Vaccinated? These 19 adult sex sites will get you laid

If one thing is certain about this post-COVID world, it’s that adult sex sites are poppin’. For the last year we’ve dreamed of the day we get to break free of this pandemic-induced chastity. And with that day slowly breaching the horizon, that dream could come true. So you should do yourself a favor and get familiar with the the tools you’ll need to find those hookups.

Listed below are the top sex sites regardless of gender and sexuality. We based these merits on user reviews and of course, our opinion.

Best sex sites and apps


Screenshot of AdultFriendFinder's homepage featuring people online near me.

AdultFriendFinder isn’t just one of the best sex sites, it’s a social media platform. Boasting well over one million site members and counting, AFF is easily navigable, explicit, and heavily used in major cities. You also don’t need an account to get sneak peeks of users in your area that are active.

Before entering the site, you’ll be able to set your preferences as interested in single men, women, couples, or groups. You’ll notice the homepage layout is pretty simple (almost early Facebook-esque) and quite revealing. Having the ability to filter the content according to nudity is a big bonus for at work browsers. Other options for filtering are age, distance, username, and active status. Complete the profile “purity test” to find out if you’re a sexual newbie or a full-blown hedonist. You can also fill out the personality test to connect you with your perfect match. AFF also offers a cam site, an adult-centered content community, and an app! If variety is what you’re searching for on your new dating site, AdultFriendFinder is your destination.

Book of Sex

Screenshot of member activity on Book of Sex.

Book of Sex is run by the same company as AdultFriendFinder. So the interface, features, and many users are the same (since you get access to both sites). The biggest difference between the two is the number of users and a variety of users. I can’t tell you which site is better between the two since our likes differ. My advice would be to try both out! If you’re in a big city, you might find more users are involved with one site over the other. If you’re not in a city, the chances are that most users are signed up for both. 


Screenshot of Pure's interface. Chat boxes with site illustrations.

Pure is such an interesting platform I almost wish it wasn’t only geared toward anonymous hookups, one-night-stands, and people looking for free sex sites. If you’re looking for something quick, unconventional, and discreet that will often lead to a meeting, this is the site (or app, whichever version you choose to employ) for you. The app is built on chats that self-destruct within 24 hours and uses end-to-end encryption to keep anonymity and privacy the priority.

Upon logging on, it will ask you to update a status that will display exactly what you’re looking for. If you don’t know, it’s okay to say that! Your status will be posted on a ‘wall’ and will be made visible to other users. Upon seeing your status, users will be able to engage in conversation with you, or simply keep swiping down the wall.

Keep in mind that chats are only available for 24 hours as a security measure, however, if you and the person chatting both want to extend the chat, that is also a possibility. If a chat is extended, the app will assign the two users nicknames (which may be changed at any time). As photos are allowed to be sent in chats, the app advises its users not to give out any personal information and to keep all conversations within the app. If you decide to give Pure a try, don’t forget that city-dwellers will most certainly have the upper hand when it comes to activity on the app. Even then, don’t get discouraged and try it out for yourself! You might be pleasantly surprised.


#Open is a fun and fresh approach to the standard sex websites and app scene. Upon making your profile, you’ll have the choice between creating a solo account, partnered account, or a “double profile” where users can toggle in between the two with the ability to edit the account type at any time. Even better, the app has a strict no-NSFW image policy and encourages the use of usernames or nicknames for heightened security, so there’s also less of a chance you’ll find yourself harassed or spammed with dick pics by a deranged user.

#Open also requires all of its users to play “N.I.C.E,” it’s so refreshing to see a dating app highlight consent, respect, and boundaries. However, if you’re feeling a little more…open…there’s a spot to add your social media handles and define your current relationship situation or describe what you’re looking for. #Open also functions on–you guessed it–hashtags. It offers up three phrases for users to complete that will help them find whatever it is they’re looking for. Some examples being: “I’m open to trying…”, “My interests are…?”, and “I’m looking for…?” which can all be answered by typing in specific phrases which then convert into active hashtags.

The app is pretty simple to figure out and works like many other swipe-based apps, except users can also browse the hashtags that they’re interested in and stumble upon other like-minded users and possible flings that way.

What this site excels in is the diversity of its users (it’s way more inclusive than other apps that have you identify within a gender binary), and how well it integrated the ability to have multiple profiles into its community. The algorithm often layers multiple profiles behind each other. So, for instance, if you don’t want to match on a couple, but are interested in one of the individuals from the couple if that person has a solo account, they’ll be the next option for you to match on. All in all, #Open is a great app for open minded adults looking to connect with couples, individuals, and groups of all shapes and sizes!


Introduced in 2017 (and brought to you by the Match group who have heavy hitters like OkCupid, Tinder, and Hinge under its belt), BLK’s goal is to bring the Black community together by helping Black singles find meaningful connections in a safe space. While its layout is very similar to that of Tinder, the key highlight of interest is the vetting that goes into each user profile. Potential BLK members won’t have to worry about swiping on a bunch of YT profiles, which makes the experience simpler and way more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a place to match with singles that you can identify with, BLK is definitely on our top tier list of apps for dating.


