Best edible lube and other sex products for sweetening up the bedroom

Most couples find themselves having to spice things up in the bedroom. However, many of those same couples are left wondering what options are available to them that aren’t so extreme. Even though BDSM might be common knowledge, actual participation can be daunting. 

Starting the race, slow but steady may be the best, most viable option for those looking to play at their leisure! Introducing edible lube and sex products into your sex life may just be the best way to begin. 

What makes edible sex products so fun?

Here’s a hot take: why isn’t all lube edible? At the end of the day, if something isn’t meant to be ingested orally, should you really be putting it on and inside of your genitals? I think not. Apart from being safe for ingestion, getting to keep oral on the table after the lube is on is such a plus. 

Once you understand the sweet pairing of flavors and sex with edible lube and toys, you’ll be dying to go up a step. For those daring moments, we’ve got you covered! Read ahead for some of the best edible lube and sex products on the market!

Best edible lube and sex toys 

1) Good Clean Love – Almost Naked 

Best Edible Lube - Almost Naked Organic Lube

This magical add-on for your next intimate moment comes to you from Good Clean Love. It’s the Almost Naked water based lubricant, made out of 95% organic ingredients and infused with lemon and vanilla for a fun taste! 

What sets this lube apart from other organic-based lubricants is its dedication to provide the utmost quality both inside and out. The success of Almost Naked lube lies with its ingredients chosen with the ultimate purpose, and its commitment to the environment. 

In an NIH-funded study on personal lubricants, Almost Naked was found to be the product most iso-osmolar to natural vaginal lubrication, meaning it will not dehydrate or damage vaginal tissue. It is also certified non-toxic, edible, and safe with toys, latex, and polyisoprene condoms.

The site has laid out its ingredient list, including organic aloe leaf, agar agar, sandalwood, and more. All repping a few impressive bullet points detailing their benefits. Its list of ingredients to avoid is just as beneficial to potential buyers as it details some commonly used ingredients like parabens and petrochemicals that have big no-no’s when it comes to intimate use. 

Price: $11.99

2) System JO Gelato Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant

best edible lube - system jo gelato edible lube

Looking for an indulgent addition to playtime? This Gelato Salted Caramel flavored lubricant is one of many from System Jo. Its water-based formula makes it safe for condoms and play with toys. As well, you can expect it to be long-lasting without any of the left over sticky sensation that many lubes leave behind. 

The squeeze bottle makes for easy application, and the flavoring tastes just how it should. If indulgent flavors are your thing, but this one isn’t hitting the mark, don’t you worry! System Jo has expanded its line with flavors like chocolate delight and vanilla cream. There’s something for everyone, so get your taste buds ready for these colorful tastes. 

Price: $6.99

3) System JO Organic Apple Flavored Lubricant 

Another great product from System Jo is the Organic Apple Flavored Lubricant. This formula has been perfected to be sugar-free and body-safe for toys, and condom usage. The apple flavor tastes natural and real, and the staple System Jo squeeze bottle design works wonders for quick dispensing. 

If you’re looking for a female-friendly lube created with natural products and carrying an out-of-this-world taste, this is the one for you!

Price: $16.99 

4) ID Juicy Lube Assorted Travel Pack

ID Juicy Lube Assorted Travel Pack

This travel pack of juicy lube from ID will be the first thing you throw into your suitcase from now on. Five bottles of 0.4fl oz goodness in five different flavors will keep you occupied for many vacations, or staycations, to come. 

Strawberry kiwi, cool mint, passion fruit, watermelon, and pina colada come together to form the most perfect selection of lubricants you could ask for. Their water-based formula makes them safe for toys and condoms, and their compact size allows for discreet storage or travel. 

Price: $16.99

5) Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion Massage Lubricants 

Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion Massage Lubricants

Another collection of lubricants comes to us from Doc Johnson, but this line-up is quite different from the one above. For one, the products offered in this collection are all full sized at 1 fl oz per bottle. Still suitable for flight requirements, but not as discreet in your bag or at home. 

As well, these lubricants don’t just oil you up, they perform another important task. Coming to you in five flavors, cherry, tropical, passion fruit, strawberry, and mango, these lubricants warm to the touch and heat up when blown on.

Get to work with this selection of warming lube by massaging, licking, touching, and tasting. You’re in for the ride of your life.  

Price: $10.39 

6) Shunga Deluxe Edible Body Paint

Shunga Deluxe Edible Body Paint

Want to really shake it up in the bedroom? Give yourself a chance to let the artist break out of its shell! This edible chocolate body paint from Shunga includes an applicator for tickling and precision painting. Like it says on the site, “Write love poems, draw pictures, play games, and, above all, enjoy licking it off…”

The non-artificial chocolate flavoring will shock you and your partner into excitement as the felt tip plays on the skin. Best of all? White sheets need not be wary. This concoction is stain free, so a nice wash will take care of any mess that may occur. 

Price: $14.99

6) Candy Nipple Tassels

Candy Nipple Tassels

Who remembers the famous Spencer’s gifts from the mall days? If you do, you know that you can’t have a tacky castle of kink without some candy lingerie. Well forget the edible panties. Forget the edible g-string. 

Our favorite edible sex treat is by far the candy nipple tassels. A sweet walk down memory lane leads to candy-covered string which, in turn, now covers your erogenous zones. 

Each nipple tassel is backed by an adhesive pasty to keep them in place. The colorful beads add an eye-catching look to the accessory, and the crunchy texture, contrasted by the wearer’s supple skin, adds an extra layer to the overall sensory experience. Don’t let the mall rat in you fool you, these nipple tassels are tasteful and oh so fun! 

Price: $8.99

7) Durex Tropical Mixed Flavored Condoms

Durex Tropical Mixed Flavored Condom

These latex condoms from Durex are meant to give you the best of both worlds. Taste and peace of mind clash in a spectacular fashion with these tropical-flavored condoms. This 12-pack ensures you’ll get your money’s worth before they run out. Let the strawberry, orange, and banana flavors take you for a tropical ride you won’t want to forget. 

Price: $16.99