Dang it, people are now keeping AirPods in during sex

For better or worse, technology has forever changed the landscape of human sexuality—from technologically advanced sex toys and VR to Amazon Dash-esque buttons that let your intimate partner know that you are DTF. But one crossroad of sex and tech that seemingly no one saw coming (pun intended), is that people would start boinking while listening to music with their wireless AirPods.

The bizarre revelation comes to us from TickPick, a consumer ticket reseller marketplace, which recently published a study on Exploring the Intersection of Music and Sexual Preferences.

The whole thing is pretty fascinating, even if some stats—such as that hip-hop and rap fans prefer doggy style while pop music fans are content with missionary—don’t come as a huge surprise. Also interesting is that partners with a similar taste in music supposedly experience more frequent and satisfying sex.

But getting back to AirPods! Out of the survey of 1,010 sexually active people, TickPick found that 17 percent of respondents who own AirPods claim to have worn them during sex.

For those who still care for their partner despite musical differences, modern technology may come in handy. Seventeen percent of Apple AirPod owners had sex while wearing them. The wireless earphones could offer simultaneous enjoyment of wildly different music tastes, although this is just one scenario.

If this all sounds a little too Black Mirror-ey for your tastes, you’re probably not alone. In the event that a couple truly cannot perform the act of copulation without music—is there nothing worthy of a compromise? Not Marvin Gaye, Ginuwine, or even Justin Timberlake? Heck, whale songs??

For clues in context, TickPick notes that 54.6 percent of the participants polled were male, 45.0 percent female, and 0.4 percent identified non-binary or gender-queer.

The study’s demographic also tended to skew younger, with 59.2 percent identifying as millennials, 28.8 percent Gen-X’ers, and 10.4 percent baby boomers. (A remaining 1.6 percent belonged to either Generation Z or the silent generation, born between 1925 and 1945.)

What if it’s actually the baby boomers out here getting their swerve on with AirPods? Wouldn’t that be quite the development! Stranger things have certainly happened.



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