Screenshots from the Yumi app. Shows profile stats (biography, voice notes, user photos) as well as couple and LGBTQ dating options.

If you throw everything you know about standard profile sex sites out the window, you get the Yumi app It easily puts all other free sex websites to shame. It’s not every day that you come across a new and exciting way to browse through singles profiles, but Yumi has managed to create one.

Instead of going through the same basic profile creation, Yumi allows you to browse anonymously. You have the option to upload a standard picture but if you’d like to remain hidden, you can play with countless emojis and effects that hide your face.

If you don’t want to upload a picture at all, you can record yourself speaking instead. You can be sure that most of the users on the app will be legit since Yumi verifies profiles on a case-by-case basis. The only drawback in our opinion is that you can’t use the app right away. You will have to wait through a 24-hour review period in which Yumi can either approve or deny your profile. Once you’ve gotten your profile approved, the real fun begins. The app will provide you with its own random matches in the form of cards. If you flip one user’s card over, and the user flips your card over, then it’s a match! Chatting is 100% free, but Yumi does offer premium perks. These include bonus user cards in the pool, Extra Flips, and more. So what are you waiting for?!


Screenshot of the Feeld interface. A woman's profile page appears with a heart icon over it.

Feeld, previously 3nder, is your destination sex dating app for all things kink, swinger, and polyamorous. This app has a great design, interface, and security and is your best bet for judgment-free browsing of couples, doms, subs, and a whole lot more. Feeld really flexes its creativity right upon opening the app. You’re greeted by an aesthetically pleasing orange and white screen detailing the ways you can browse. Meet open-minded people and join solo or with a partner, lover, or friend. With the ability to link and unlink accounts, the browsing opportunities are limitless and exciting. 

While creating your profile, you’ll be asked what you’re looking for and how you identify this profile. Is it a couples’ profile or does it belong to a single, bisexual, nonbinary person? Profiles appear as a split-screen with a summary of the account (name, sexual orientation, age, relationship status, and short bio) underneath a photo gallery. Swipe left and right to toggle between different profiles. When you come across one you like, just give it a heart! If they like you too, you’ll be able to start messaging. For your peace of mind, the app also lets you create your own pin code lock as an extra layer of security. You know, incase you pass your phone to your nosy mom or leave it unlocked around a snooping younger cousin.


Screenshot of an actual conversation between two HER app users side-by-side with a photo of their engagement.

HER is one of the most popular LGBTQ-friendly sex sites. 40% of users on this app are either gay or lesbian. 30% are bisexual, 20% are pansexual or queer, and the remaining 10% don’t identify. This free app is by Queer Womxn for Queer Womxn. It sets itself apart from other apps with the community it has built.

While in the app, you’ll be able to browse the community, event, and feed tab, all of which brings you closer to the members on the app. Join different communities such as “Strong and Single,” “Newly Out,” and “Queer Womxn of Color” to find users interested in the same things. You can hold public discussions on the community wall, discover unique events happening near you in the events tab and join an event with the click of a button. You can also stay up to date with the official ‘HER’ profile in the My Feed tab. With 24/7 moderation on the platform and seemingly limitless options for filtering and engagement, HER is the app for queer womxn and other LGBTQ+ members. 


Screenshot of Happn interface while scrolling on someone's profile.

Happn is a breath of fresh air when it comes to free sex dating apps. Forget the algorithm and personal aesthetics. This free sex site matches you with people who have physically crossed your path throughout the day! Using its geo-location system, this app will connect you with other users who have come within a 250 meter radius of you.

The matches appear on your screen in the form of a profile showing the user’s name and occupation. Once a match appears, you can then scroll through photos and read a short bio of the person. The bios detail things like what they’re looking for in a relationship, their height, how much they exercise, what their food preference is, and even what their party habits are. These “matches” will be available to view for up to one week after crossing paths. However, matches will be updated if you cross paths again within seven days.

Take into account that if you don’t go out much, or if you live in an under-populated city, this might not be the app for you. Because of the geo-location, even people you haven’t “matched” with will be able to see where they crossed paths with you. This also means they get to see how far away you are at the time of their present viewing. If location services make you feel uncomfortable, I would suggest another app (or signing up for the premium membership). Ranging from $10-$25 a month, you will be able to turn off your geo-location as well as filter the types of profiles you want to see and get access to unlimited likes. If you want to feel that balance between fate and curation that no other app offers, strap on your shoes, download the app, and go on a run! 


Screenshot of one of Lex's first personal ads posted on Instagram–which is where the app began.

