Best clothes for online sex work, dancing, and stripping

While the internet has always empowered sex workers to take control of their own brand, this past year it proved to be essential. But, when sex workers are putting on shows for hundreds of people a night online, some may find  themselves asking: “where can I buy more clothes for online sex work?” 

If you’re at the end of your closet and find yourself desperately needing a new show outfit, we’ve got you covered with the best places to buy clothes for online sex work. 

What are the best sex worker clothes?

If you’re new to the industry or transitioning into a new avenue of online sex work, you may be asking this question. It’s important to note that there isn’t one cut-and-dry look for sex workers. The clothes worn should do two things; make you feel comfortable doing your job, and make you feel confident. 

Lingerie, latex bodysuits, bra and panty sets, high-slit dresses, fishnet stockings, and on and on are all heavily associated with sex work. For each niche in the sex working industry, the style of clothing may change.

Cam girls might opt for an outfit with a couple more layers to last them the entire show, strippers may pull an over-the-top pair of pleasers for their home performance, and Domme’s might reach for something tight and shiny with full coverage. 

Whatever the case may be, most sex work clothing can be interchangeable and solely based on the performer. 

Best clothes for online sex work

1) Best pantyhose for easy access: Cottelli Crotchless Pantyhose with Back Seam

Best clothes for online sex work with this black pantyhose with prominant back seem and open crotch

For the daring and adventurous, these crotchless pantyhose do just the trick. If you’re over inconspicuous and subtle openings and want something a little more in-your-face, the sexy crotch opening is just for you. This piece is suitable for day wear paired with a panty or a night going bare. They also smooth and elongate your legs in sheer black fabric. 

Price: $12.99

2) Best clothes for online sex work with a slinky twist: Fantasy Satin Tie-Up Bralette Set

Woman wearing two piece pink stain tie up bralette set sitting in bed

For those looking for a softly sexy bra and panty set, this is the perfect one. The satin straps sit perfectly on the shoulders, and the self-tying bow offers the adjustability needed for varying chest sizes. The bottoms are made of the same silky satin and have two ties at the hips allowing for a high- or low-waisted fit. 

Beyond being useful for adjustment purposes, the satin ties also turn undressing into a sexy game. Pulling tentatively on either strap to slowly loosen the fabric’s hold will easily rile any onlooker. Coming in both light pink and deep blue, this set is out-of-this-world perfection. 

Price: $36.99

3) Best sky high heels for a show at the club or at home: Pleaser Women’s Sky-309 Platform Sandal

Shiny black high heels with ankle strap

Pleaser shoes are meant to be as comfortable as possible for those needing to be on their feet for long amounts of time. Now that many have moved online, the need for long shifts might not be as pressing. Still, dressing up for an online show might still be in the cards for many performers. 

These sky-high pleaser platforms are perfect for an indoor show for stay-at-home-performers, or a couple of break-in sessions for performers still working at the club. The heel measures approximately six and a half inches, and the platform measures in at around three inches. All in all, these Pleasers are true to the brand, offering the most comfortable way to get sky high. 

Price: $45.95 – $61.90

4) Best kitten heels to complete a sexy look: Pleaser Women’s Amour-03

White kitten pleaser heels with white feathers at the front

Another great offering from the Pleaser brand comes the Amour-03 kitten heel. In white, black, and red, these little heels pack a big punch. With a front lined in feathers and measuring at three inches in height, they are the perfect option to complete a sexy outfit without much commitment. 

A true Pleaser marriage of comfort and style, the Amour-03 heels are just begging to be bought and shown. 

Price: $37.95 – $51.75

5) Best dress for baring it all or giving a naughty sneak peek: Pink Lipstick Roll Up Pink Fishnet Mini Dress

Blonde haired woman wearing pink stretchy fishnet mini dress. The best clothes for online sex work

The Pink Lipstick Fishnet Mini is the perfect dress to go all out. This bright pop of color can spice up any lingerie set for a night at the club, or can be worn by itself for a daringly striking look. The wide fishnet spread far enough apart to reveal ample skin underneath. 

The dress does hug tightly, but never fear, these designers have a slimming trick up their sleeves. The sides have been designed to feature vertical slits as opposed to the traditional fishnet. This break in the fabric creates a slimming illusion that will flatter any wearer. Pamela Anderson, step out of the way. This dress is coming through.

Price: $19.99

6) Best chemise to leave it to the imagination: Dreamgirl Silky Cowl Neck Blue Chemise

Brunette woman wearing a deep blue silky cowl neck chemise

This Cowl Neck Chemise is sure to make a couple of jaws drop. It’s perfect for lounging about in front of a camera or throwing on for a sexy dinner. In the front, the deep cowl curls elegantly inward to create a deep V at the chest. In the back, a stylish T back strap leads the eyes downward.

The silky dress is ringed in a beautifully delicate eyelet lace, and the bias cut hugs in all the right places. This dress will become a staple piece in any wardrobe as it’s perfect for any occasion. 

Price: $49.99

7) Best catsuit for latex and wet-look lovers: Lovehoney Fierce Wet-Look Zipper Catsuit

Brunette woman wearing a tight catsuit made out of a leather-like material

For those new or experienced at-home Dommes, here comes a great wet-look zippered catsuit. This sexy statement outfit comes with a full-body, two-directional zipper perfect for teasing and revealing. 

This catsuit gives a full coverage look, leaving only the hands, feet, and face open to air. The stretchy wet-look fabric looks like latex with a twist: it hugs all the right places without being as difficult to get on. It’s the perfect outfit to reach for when you want a latex look without the trouble of getting it on.

Price: $54.99 

8) Best bustier set with a latex look: Lovehoney Fierce Wet-Look Underbust Bustier Set

Brunette woman cupping her breasts while wearing a black underbust bustier set. Best clothes for online sex work

For the daring performer who wants to bear it all, here comes the Lovehoney Wet-Look Underbust Bustier Set. This erotic bustier sits perfectly under the breasts for a bare-all look. The back is left completely bare thanks to the ingenious halter strap tie. 

It also comes with a matching wet-look thong, plus four garter straps with metal clasps for easy stocking add-ons. 

Price: $32.99

9) Best bra set for channeling your inner Domme: Escante Black Wet-Look Skirtini Bra Set

Black haired woman with her hands on her hips wearing a three piece skirt, bra, and stocking look

Trying to unleash your inner Domme on stage or in the bedroom? This cheeky wet look bra set will get you there. The look comes with a tiny black see-through triangle bra, a sexy little pinafore skirt with attached ruffle sleeves, and stockings to hook into the garter straps. 

The mini skirt starts high on the waist for a slimming look, and sits just above the rear for a cheeky fit that commands attention. This set hides and reveals in all the right places, so the wearer can feel comfortable from any angle. 

Price: $42.99