Adult Time is an endless buffet of both diverse and occasionally problematic porn

One of the downsides of paying for porn is how limited it can feel. Even when sites have thousands of scenes, the niche focus of most paid sites can lack the freedom of free streaming sites. But what if there was a site that combined the best efforts of premium and free content into one easy-to-use package? You’d have Adult Time, a porn mega-site made up of 16 main studios and their offshoots.

Is Adult Time all you need from a porn site, or is it an example of quantity over quality? Here’s everything you need to know, from cost to features to why Adult Time is probably worth your money.

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Adult Time cost

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Adult Time is one of the largest porn sites, so if variety is important to you, you’ll get far more than your money’s worth. Even better, the pricing is still in line with what you would expect from any other porn site. The basic streaming-only membership is $14.95 for the first month and $19.95 a month after that. However, if you sign up for a year you get streaming access along with the ability to download scenes. One year is $119.40, which averages out to $9.95 per month. However, note you’ll need to pay for the entire year upfront.

Adult Time membership benefits

1) 309 individual channels with over 58,115 scenes and counting

With over 58,115 scenes spread across 307 different channels, it’s impossible to run out of porn to watch on Adult Time. Major studios, from Vivid to Burning Angel, come with your subscription, along with a host of smaller players.

While some of these channels are spinoffs of bigger studios, like Girlsway, the amount of choice is almost intimidating. No matter what you’re into in the world of mainstream porn, Adult Time has it, including a few surprises.  

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2) Adult Time has multiple daily updates

Adult Time updates more than almost any site online, with around seven videos every day. These updates contain everything from heterosexual to lesbian to bisexual to transexual scenes with the occasional solo and behind-the-scenes content thrown in as well. Adult Time keeps things constantly evolving and updating.

3) Adult Time offers is affordable whether you want to stream or download

At a time when many sites are starting to charge an extra $9.99 to $14.99 on top of a $29.99 subscription, Adult Time keeps it simple. If all you want is streaming, you get a discount, and if you want to stream and download, you pay the standard rate for a porn subscription. This is a major plus, especially for users who travel.

4) Thousands of performers from the ’90s through today

Adult Time uploads its own new content every week, but the vast majority of its library is made up of legacy scenes. Drawing from decades of porn across major studios, Adult Time has created a huge collection. The megastars lineup includes Chasey Lain, Sasha Grey, Belladonna, and Peter North. Their videos live alongside those featuring today’s stars like Riley Reid and Mia Malkova.

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5) Bi scenes with dudes

The porn world is overwhelmingly heteronormative, to the point where people differentiate between lesbian porn for queer women and lesbian porn for straight people. That’s why it was so surprising to discover Adult Time features over 346 bisexual scenes involving men and women together. Last year there were only a little over 140. This growth is surprising but appreciated.

We’ve reviewed a ton of porn sites, but this is the first mainstream site that openly makes room for bi men. If you’re looking to explore, Adult Time has options for you. Even better, these scenes aren’t just cheating or submissive kinks. They’re hot joyful scenes.

6) Advanced filtering options

Adult Time makes it incredibly easy to sort content by what you’re looking for. Don’t want to see the bisexual scenes? You can filter them out. Want to search for blow job scenes from just two studios? You can do that. With so much content to consume, filtering keeps Adult Time from becoming completely overwhelming.

7) Creative original content

Beyond working with outside porn studios, Adult Time also makes its own content. It’s surprising—and great—that much of the original content focuses on areas the porn world is lacking. Age of Beauty has scenes featuring older women, while Shape of Beauty features plus-size performers.

The We Like Girls Project features unscripted lesbian scenes, Transfixed showcases trans performers, and Lady Gonzo features hardcore scenes that put the women first. It’s a start to making more diverse content, which is greatly needed in porn.


8) Hundreds of 4K videos

The vast majority of Adult Time’s content is in HD or standard definition, simply by nature of the site’s age. However, new content is uploaded in 4K every day. There are currently over 800 4K scenes, but given the upload schedule, that number will quickly rise.

9) Diverse performers

With over 57,700 scenes to choose from, Adult Time has more performers of color than most of the competition. The problem is that these performers can be hard to find because, for all the filtering and categories on the site, there aren’t many for different races or ethnicities. The filters that do exist don’t show you all the performers of color that might qualify. This is one area where Adult Time has room to grow.

