This 3D-printed scrotum sculpture lets you go balls to the wall

What is art? Is it in the eye of the beholder, or is there something quantifiable about the transcendence of experiencing someone else’s creativity? We may never know the answer, but if you think Art includes a 3D-printed model of a scrotum, do we have the Indiegogo campaign for you.

Brian Sloan, he of the Anus Contest and also a Balls Contest, is funding his newest sex-toy adjacent venture, “Wall Balls.” The product is a wall-mountable (lol) fiberglass sculpture of a scrotum emerging from the front of someone’s fly. It weighs six pounds, and can be yours for $59.

“This campaign will help bring to life a piece of home decor created from the 3D-scanned scrotum of the Balls Contest’s third-place winner,” writes Sloan, who explains that no 3D-printing companies in the first- or second-place contestants’ hometowns were willing to use their machines for such purposes. Still, you don’t even get a first-place scrotum in your foyer! Look, my “art” collection may consist of free posters and a LEGO statue of Wall-E, but I’ll be damned if I put anything but Blue Ribbon Balls up for my guests to admire.

Sloan needs 100 orders to bring Wall Balls to life, and he says it’s for people “who love art” or “are awesome.” Or can’t get a 3D-printing company to scan their own scrotums.