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The best clitoral suction toys for powerful orgasms and better sex

Orgasm is a reflex; some people with vulvas need more time than others to ramp up arousal. That’s A-OK.

Suppose you’re looking to step up your response time—whether oral sex, intercourse, or masturbation is next on the agenda. In that case, a clitoral vibrator can help get you from Point A to Point B faster than any toy I’ve ever tried—and I’ve tried A LOT of them. 

Full disclaimer: I’m not advocating for people with vulvas to put a stopwatch on their pleasure. I’m all for people taking all the time they want and need to achieve pleasure—whether orgasm is the end game or not. (Sex should never be a race, and the Big O doesn’t have to be the finish line.) 

“Buy a clitoral vibrator and use that alone or with a partner,” suggests Dr. Laurie Mintz, author of Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters – And How to Get It. “If your partner has a penis, one option is to use it on yourself during intercourse.  You can also use it separate from penetration, regardless of the gender of your partner.”

Clitoral vibrators are great for speedy solo sex experiences and a warm-up for partnered sexual adventures. For example, when I’m stressed, there’s no faster way for me to relax than a quick clitoral orgasm. Orgasms release the happy-inducing hormone oxytocin, which has been shown to relieve tension. This type of vibe often produces fast multiple orgasms.

When it comes to clitoral sucker toys, there are a lot of worthy products on the market.

Here are six of the best clitoral sucker toys to show yourself some love: 

1) Aer Clitoral Stimulator by Dame

hand holding the aer clitoral stimulator by dame

For those who find the stimulation of clitoral suction toys a tad bit intense, the Aer may be a good compromise. If you’re new to such toys, the lowest of the five patterns and intensities is a great place to start.

As a frequent clit stim toy user, the lowest setting is my favorite. It feels incredible without making me orgasm too fast. (But if you want to get from 0 to 60 in a quick minute, it’s totally possible.) 

The Aer is small, light, ergonomic, and super intuitive, with only three buttons. It does a great job of mimicking oral sex without being overwhelming. 

It’s not silent, but not too noisy either. Like, you could 100% use it at your parent’s house over the holidays. Plus, it gets even quieter the second it makes contact with skin. 

Take it in the bathtub, shower, or wherever you like to get wet. Of course, at a budget-friendly $95, you’ll want to take it everywhere. 

Price: $95

2) Apex by JIMMYJANE

woman holding the apex clitoral suction toy by jimmyjane

The Apex is a best-selling toy for a good reason. This toy delivers big-time clitoral stimulation with four powerful motors, three suction modes, seven vibrating tongue patterns, and a handle for g-spot stimulation. If you’re new to suction toys, a dab of lube can increase slide and decrease friction. 

The Apex comes with two different head attachments to fit a variety of bodies—and body parts. Think nipples and bum. It’s also safe to submerge underwater and stays powered for up to 120 minutes of play. 

This toy packs more power than most, making it a favorite for people who like no-holds-barred stimulation from their clitoral sucker toys.

Price: $200

3) SILA Sonic Clitoral Massager by LELO

sila sonic clitoral massager by LELO

There’s so much to love about LELO’s new clitoral massager. For one, it’s quieter than SONA 2. In addition, its “mouth” or opening is much larger than the previous model, making it a better fit for more users, including trans masc people. Also, the rim has a slightly rounded, inward curve, making it easy to place on your skin or labia.

Like LELO’s other clitoral massagers, the SILA is made of soft, body-safe silicone. The air wave stimulation offers 8 sonic wave intensity levels and 10 wave patterns. It’s also rumbly, penetrating deep during stimulation (versus a more “buzzy” or surface sensation). 

Price: $210

4) Baci by Lora DiCarlo

a hand holding the baci clitoral vibrator by lora dicarlo with a stamp from the 2020 consumer electronics show indicating the product won an innovation award

Like most clitoral sucker toys, Baci takes a quick minute to find the correct placement for suction. But when you find it, OMG, stay put and do not go anywhere. This toy can do its job in seconds—or as long as you’d like to extend pleasure. It’s up to you. 

Whether you’re clit stim curious or a total power queen, Baci has a setting for you (there are 10 of them total). The controls are simple and intuitive, so you can focus on the task at, umm, hand.

Start with the lowest speed and let the airflow tease your clit while the ridges around the opening thrum against your labial folds. (I don’t know if this design detail was intentional, but it feels oh so good in tandem with the direct clit stimulation.) 

It’s not the quietest clit vibe we’ve tried, and that’s OK. This baseball-sized beauty is pure massage magic in the palm of your hand. 

Price: $160

5) Womanizer Classic 2 Clitoral Stimulator

womanizer classic 2 clitoral sucker toy

At first glance, the Womanizer doesn’t seem like much. For starters, the name isn’t the best. And if you stumbled upon it at a store, you’d never know what superpowers it has.

Let me tell you, this vibrator is hands-down my go-to for consistent clitoral orgasms. Using PleasureAir technology, AKA fast air pulses, it fits over the clitoris and gently sucks and vibrates through 10 levels of sensation. 

As much as I love partnered oral sex, the Womanizer does what no human mouth is capable of. (Sorry, not sorry, every single one of my lovers, past, present, and future.) It reliably gets me off—often, in less than a minute. If I want to edge myself, the lowest setting helps me hang in that sweet pre-orgasm state of bliss for as long as I can handle it. 

This is the closest thing to what I imagine is angels sweetly kissing your clit. 

Price: $129.99

6) Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator

satisfyer pro 2 clitoral stimulator

This toy may lack the sex appeal some of the other sleeker models have, but it’s well-made, affordable, and does a damn good job. 

If you have trouble reaching orgasm, this rose gold vibe has enabled countless firsts. (I literally don’t know anyone who’s tried this toy and not had an orgasm.) In addition, it’s effective without being overwhelming, which makes it appealing for first-time users of this technology. 

So, do yourself a favor and put some “me time” on your schedule, stat. As soon as you dial in what speed and spot work best for you, you won’t want to leave your bed (or wherever you prefer to pleasure yourself). 

Bonus: It’s waterproof and easy to clean. Simply pop off the silicone head and rinse in warm soapy water before giving it another go.

Price: $59.95