The truth about the Alicia Machado ‘sex tape’ Donald Trump wants you to see

Spoiler: The “sex tape” of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado may prompt more yawns than gasps.  

Donald Trump sent out a tweet at roughly 5:30am on Friday asking his followers to check out Machado’s “sex tape” and past. Machado has returned to the public eye after Hillary Clinton mentioned the 1996 pageant winner as an example of Trump’s poor treatment of women and minorities during Monday’s debate. In a Clinton ad that followed, Machado said her former boss called her nicknames like “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” after she gained weight. 

Trump has continued to speak out against Machado, and in a tweet accusing Clinton of helping Machado attain U.S. citizenship, Trump also asked his followers to check out Machado’s sex tape. 

Except the “sex tape” that Trump is referring to isn’t buried on a porn site. The Machado “sex tape” is available on YouTube (albeit, filtered as being age-restricted) and is about as tame as an episode of Sex and the City. The roughly one and a half minutes of grainy, night-vision footage contains no nudity and came from a taping of the 2005 Spanish reality show La Granja, in which Machado appeared as a contestant. 

Machado allegedly had sex with Spanish actor Fernando Acaso on the Big Brother-like show. But both Machado and Acoso are wrapped in covers and appear to be half-clothed for most of the video. Snopes has even suggested the footage could have been staged. 

You can watch the “sex tape” below. 

Fact-checking and conspiracy-theory-debunking website Snopes has ruled claims that Machado is a “porn star” to be false. Though the former Miss Universe has posed in Playboy (so has Melania Trump), that appears to be the end of her journey into voyeurism. 

Snopes noted that searches for “Alicia Machado sex tape” do reveal plenty of porn videos, but none of which actually star Machado. 

A search for “Alicia Machado sex tape” on porn aggregator Pornhub finds a variety of clips from Machado’s television appearances, as well as videos of porn actresses who are obviously not Machado. The top result of the search is a video that contains roughly two minutes of footage from the 2005 show La Granja and is similar to the version uploaded on YouTube. It also contains no nudity. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Pornhub user who uploaded the La Granja footage, but hasn’t heard back as of this posting. His username is pepe1989, perhaps a call to the Pepe the Frog meme that members of the alt-right and Trump supporters have claimed as their own in recent weeks. The Pepe co-opters have been known to engage in online trolling and harassment targeting women and people of color.