15 best lesbian sex toys for opening the floodgates between your thighs

It’s scientifically proven that gay women have more orgasms than straight women do. And while women know our bodies better than anyone else—ahem, men—we deserve toys that take us over the edge of pleasure and back again. Here are the 15 best lesbian sex toys guaranteed to make you wetter than the Nile.

The best lesbian sex toys for any situation

1) Gisele Snail Vibe 

Ella Paradis

Do y’all remember the Cootie game from your childhood? If so, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that the Gisele Snail vibrator gives me total Cootie vibes.

Strange aesthetics aside, this sex toy is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. It’s literally a wand, rabbit, and dildo all rolled into one. There’s nothing slow about this Snail. Crafted from body-safe silicone, the Snail Vibe offers five speeds, five modes, and 600+ different combinations to choose from. This toy is super flexible, unlocking a whole new world of intense stimulation.

2) Sona 2 Cruise


A sleek design and the sexual prowess of an L Word character coalesce to form the satiny Sona 2 Cruise. This discreet clit vibrator will take you up, up, and wayyyy beyond orgasm thanks to the innovative SenSonic technology. The subtle yet deep pulsations become more than the body can bear when the deep mouth is locked to your skin. Bring the Sona into the bath for mind-blowing stimulation that’ll make your eyes roll into the back of your head.

3) Laska

Love Not War

Are you a greedy girl who wants her cake and eats it too? Love Not War’s Laska doesn’t ask you to compromise. This unassuming sex toy packs the punch of a rabbit while having all the discretion of a classic bullet. Hit your G-spot, massage your clit, or stimulate your nipples, all while you’re in bed or on the go.

4) Strap On Me Diva Lingerie-Style Strap-On Harness 

Ella Pardis

Not everything is as it seems. While this pleasure product may pass for a normal pair of panties at first glance, your partner should take a closer look. This lingerie-style harness fits like a second skin and features an elastic waistband and adjustable garter belts that hug you in all the right places. If things get messy, simply throw this baby into the washing machine.

5) Stronic Surf 

Fun Factory

The Stronic Surf ain’t your mamma’s sex toy. This ribbed pulsator is loaded with hands-free thrusting and pulsing action. For some powerful solo play, simply lie back and let the Stronic Surf get to work. Tighten or loosen your PC muscles to thoroughly enjoy every ripple. If you’re not in the mood to get pounded, this toy is great for light G-spot stimulation. 

6) Ocean 

Fun Factory

The Ocean rabbit vibrator definitely lives up to its namesake and will have you waking up the neighbors with every wave of potent pulsations. From whisper soft to ultra-strong, the Ocean has six different speeds and patterns to play with. The simple design makes this sex toy perfect for beginners. The curved tip ensures you’ll gently hit your G-spot on the first try. The Ocean is also waterproof and anal safe.

7) Womanizer X 


The Womanizer X from Lovehoney clitorally feels like heaven. For those who love to lavish their beans, this ergonomic stimulator is absolutely delectable. The soft, silicone head encloses your clit and offers six levels of intensity. Gradually build sensation from a gentle flutter to a deep and delicious pulse. The Womanizer X gives you complete control over your pleasure with its intuitive interface. And with a run time of 240 minutes, you can achieve ecstasy over and over and over again.

8) Gigi 2


Pick up some good vibrations with the Gigi 2 vibrator from Lelo. Featuring a flattened, curved tip that precisely hits your G-spot, this sublimely designed sex toy also doubles as a clit massager! The straightforward, four-button controls let you discover your perfect pattern with ease. The near-silent vibrations make the Gigi 2 a fantastic travel companion and one of the best lesbian sex toys.

9) Build Your Own Dildo 


Nobody knows your body better than you do. With Thruster’s Build Your Own Dildo, you can create a toy that caters to your unique needs and preferences. Pick your perfect head. Enhance your toy with fun add-ons like a shower suction cup or partner-play handle.

With six speeds, up to 140 strokes per minute, eight hours of battery life, and 3.5 inches of thrusting action, this customized dildo is what wet dreams are made of. 

10) Basics 6-Inch Anal Beads


Are you curious about butt play? If so, Lovehoney’s Basic anal beads are a bedroom must-have. The perfect product for backdoor beginners, these smooth, PVC anal beads can comfortably penetrate your inner contours. The first few beads start small in size and grow to be three inches in girth, guaranteeing a gentle introduction for novices. Fill yourself – or your partner – up with these waterproof, phthalate-free beads.

11) Doc Johnson Pussy Pump


This device may look like an oxygen mask, but it’s designed to take your breath away. The Doc Johnson Pussy Pump creates a vacuum seal over your vaginal area, boosting blood flow and sensitivity. Whether you use it by itself or as a warm-up to your next sexual marathon, this pump will help you achieve better orgasms. Simply place the large suction cup over your cat and squeeze the bulb. This latex- and phthalate-free toy will make you feel oooh-mazing.

12) Grá  

Love Not War

Whether you love external stimulation or feeling pleasure from the inside out, Love Not War’s Grá vibrator has you covered. The contoured head and textured surface provide sensations you’ve never experienced before. Use it to tease your clit or achieve an over-the-top orgasm internally. Made from body- and earth-safe materials, this waterproof vibrator is perfect for long baths or a naughty day at the beach.

13) Ripple and Squeeze Bundle 

Fun Factory

The Pinpoint Your Pleasure Bundle from Fun Factory is the ultimate pleasure package. This naughty trio is designed for wild all-night romps and includes a vibrator, clit stimulator, and water-based lube. Use this kit by yourself or with a partner. It’s your key to pleasure paradise.

14) Sendry Personal Massager


This personal massager is definitely the cat’s meow, and we don’t mean Garfield. Explore 160 different vibration combinations to find the most satisfying rhythm for your body. Made of silky silicone, this cordless clit toy is waterproof, quiet, and easy to use. What else could better earn the title of best lesbian sex toy?

15) The Rose Toy


Skip the bouquet of red roses and buy this multifunctional flower sex toy instead. The perfect two-in-one device, RoseToyOfficial’s licking rose toy includes a powerful vibrator on one end and a tenacious sucker on the other. Use it on your clit, nipples, or earlobes for a full-body experience.