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10) Roku app

You can now access Adult Time on your Roku. Using Adult Time on Roku is a lot like using it on the main site. Upon logging in users are asked what kind of content they want Adult Time to show; straight, lesbian, bisexual, and/or gay.

Once you’re logged in the service you’ll find a selection of new, popular, and trending clips on the right side of the screen with menus on the left. Currently, the features on the app are lacking. Adult Time doesn’t have playlists or the ability to save clips for later on Roku.

However, it does feature beautiful HD video, including 4K on a vast majority of its scenes. Plus you can browse its massive library from the comfort of your sofa. This app is growing every month, with the good far outweighing any technical issues.

11) Subtitles make porn accessable

Accessibility in porn is a relatively new concept, but Adult Time is on the forefront thanks to the inclusion of subtitles on some of its sites. Whether you have hearing problems, like this writer, or you have thin walls and want to enjoy dialogue without the neighbors hearing someone get railed, subtitles rule. 

On the website, scenes will offer an on-screen pop-up if they have subtitle options. Using the Roku app, scenes with subtitles will feature the CC closed captioning symbol in their description.

There’s content from Adult Time, Puretaboo, Girlsway, Moms on Moms, Web Young, Bubblegumdungeon, Burning Angel, Girlcore, and more waiting for you with subtitles at the ready. 

12) Recently added its first exclusively gay male channel

Adult Time has been providing LBTQ scenes for years. However, the January 2021 addition of Pride Studios brings the whole LGBTQ family to the table for the first time. We’ve criticized Adult Time in the past for having everything but gay content. It’s nice to see them continue to expand the horizons of what a mainstream porn site is.

There are now over 105 gay-focused scenes on the site at the moment, up from just 20 in January 2021, so the site is serious about bringing this content to users. Knowing Adult Time, a new era of bi content is coming.

Adult Time membership cons

1) Problematic original series

The frustrating thing about how the quality of Adult Time’s original content is how profoundly awful the rest can be. Originals like Pure Taboo, Sister Trick and Girls Under Arrest are full of incredibly problematic content. Girls Under Arrest is borderline rape content where police officers abuse their authority to get women to sleep with them.

Fantasies are fantasies, but this content feels dangerous and vile. And while we know incest porn is a big genre right now, the coercive nature of Sister Trick makes it a hard pill to swallow. Then there is Pure Taboo, which features “fauxcest” porn and scenes with questionable consent.

Also, as noted earlier, even though Transfixed features trans performers, the series feels shot for the cis male gaze. Still we love that this company works to tell the stories of trans performers on their own terms, particularly with its new Being Trans 24/7 channel.


2) Old porn means more racist content

Interracial porn was extremely problematic for a long time, and the problem becomes more apparent on a site featuring tons of old content. Stay away from the interracial DVD section of the site to avoid deeply offensive stereotypes.

3) Roku app needs work for a site of this size

Adult Time has one of the best Roku apps in porn, but its handful of problems quickly become frustrating. The main issue is that Adult Time constantly refreshes and can’t remember where you were. This becomes a massive problem when your site has over 57,700 scenes.

Say you’re browsing through a list of 200 titles and you select the 123rd scene to preview. When you go back to the menu sometimes it will take you all the way back to the first scene on the list you were browsing. This problem has gotten better since launch, however.

The constant refreshing becomes even more annoying when looking at Adult Time’s channels. If you include original productions there are over 307 channel options on Adult Time. But when you’re using the app selecting a channel and then going back to the menu takes you back to the top of the channel guide.

That means once again you’ll need to scroll all the way back to where you were to keep exploring. Adult Time’s Roku app is incredible, from 4K to its massive selection, but it needs to learn to bookmark your place. Otherwise, Adult Time’s massive library can become almost overwhelming to browse.

Adult Time review: Is membership worth it?

Adult Time is unlike any other site online, as it’s a perfect blend of new, high-quality scenes and tens of thousands of classic videos. Porn is like any other streaming media industry in that as new sites open, old content gets lost.

But a site that works as both a place to watch porn and a historical record of where it’s coming from like Adult Time is rare. Even if you’re not a nerd who cares about historical records of digital content, Adult Time is an affordable site with seemingly never-ending porn.

No other site gives you brand-new Kissa Sins scenes and alongside 20 years of Vivid video. Especially when you consider that the monthly price is exactly what you’d pay at a place like Brazzers, Adult Time’s membership becomes a deal you can’t ignore.

We just hope the site stops making shit like Girls Under Arrest. The problematic content brings down an otherwise nearly perfect porn experience.