Why Badoink VR is the gold standard of virtual reality porn

If you’ve always dreamed of being in a porn scene, technology is here to help. The spread of cheap VR headsets that use your smartphone to make you feel like you’re a part of the action has opened up virtual reality to every porn fan. While there are bigger porn sites worldwide, Badoink VR is the premier American virtual reality porn studio of the moment.

When you want hardcore VR porn from today’s biggest starlets and tomorrow’s next big things BadoinkVR has a lot to offer. With a steady stream of updates, Ultra HD picture, and a host of other great features BaDoink VR deserves a long hard look.

Are you looking to make the jump into VR porn by signing up for a Badoink account? Here’s everything you need to know about Badoink’s VR player: what it costs, what it includes, and where it can grow.

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How much does Badoink VR cost?

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that paying month to month isn’t that great of a deal with Badoink VR. While the $24.95-per-month plan is on par with many porn sites, it makes sense to buy in bulk when you’re looking at a full year for the cost of four single months. We appreciate the site keeping its pricing simple when a full year is that cheap.  

What’s included with your Badoink VR membership?

1) A library of 430 films (and counting!)

Before you even check out what’s new on the site, Badoink VR has provided a smorgasbord of clips to watch—with over 430 films in its roster. Even if they never updated their catalog again, it would take you almost a year to watch everything on the service. Plenty of sites offer great content but don’t offer enough of a selection to keep you busy. Badoink has been around long enough that even if you don’t like the latest release, there’s certainly something in the archives for you.  

2) New releases every four days

But due to the steady stream of new content Badoink releases, you actually might not even get around to the archival material. This averages out to two new releases every week, each around 50 to 40 minutes in length. That’s over an hour of new content every week. Given its big name stars and the quality of its content, that’s a remarkable feat.

badoink vr - polly pons

3) Incredible streaming support, including theater mode

All that content might seem like a pain in the rear to navigate, especially if you’re already wearing your headset. That’s why Badoink VR’s theater mode is such a blessing. By using a secondary controller, users can browse through scenes without ever taking their headset off. It ensures that viewers never lose the moment, even when switching to a new scene.

Don’t want to use theater mode? Badoink offers direct downloads for each of today’s major streaming devices. Never worry over if a video will be compatible with your device. Badoink has you covered.

4) It features today’s top porn stars

Many upstart VR porn sites feature stunning models and performers, but Badoink’s established place in the industry gives them access to stars like Adriana Chechik, Nicole Aniston, Riley Reid, Angela White, and more. From up-and-comers to established industry veterans, Badoink has them all.

badoink vr - adriana chechik

5) Stories add to the experience

Badoink VR takes great care to make sure each scene has a little bit of plot to go with it. Sometimes it’s as simple as a girlfriend bringing a friend to bed, getting frisky in the workplace, or a tryst with a swim coach, but the tiny details add up to a more memorable existence. Getting lost in a scene is easier when you know why it’s happening, particularly in VR.

6) Incredible quality

Looking for the ultimate in video quality? Badoink shoots everything in 5K at 60fps with stereo binaural sound, providing the most immersive experience possible. These scenes look and sound simply stunning. You see every dollar you pay on the scene. However, you may not need to download each scene in 5K. It largely depends on the max resolution supported by your device. ISave your bandwidth before you download the biggest version of a scene. Don’t worry if your device doesn’t support 5K. The 4K version still looks beautiful.

badoink vr - bridgette b

What are the drawbacks of a Badoink VR account?

1) Lack of diversity

The biggest con about Badoink VR is the lack of inclusion in its content. While Badoink features diverse female talent, we were only able to find four scenes on the site that feature men of color. It’s frustrating that male performers of color are relegated to the most token, basic level of inclusion even as opportunities gradually expand for their female counterparts on the service.

Is Badoink VR worth it?

Badoink VR is an incredibly high-quality site, delivering a healthy amount of high quality of updates at an affordable price. Badoink’s access to top talent sets it apart from the pack, while its beautiful 5K picture seals the deal. From its creative plots to the jaw-dropping models and filthy hardcore sex, Badoink VR has a lot going for it.

It needs to work on its diversity, but beyond that Badoink is firing on all cylinders. Other sites like VR Bangers or VR Cosplay X might offer more in terms of creativity, but no one else does mainstream hardcore VR porn like Badoink. If recognizable names and staggering quality are what matters most to you, Badoink VR is going to make you a happy viewer.

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