22 women say adult site coerced them into porn

Adult entertainment site Girls Do Porn is facing a lawsuit from 22 women who say they were coerced into performing sex on-camera after being lured to a set under the false promise of a modeling job.

According to Jezebel, the lawsuit was filed three years ago, but it was delayed when the owner of Girls Do Porn, Michael Pratt, filed for bankruptcy. In May, a federal judge determined that Pratt and his attorney had only done this in an attempt to thwart the case against him ordered them to pay $110,000 to the women’s attorneys.

Now the trial is finally underway, and the nearly two dozen women Pratt and Girls Do Porn allegedly lied to and coerced are sharing their stories. They say that they came to Girls Do Porn through Craigslist ads not for a pornography producer but for a modeling agency called Begin Modeling. 

However, when the women arrived on set for the modeling gigs, they were offered pay to appear in adult films with the promise that they wouldn’t be posted online. The plaintiffs described being given documents to sign and being yelled at until they signed them without being given a chance to read them. The lawsuit also alleges that once filming started, “if they refuse or say they are uncomfortable or in pain, The Defendants often yell at them, saying it is too late to change their minds and they cannot leave the hotel room.” They also described being forced to have sex even when they weren’t filming.

Despite what they were promised, the videos of these women were put up on Girls Do Porn’s websites and licensed to free pornography sites as well. Even more disturbing is that Girls Do Porn allegedly put these women’s legal names online with the videos, facilitating viewers to stalk, harass, blackmail, and bully them.

According to Vice, many of the video descriptions on Girls Do Porn appear to advertise coercion as a selling point, with descriptions such as, “it took months of convincing to get her to finally agree to do this.”


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H/T Jezebel