Our Story

Cashmere is an online media outlet about sex. 

Sex isn’t just an action in the bedroom: it is an industry, a part of our culture, a direct influence on law and policy, and a subject of education that everyone can benefit from. But despite being a large part of everyone’s lives, it isn’t talked about (realistically) enough. 

We need to make a change on how we view, speak, and write about sex. What we need is sexual literacy. 

Cashmere is committed to both sex and pleasure education, telling stories that may be deemed too taboo for dinner conversation, and being real, realistic, and raw (pun intended, although we’re pro-protection) about sex, the culture, and the economy that surrounds it.

It’s not just pleasure or “tips to spice up your stagnant sex life”: we want to talk about the issues, successes, and safety measures in the sex industry, from full-service sex work to porn production. We want to examine the intersections of sex, sex work, health, love, politics, capitalism, and culture. We want to examine, break down, and explain the laws that surround sex, from reporting on sex education rollbacks in schools to explaining how sex workers are impacted by copyright law. We want to platform personal stories, sharing personal essays on how sex and disability impact one another and the emotional impact of fleeing war as a refugee sex worker. We want to share information on how to please your transgender partner in the bedroom. We want to see sex holistically, with no holds (holes?) barred. 

Cashmere presents sex in ways that are designed to spark conversations and destigmatize sex, sex work, and sexual health.

What sets us apart is who we are: not just our publication, but our writers and editors. Cashmere platforms pieces from sex workers, sex journalists, researchers, kinksters, queer people, and writers for a reason: they know the industry and their community the best. 

While some may see our work as “radical,” we don’t think so. We’re just opening (the bedroom) doors.