People are mad at Belle Delphine for her NSFW photoshoot posted on Twitter

When Belle Delphine posted pictures from her latest shoot directly on Twitter, the theme combined with the lack of a trigger warning upset a lot of people. Now people are debating on whether or not to “cancel” her once again.

Note: This article contains mentions of rape.

Delphine shared four stills from what she called her “perfect first date,” showing her tied up and gagged with duct tape in the back of a van and being anally penetrated pressed up against a tree.

" Upload filesMedia Library Filter mediaFilter by dateSearchMedia list   Deselect                                                                                 ATTACHMENT DETAILS   ShapedInternetcnc.png January 13, 2021 716 KB 1192 by 1038 pixels Edit Image Crop Image  Delete permanently Alt TextDescribe the purpose of the image (opens in a new tab). Leave empty if the image is purely decorative.TitleCaptionDescriptionFile URL: Copy URL Required fields are marked *"  a drawing of a stick figure with an unhappy face slicing a computer in half with a sword, the computer is bleeding
"Just fgound out why Belle Delphine is trending, me currently" a cartoon image of white hands washing eyeballs in a steel sink
"me and my homies hate Belle Delphine" photograph of a possum on a branch with it's babies on it's back

Some pointed out that survivors of sexual violence, who wouldn’t be expecting anything like this based on the accompanying text to her photos, could easily be hurt or triggered by seeing the image.

My friend was kidnapped, r*ped, and nearly killed and you have the audacity to post this on public social media with no censor or even a tw and pin it like nothing is wrong. This is disgusting.
The kink isn’t the problem, it’s the fact that it’s posted on public social media without any warnings, tags or censorship. Posting blurred or censored images with “click here to see more” is different than “hey surprise watch me get raped!”
"Huh? Why y'all shocked a bitch that pretends to be a sexual child would glamorize rape? Even if she apologizes, it's pretty obvious with her base that it doesn't matter. Belle Delphine is probably a map ally for all I know since her demographic just wanna be fuckin kids" image of a Black woman with dreadlocks drinking in a bar and looking deadpan
I don’t think their point was that it isn’t normal or ok. it’s that when you have a huge following and your posts are retweeted n whatnot there should be a trigger warning for people who might not be following her and don’t wanna see this all of a sudden out of nowhere

Others focused on her style of dress which, coupled with her signature demeaner that many consider purposely child-like, led them to view this piece as a fetishization of the abduction and rape of children.

If you follow or support Belle Delphine. Unfollow me and never talk to me again. I get having a fetish or a kink. But this is fucked. Dressing up as a kid and pretending to get raped on cam? How the fuck do you come up with this, and thing it's okay. Stop.
As detestable as I find this person, she is right in saying there's nothing wrong with consensual power play. However, it is pretty bad to see it from someone that already sexualizes the image of children for grown men who likely already envision doing it to a degree, anyway.
WE GET IT, ITS A FANTASY! WE GET IT, IT WAS CONSENSUAL! Doesn't make the visual impact acceptable. Stop infantizing your look & stop being inconsiderate of your audience.

Delphine later tweeted that “I’m not sorry, here’s why” with an essay attached in which she addressed the criticism she’s received over the shoot. Her statement included the claim that she doesn’t dress like a child and that, as a porn actress, there is no need for her to censor the contents of her timeline. However, many Twitter users disagreed with her statements, sharing examples from previous shoots where they felt she was presenting in a particularly child-like manner and pointing out that Twitter frequently shows tweets to people from accounts they aren’t actually following. That could result in people who aren’t familiar with Delphine’s body of work to click on the image expecting to see something completely different.

this is fine except for on Twitter things can show up on your feed even if you don’t follow someone, ex. If your friend likes a tweet, so content like this should still have a tw
"" i don't dress like a child " 😐" a photograph of Belle Delphine in a My Little Pony swimsuit, with braces on her teeth, cat ears and purple hair. She's holding a rainbow spiral sucker and next to some My Little Pony dolls
Look, I don't even follow you and this somehow found its way to me.   You have an OnlyFans. If you're going to share something like this, place a TW or somethin'. A lot of people, including myself, aren't down to see this type of content. I would atleast hope you know that.

Meanwhile, Delphine’s defenders are still hitting back, saying there’s nothing wrong with depicting this in a pornographic fantasy context and it’s unreasonable to expect her to use a trigger warning for her posts.

I’m not crazy bout you or your porn but there literally isn’t an issue here. People have been doing this shit for ages, and people are just tryna find a way to get mad at anyone. Too many sensitive people these days