The revolutionary 3Fap is the only sex toy you should ever need

This article contains sexually explicit material. 

Tired of your Fleshlight? Brian Sloan of Letsgasm has a solution for you.

Sloan is raising $40,000 on Indiegogo to produce 3Fap, “the first 3-in-1 male masturbator.” The device features three orifices—mouth, vulva, and anus models—that were 3D-scanned from the actual orifices of the Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest’s winners. Now, instead of men needing to buy separate products in order to experience the sensations of different female body parts, they can use the 3Fap, which combines all of the holes into one package.

“3Fap’s three openings will have you experiencing three different textures every time you fap,” Sloan explained in his campaign video. “Put it in the butt—it’s tight and smooth! Put it in the vagina—it’s ribbed! Put it in the mouth—it’s a zig-zag pattern!”

While the first 3Fap models will be created out of TPE rubber (“artificial skin,” as Sloan called it), he intends to upgrade to silicone in 2016. The device will also be silent, allowing for maximum discretion when in use.

Right now, the campaign is offering three $49 perks for early-bird contributors: a standard 3Fap, an all-vulva 3Fap, and a 3Fap with non-gendered round holes. Each reward is limited to 100 units, so interested consumers should place their orders soon.

Sloan is no stranger to crowdfunding sex toys; he raised more than $16,000 for the Slaphappy five-in-one vibrator earlier this year, and while his campaign for the Autoblow 2 officially ended in 2014, funds are still trickling in to the tune of $300,000. Considering that his new campaign raised more than $1,500 in its first day, it seems likely that the 3Fap will be dominating the male masturbation market in no time.

Correction: Although the 3Fap is based on 3D-scanned orifices, it is not, itself, a 3D-printed device.

Photo via Indiegogo