Lex is the rebranded version of popular queer classifieds Instagram account Personals. The app exists outside of Instagram and lets users draft 30-day ads for meeting other queers. The app is incredibly inclusive. It lists itself as “for lesbian, bisexual, asexual, and queer people.” As well as “womxn and trans, genderqueer, intersex, two-spirit, and non-binary” users. You can use Lex to post classifieds for pretty much whatever you want, but it excels especially with hookups. Just share what you’re looking for, come up with a witty title, and wait for the messages to come in.

Lex’s emphasis on the personal connection over physical appearance can be both a blessing and a curse, particularly for users who prefer a specific aesthetic from their partners. Users can’t see what you look like unless you link your Instagram account, making it a more or less necessary addition to enjoying Lex to the fullest. Lesbian dating app etiquette still applies here, too, so ghosting is very common.


Screenshot of DOWN dating instructions. Shows phone swiping up on a profile they want to date and down on a profile they want to hookup with

With over seven million users, DOWN is one of the best sex apps. The concept is easy to understand. Swipe left or right to review or skip a user. Swipe up if you’d like to “date” the user and swipe down if you’d like to hook up with them. In terms of ease of communication, I think Down has nailed it. There’s no confusion between matches. You’ll know instantly if that person wants to date or just wants something quick. And if you happen to swipe the wrong way, don’t worry! You can edit your picks in the likes tab. If there’s someone you really want to meet, you can click on the lips button and send them a crush. This will pop up on their feed and push your profile to the front of their list.

What I don’t like about this app is that it only gives you about 10 preview swipes before you have to pay. It’s also a pretty dark interface with standard features. And if you need more info to go off of before you start swiping, then this app might be too spontaneous for you.


Screenshot of the Clover interface. Shows a profile, groups page, and message board.

This best sex site has had such an abundance of great anecdotes we had to check it out for ourselves. Signing up is easy and user friendly. You have the ability to sign up using Facebook, Snapchat, or email. I personally love having options when it comes to what information I let companies have. After uploading a photo, entering your age, location, and name, Clover will take you through a series of quiz questions such as “what are you looking for?” “What type of body do you prefer?” and “What age is your ideal partner?” After answering, you’ll be led to the standard “swipe” interface.

What I really love about this app is the different features available to use for absolutely free. Of course, it has the swipe right or left like most dating apps. But you can also use the “dating on demand” tab to see people who are actively looking for dates. The “mixers” tab which lets you engage in different forum-like chats and organize virtual meet-ups and events! The app really goes above and beyond. It only gives its users the best tools for interaction and engagement.


Screenshot of Grindr profile interface and chat features.

I once saw a Tumblr post that likened the Grindr app to the Bible app. And, unbeknownst to me and what I was doing at the time, I downloaded it on my mother’s phone. You can imagine her surprise. Now, a decade later, I’m proud to say that Grindr has become the world’s largest social networking app for LGBTQ users. With its no-frills display and specific filter options, it’s clear why people flocked to the platform.

Grindr is free, but it offers paid options to boost your mojo. We recommend trying Grindr’s seven day free trial. This way you can cycle through trial and error before you find the subscription that best suits your needs. If you want the most, the Xtra or Unlimited memberships might be worth your while. Unlimited is the most elite tier of paid Grindr subscriptions. It allows users to unlock unlimited profiles so they’ll never run out of people to chat with. You can also see who viewed your profile, browse anonymously, un-send messages, and see when someone is typing to you.

Grindr XTRA is a step below Unlimited. But it still offers a bunch of perks the basic (free) subscription won’t getcha. (Like read receipts, no ads, push notifications, a discreet app icon, more Grindr Tribes, additional filters, online-only view, and much more!).


It almost feels like a waste of time to review Tinder at this point. Let’s be honest, it’s the mother of our modern-day apps and sex sites. But, since it is a list of best sex sites, I kind of have to include the OG.

For those of you who have been in a long term relationship since 2012, or have been living under a rock, Tinder is the free dating app that invented swiping right. Again, for the 1% of you who don’t know what “swiping right” means, it’s basically Tinder’s way of letting the user match with another user.

The whole interface is based on the profile picture, a small bio, and common interests. Swipers see a person’s photo, bio, and interests. If they like it, they swipe right with their finger to try to match with the person, and if they don’t like it, they swipe left. You can only message someone when both of you have swiped right. The app is super straight forward, very clean, and easy to use. It isn’t the most advanced in terms of filtering, but with 1.6 billion swipes per day and 57 million users around the world, I think it’s safe to say that it doesn’t really matter. If you’re looking for a mainstream “anything goes” dating app that many swear by, look no further and give the OG a try. 

Tinder is free to use but offers two different premium memberships. Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Both extensions allow you unlimited daily likes, the ability to “rewind” your last swipe and do it over again. As well as five Super Likes per day, one free Boost per month, and a “passport” that lets you swipe around the world. Don’t let your location limit your options. Tinder Gold takes it one step further and allows you to see who already liked you. This makes it much easier to decipher whether or not you’ve got a shot. However, it’s worth noting that if you’re over the age of 30, Tinder is going to upcharge your subscription costs.

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