The best sex toys to keep everyone satisfied in 2017

The holidays are approaching fast, and that means most couples are already shopping for seasonal gifts. And if you’re out of ideas for what to get your lover, why not buy one of this year’s best sex toys?

Sex toys are the perfect way to spice up romantic time alone together. Unlike the toys of yesteryear, today’s are much more advanced, often integrating wireless connectivity or advanced vibration settings to give users that perfect O. Others are intended for portability, making the perfect pick for both couples and singles who want to bring their vibrator on the road. And some are excellent for long-distance action if you end up spending more time flirting over Facebook IM than anywhere else.

There are many different types of vibrators and plenty of options on the table for sex toy fans, whether you’re looking for beginner, LBGTQ, kinky, or homemade varieties. And if you’re interested in picking up a toy before 2017 comes to a close, here’s what we recommend.

Best sex toys of 2017

Best Sex Toy For Beginners: Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Hitachi Magic Wand’s wireless rendition has been out for a few years now, but it’s still one of the best sex toys to grab in 2017. Unlike its original predecessor, the Magic Wand Rechargeable comes with four power settings, ranging from a soft rumble to heavy vibrations. The head has been reshaped slightly, making it a superior choice for genital stimulation, plus the Rechargeable also comes with several vibration patterns. As far as sex toys go, this Magic Wand is built for versatility, and it’s considered a staple in most sex toy libraries for that reason alone.

best sex toys 2017 : hitachi magic wand

It doesn’t hurt, either, that the Magic Wand Rechargeable is perfect for both cis men and women. With just a little experimentation, it’s easy to work towards a build-up rather quickly. And the Magic Wand is well known among transgender women for its stimulating vibrations, making it a pretty inclusive sex toy choice for whatever you’re packing downstairs.

Price: $90

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Best Vibrator Sex Toy: Minna Ola

Imagine a vibrator with no buttons. Instead, all you need to do is squeeze harder (or lighter) to get the vibration you want. That’s the idea behind the Minna Ola.

The Minna Ola has been around since 2011, but over the past six years, it’s really held up. The toy comes with two options, free play, and loop. Free play is built entirely around the user’s continuous hand pressure, and it’s one of the best sex toys for couples for this reason alone. Just have your partner squeeze and maintain the vibration you need to reach an orgasm, no buttons or switches required. Meanwhile, loop mode lets the user apply the pressure they want as a pattern, letting them fine-tune the perfect sensation needed to reach an orgasm.

best vibrator sex toys : ola

The Minna Ola isn’t just a great sex toy for solo play, it’s one of the best vibrators on the market because it puts so much control inside the user’s hands. There are very few touch-sensitive toys on the market, which means building your own vibrations will delight what’s between your legs for days.

Price: $149.99

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Best Sex Toy For Couples: We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe has made a name for themselves for a while now thanks to their couples’ sex toys. And the We-Vibe Sync is one of the best vibrators on the market for playtime together thanks to its mobile control system.

Here’s how it works. The Sync is placed on the clit and G-spot and hugs onto the pelvis. It can then be controlled through the We-Vibe app, with a smartphone serving as a controller. This means that, for instance, one woman can use the vibrator while her girlfriend controls the settings: from 5 ft away to countries apart. Or one woman can place the Sync on her crotch for use during penetrative sex, with both parties controlling the remote.

best sex toys for couples

We-Vibe’s wireless capabilities have always landed the company solid grades, and the Sync is one of the best offerings from them around. There are no batteries needed to begin play, and there’s no awkward plastic remote. All that’s needed is the We-Vibe app on a smartphone. And because the Sync doesn’t rely on a local connection for control, it’s worth grabbing if you’re in a long-distance relationship where sexual contact is hard to come by. For couples of all kinds, keep the We-Vibe Sync on your Christmas lists.

Price: $107.26

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Best Kinky Sex Toy: Bondage Tape

BDSM is a bit more mainstream these days, and that means there’s plenty of kinky sex toys around at your local feminist sex shop. But when it comes to getting started with BDSM, there are some toys that take some serious skill to master. Where’s a beginner to start?

Unlike rope and whips, bondage tape is a low-risk bondage solution that allows couples to tie one another up without any advanced BDSM knowledge. The tape is made from PVC, which only sticks to itself. That means bondage tape doesn’t leave adhesive marks on skin or rip away hair. It comes right on and right off.

BDSM sex toys : bondage tape

Bondage tape can be used in multiple ways. It’s perfect for binding limbs together, like arms or legs. It can also be used to tie your partner (or yourself) to a piece of furniture. And for more experienced kinksters, it can even be used to form articles of clothing, like corsets or bras. Bondage tape is pretty versatile, and because it sticks to itself, it can even be reused across multiple play sessions.

As with any BDSM toy, remember to do your safety research before play. Don’t bind too tightly to the skin (especially eyes!), use safewords, and have a pair of medical scissors nearby to cut through the tape in emergency situations. Oh, and if you want to know more about BDSM toys, check out our look at the best kink toys for beginners.

Price: $5.99+

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Best Male Sex Toy: Tenga Egg

Sleeves are some of the best sex toys for men around, whether you’re getting down alone or with a partner. They provide a sleek, intense way to turn masturbation from a solo exercise to a stimulating experience. And the Tenga Egg does an excellent job for men looking for some more intimate play.

best male sex toys : tenga egg

The Tenga Egg uses a stretchy, elastic sleeve to give users direct stimulation onto their cock. Just open up the egg, apply lube, and drag the egg’s sleeve onto the penis while stroking up and down. The sleeve should hold onto the user’s tip while the base strokes up and down. Over on YouTube, does a pretty good job of showing how to use this masturbator.

Why go for the Tenga Egg over other toys? For one, it feels amazing while costing very little. In fact, it’s not just notoriously cheap, but reviewers have even recommended the Tenga Egg over other sleeves Tenga has created, like the Tenga Flip. It also works with transgender men’s non-op genitals, making it a versatile choice for men of all kinds.

Price: $29.42

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Best Sex Toy For Women: Womanizer Deluxe

There are tons of great options for women when it comes to sex toys and vibrators. But ever since the Womanizer first landed on the sex toy market, this toy has changed the way women masturbate. It doesn’t just feel like the Womanizer is vibrating your crotch, the sensations and intensity are like really having sex.

The Womanizer uses a mixture of vibrations and suction against the clitoris to simulate oral sex. It also comes with different intensity settings, so after it’s right where it needs to be on your nether regions, you can crank up the intensity to fit your desire. And in the right hands, the Womanizer is heavenly. Back in August, Cosmopolitan described reaching the right suction level as “So, so, so, so, so just right. SO DAMN JUST RIGHT.” That’s some serious power.

best sex toys for women

The Womanizer Deluxe improves on the original model in a couple of ways. There’s a better design interface, more strength behind the toy’s vibrations, and the nozzle has two sizes to it as opposed to the original default. Whether you’re looking for one of the best sex toys for women, or you want a gift for your girlfriend for the holidays, look to the Womanizer. It’s one hell of a treat.

Price: $130

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