Adam and Eve Plus is the perfect porn megasite for couples and fans of full movies

Like everything in the world of streaming, porn has become a land of options. While some sites have doubled down on specific niche content, many audiences are longing for an ocean of variety. For a long time, Adult Time has been the king of mega porn sites, but a new force has emerged. Adam and Eve Plus has come for the crown. 

While its main competition has more content, Adam and Eve Plus delivers a focused experience for newcomers. With thousands of scenes drawn from Adam and Eve’s decades in the business, Plus delivers quality over quantity while still giving quantity. Let’s explore why Adam and Eve plus is worth your hard-earned money. 

Adam and Eve Plus Cost

Adam and Eve Plus offers incredible diversity in how you can pay for content. Each of its subsites, from Romantic Porn to Classic Movies, for $6.99 apiece per month. 

However, as a special deal, Pleaser readers can get complete access to every channel on Adam and Eve Plus for just $14.99 per month for life. Normally all-access membership is $29.99 per month. That’s a $15 savings just for signing up through this review. More importantly, that’s dramatically lower than any of the competition. 

Adam and Eve membership benefits

1) Over 3,800 scenes and 717 full-length movies from the Adam and Eve library

History matters in entertainment, and porn is no different. Adam and Eve have been in the porn business since the ‘70s, began distributing adult films in the ‘80s, and started making their own in the ‘90s. Adam and Eve Plus gives you a look at porn spanning four decades—from single scenes to full movies. 

That’s right—Adam and Eve Plus gives you full adult films, complete with the plot and everything. Something has been lost in the modern era of stand-alone streaming porn scenes, robbing a generation of the joyful cheese of pornographic narrative movies. Adam and Eve Plus brings the best of both worlds together in one porn mega site. 

New content is added every week, so there’s always something fresh to discover. That being said, with 700+ full-length movies and over 3800 scenes to explore, it would be a full-time job trying to watch it all.

2) Mix of 4K, HD, and standard definition scenes all look incredible

Adam and Eve’s new movies are released in beautiful, crisp 4K UDH, but the vast majority of the content on the site is in 1080p HD. Content shot before the 2000s is all standard definition, but don’t let that change your mind. We have yet to encounter anything on Adam and Eve Plus that doesn’t look incredible.

In fact, we were truly impressed by just how high the quality is in every scene and movie, even when it was shot in the ‘70s. If you need a clear picture to enjoy your porn, Adam and Eve Plus provides.  

3) Adam and Eve Plus is one of the best porn sites for couples looking to explore porn together

Porn has become increasingly hardcore over the last decade, which can make it difficult to explore with a partner who doesn’t already watch. Adam and Eve Plus is incredibly friendly toward couples. With movies that slowly introduce sex and romance-focused scenes alongside hardcore content, Plus provides options for even the most vanilla couples. There are even films based on the work of erotica favorite Selina Kitt.

The ability to choose from a mix of more mainstream or hardcore content makes exploration fun, but it also lets you and your partner set the pace. Its instructional video section might even help you have a better, more fulfilling sex life.  

unfolding adam and eve plus

4) Includes a wide selection of useful, hot, and sex-positive instructional films on everything from oral to swinging

Porn has always been a way for people to explore the kind of sex they wish they were having. In the ‘90s, Adam and Eve began to develop a series of incredible guides to different kinds of sex that continue to this day. The biggest shocker is just how healthy and sex-positive they are.  

Take Nina Hartley’s Guide to Swinging. It was made in 1995 but remains a stunningly good resource almost 30 years later. You’ll learn how to bring up the topic of nonmonogamy while honoring your partner’s feelings, and the threesome section in particular brilliantly acknowledges the awkwardness that can be involved in those discussions. Finally, because this is still porn, there’s an orgy to enjoy at the end.

You’ll find everything from bondage guides to open relationship tutorials to healthy guides for boosting your libido. With over 98 hot, full-length instructional guides to watch, sex school is officially in session.

5) One of the only sites with classic stars like Jenna Jameson, Asia Carrera, John Holmes, and Tera Patrick, along with today’s biggest names

There are over 1500 different porn stars who appear on Adam and Eve Plus, meaning you’ll always be able to find your favorites. From megastars like Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey, Asia Carrera, John Holmes, and Tera Patrick to the stars of your youth, they’re all here. 

