive chunk of the content on KellyMadison.com is centered around Madison. If you start at the oldest video from 2000 and work your way forward, you won’t find another person on the screen until 2001. That year, she started doing lesbian scenes and shooting with her husband, Ryan. 

The idea of looking at porn from 19 years ago might not appeal to you, but it’s a refreshing change of pace from today’s content. It’s playful, intimate, and incredibly sexy. The fact that Madison only worked with one man in her scenes, her husband Ryan, adds a sense of romance porn rarely has. Madison continued to shoot scenes for the site until 2017.

2) Over 1,250 scenes and counting

The site’s namesake, Kelly Madison, shot over 1,100 scenes for her site before she started uploading videos with other porn stars in 2017. Now, the site updates once a week with new 35 to 60-minute scenes starring some of the best talent in the business. 

3) Stunning 4K pictures

The scenes are great on their own, but part of their appeal is the stunning 4K picture Kelly Madison provides. Thanks to great lighting and direction, the image looks incredible and enhances the whole experience. If you don’t have an ultra-high-definition screen, don’t worry. The 1080p content looks amazing, too. 

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4) Gorgeous models 

Replacing an icon like Kelly Madison is no easy feat, but the site hasn’t lost a beat since she stopped shooting new scenes. KellyMadison.com seems to go out of its way to blend new talent with beloved names. You’ll find well-known stars like Alexis Fawx right alongside newcomers like Penny Lay. Get your Ava Addams fix while also discovering a rising star like Jericha Jem. No matter if you find your favorite name or someone you’ve never heard of, Kelly Madison’s models are sure to leave you wide-eyed.  

5) GIF previews of each scene

One of the things that makes Pornhub such a beloved site, other than its cost, is how easy it is to preview a scene. When you hover your cursor over a picture, it animates to show you a snippet of the video without opening a new window. Thankfully, Kelly Madison offers the same clever feature, making it one of the rare porn sites to do so. When you’re trying to find a video that hits the spot, it’s the perfect time-saver. 

6) You can search men and women

Almost no other porn sites let you search for male talent—or even browse through male performers. The assumption is that no one cares about the men in a scene, but that completely ignores the viewers watching to see a hot guy have sex. Suffice to say, Kelly Madison’s male model search option is a refreshing detail.

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7) Great directing 

Every scene on KellyMadison.com is thoughtfully shot. Kelly Madison scenes tend to be elaborate, gonzo, and playfully kinky. They range from rough sex to role-playing to simple setups. One week, it’s a beautifully themed scene in a room full of flowers; the next, a poolside creampie shoot. The mix keeps things interesting, and the direction of these scenes draw you in even during the kinkiest moments. We mentioned the lighting in the 4K section, but it bears repeating: These scenes are shot like art.

8) Polaroids

One of the extras on the site is Kelly and Ryan Madison’s collection of dirty Polaroid pictures. Perhaps it’s silly, but this bonus adds to the playful vibe. The photos range from behind-the-scenes, sex snapshots, or nudes of their friends—all unique to the site. It’s a surprisingly lovely personal touch.


9) Bonus content

Your membership to KellyMadison.com comes with an absurd amount of bonus content. Subscribers get over 100,000 extra scenes from companies like Eromaxx, Mr. Skin, Vivid Entertainment, and Club Sweetheart. From scenes to whole movies, Kelly Madison gives more bonus content than almost any other site. That extra content might not be as good as what’s on the site proper, but it’s still a huge selling point. 

10) Membership to Teen Fidelity and Porn Fidelity 

Your Kelly Madison membership also gets you access to sister sites Teen Fidelity and Porn Fidelity. Between the three sites, your membership gives you over 2,300 scenes, with three more scenes every week. Another bonus: The simple navigation allows you to browse all three sites at once, a feature we wish more networks had. To help you make an educated choice about which membership to choose, here’s our coverage of Teen Fidelity and Porn Fidelity

Kelly Madison membership cons

1) Lacking in diversity—but doing better

KellyMadison.com has a better excuse than most sites for its lack of diversity; it was basically centered on one woman for over a decade. Still, when the site first started hiring other porn stars, they were mostly white. In recent years, however, there has been a visible increase in the diversity of models. It’s a step in the right direction, but there’s still plenty of room to grow.

2) Production of lesbian scenes has dwindled 

After Kelly Madison herself stopped shooting, the site all but stopped producing lesbian scenes. Her husband, Ryan Madison, still shoots scenes with other women, and there’s other male talent. But it’s all boy-on-girl now. Given the kinky exploratory early days of the site, this oddly means it’s become more vanilla over time. 

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3) Lack of searching options

If you want to browse through porn stars, you can, but that’s largely where Kelly Madison’s search functions stop. So even though KellyMadison.com features a ton of kinks, you can’t search for a specific one. You can’t search tags or even by genre. It’s a major oversight on an otherwise highly efficient site. 

4) Kelly Madison alone lacks content

We love Kelly Madison’s content, but with only one update a week, the site alone isn’t worth the cost. However, if you take advantage of your access to Teen Fidelity, Porn Fidelity, and other bonus content, the Kelly Madison package makes sense. 

5) A sneaky “special offer” at check out

Make sure to uncheck the *Special Offer* box when you’re checking out. Leaving the box checked gives you a two-day membership to 5Kporn.com that renews at $29.99 per month. While 5Kporn.com is a great site, the special offer box doesn’t clearly explain what you’re signing up for—and we really dislike that.  

6) No discount for a longterm subscription

It’s worth saying repeating: $29.95 per month is the average cost of a porn site, but KellyMadison.com doesn’t give you a discount for subscribing longer. Other sites, for example, might offer three months for $59.99 to convince you to extend your subscription. But Kelly Madison’s three-month membership is the same cost as three months at $29.95. The site sometimes runs sales with great deals, but if you sign up outside of a sale, there is no incentive to pay more than one month at a time.

Is Kelly Madison worth it?

KellyMadison.com is absolutely worth your time, particularly in light of the extra content you get from its sister sites. From its years of being a Kelly Madison-themed site through its reinvention as an arty gonzo porn business, KellyMadison.com has taken risks and evolved. From the performers to the scenes, the content is gorgeous. It’s rare to notice the direction on a porn site, but Kelly Madison scenes are beautifully filmed even when they’re exploring extreme kinks.

In a perfect world, the site would expand its search functions or add some tags, but the limitations are a minor inconvenience. When you add up all the content, including the other two sites, KellyMadison.com offers a compelling package—particularly if you subscribe during a sale. The biggest downside isn’t the content but the lack of discount for subscribing longterm. Hopefully, the pricing plans will improve in the future. In the meantime, it’s still worth taking Kelly Madison for a spin.

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