White people in their 30s are most likely to buy vibrators, report says

White people in their 30s are the most likely to buy vibrators, and women in relationships said their more likely to use vibrators than single women, according to sex toy retailer Adam & Eve’s end-of-year report.

As the year wraps up, many companies are putting out statistics on who uses their services and for what. It may be marketing, but it often also provides useful (or at least entertaining) data for the public. This year Adam & Eve, one of the internet’s leading purveyors of all things sexy, joined the fray with an infographic about what people buy, who buys, and even how often people clean their toys.

“Adam & Eve is pleased to provide this overview on sex toys,” Chad Davis, Adam & Eve’s chief marketing director, said in a statement to XBiz. “We’re happy that adult toys have become so acceptable in mainstream America, and we’re excited to play a role in making them fun and accessible to adults everywhere.”

The first notable statistic is that just over half of Americans say they own a sex toy. It’s possible stigma may still cause some underreporting, but sex toys are inarguably no longer as taboo as they once were. The report also showed females in the US are 13% more likely than males to admit to owning a sex toy, and that “vibrator clients were overwhelmingly caucasian.”

There were some expected findings in Adam & Eve’s infographic, like that nearly half of sex toy purchases are under $20, and that 85% of people buy a sex toy once a year or less. Others might surprise you, like that Australians report using sex toys the most, or that women in relationships are more likely to use sex toys than women who are single.

The answers to one question are both heartening and horrifying. While 57% of people clean their sex toys after every use, 33% of people say they never clean their sex toys. If that makes your genitals want to shrivel up and decay, maybe put a toy cleaner in your lovers’ stockings this year just to be safe.

Check out the whole report, including information on Adam & Eve’s top-selling toys, here.


H/T XBiz