6) Easy-to-use website 

Once you’ve signed up just click the All Access button to be taken to your navigation menu. This menu lets you pick from individual scenes or full movies, to tailor the site to your desired viewing experience. This is also where you’ll get the chance to explore its wide-ranging selection of video categories. 

nina hartley's guide to hot talk cover, nina hartley looking at a handsome man holding her arm

Porn has explored almost as many themes as it has kinks over the years, and this site thankfully understands that. Adam and Eve Plus has the best categories of any site we’ve covered, moving beyond the simple topics like parody, handjobs, and oral of other sites. 

Adam and Eve give you those plus wonderfully silly deep genre cuts. You’ll find Sorority Girls, Snowboarding, Historical/Period Pieces, Muscled Babes, Musicals—and many more. It makes exploring fun, whether you’re giggling with a partner or settling in for a solo evening. 

8) At $14.99 Adam and Eve Plus offers one of the best deals in online porn

For under $15 per month, Adam and Eve unlocked the library of one of the adult industry’s longest-running and most respected companies. While the movie library alone would be worth paying $29.99 per month for. When you add in the wealth of modern single scenes and the price point of $14.99 per month, you get one of the best deals in porn. 

9) Can be easily watched on PlayStation and Xbox

While Adam and Eve Plus content can always be cast from your phone or laptop, those aren’t your only options for watching on your TV. The service can be easily accessed via the web browsers found on PlayStation and Xbox, bringing your favorite porn to your set without an extra step. Now that Roku has stopped supporting porn channels, this is a big deal.

seduction of heidi with whitney wright

Adam and Eve membership cons

1) Lack of LGBTQ content beyond porn’s standard heterosexual gaze

While Adam and Eve has lesbian scenes and MFF threesomes galore, this is mainstream porn made mostly for a straight male audience. This isn’t Bright Desire or xConfessions, so if you’re looking for bisexual men, you will be disappointed. There’s also not any gay or transexual content to be found, unlike sites like Adult Time. 

2) No downloads 

Currently, Adam and Eve Plus is strictly a streaming-only site. They may add a downloadable option in the future for an extra monthly fee, but that remains to be seen. However, you can still easily watch on your TV by casting the video from your phone or laptop. 

seduction of heidi with whitney wright

3) Small amount of 4K content 

Adam and Eve Plus has only just begun to add 4K content to its platform, leaving it with a relatively small library of titles in UHD. Personally, this is a minor issue, especially if you watch content on your smartphone. However, it is worth mentioning. 

4) Scenes don’t have “action markers”

Scenes and movies on Plus don’t let you jump directly to specific sex acts like many other sites. Personally, that’s a good thing. It keeps you more engaged in the scene, and frankly, sex isn’t just jumping to the part that specifically does the most for you. Learn some goddamn discipline.

But if you do like to jump around, you can still preview as you scroll the timeline with your mouse—finding exactly what you’re looking for isn’t difficult. 

Adam and Eve Plus review: Is membership worth it?  

Adam and Eve Plus is a great deal whether you’re looking for your new favorite porn site for yourself or your relationship. Getting into porn today with a partner can be difficult, particularly with the shift to hardcore content on OnlyFans and major sites. Adam and Eve Plus is a wonderful way to start exploring the world of porn with a partner who’s curious but new. 

From narrative films that let you get to know the characters before they bang to incredible educational films and old-fashioned hardcore gonzo content—Adam and Eve gives you a bit of everything. Sometimes it can be a bit heteronormative, but there are millions of people who want that experience and they’ll be in heaven. This is an incredible site for people just starting to explore porn. 

It’s also wonderful as your main porn destination thanks to its deep well of content spanning every era of porn. Sometimes you want a silly plot, and sometimes you want a gonzo scene; variety is the spice of life. 

Best of all, at $14.99 Adam and Eve Plus is economically accessible at a time when everyone’s wallets are tighter. No other site right now combines this kind of quality, quantity, and price month over month. Adam and Eve Plus is one of the best streaming porn sites around right now at any price, but at $14.99 it’s a steal.