These 5 condoms will make sex feel incredible

You’re a smartie who always practices safe sex, as you should! Playing it safe shouldn’t weigh you down, though. Here are some of the best-feeling condoms around.

Yes, these condoms will help prevent STDs and babies from happening. But they don’t sacrifice safety for coziness. You get the best of both worlds with each of these. Best of all, they’re as affordable as the ones you buy at your local drug store. You know, the ones you ring up at the checkout line with a beet red shame face. Get a discreet package sent to your door instead! Online condom shopping: got to love it, brother.

Best feeling condoms you can buy online

1) SKYN Originals, 24-pack

best feeling condoms

These non-latex lubricated condoms are made for those with latex sensitivity. Because they’re made from Skynfeel, a non-latex material, you’ll barely feel a noticeable difference once you slip them on. The natural feel mimics that skin-to-skin sensation. Like all great condoms, they come lubricated.

Price: $11.17+


2) Lelo Hex condoms, 36-pack

best feeling condoms

These condoms look a little strange but don’t let that scare you (or your partner, for that matter). The hexagonal pattern looks a little sci-fi, but the thin plates have serious benefits. Not only do they maximize your partner’s pleasure, but they ensure a strong, yet natural fit. Most importantly the structure decreases the chance of tears and contains them on the off chance that they occur. 

Price: $34.90


3) Okamoto Zero Zero Four condoms, 24-pack

best feeling condoms

From the makers of Crown and Beyond Seven, Okamoto Zero Zero Four are so thin they’re nearly microscopic. Each sheath is 0.04 mm, creating a condom that’s both ultra snug and super comfortable. It feels as if you’re not wearing one. Worry not: you are wearing one, and it comes with all the protection of your run-of-the-mill rubber. 

Price: $19.99


4) Snug fit sampler pack, 24-pack

best feeling condoms

Unsure what snug condoms you want to use? There’s so many to choose from, and you and your partner’s tastes are likely ever changing. Don’t commit to an economy pack until you find one that feels right. This pack comes with four different brands including LifeStyles Snugger Fit, Caution Wear Iron Grip, and Crown and Crown Colors condoms. Try them out and fall in love with a new favorite.

Price: $18.99


5) Trojan XOXO Thin Softouch condoms, 24-pack

best feeling condoms

Trojan is perhaps the most ubiquitous name in the condom game. The XOXO Thin Softouch condoms allow you to feel more of your partner, and for your partner to feel more of you. The aloe-infused lubricant adds a luxurious feel that will only enhance intimacy. There’s even a mini travel pack. It holds up to two condoms so you can carry them everywhere without anyone knowing. Ooh. Sneaky.

Price: $14.99+



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