Put a spring in their step with the best sex toys for Valentine’s Day

Give the gift of a giddy smile this February 14th with the best hack to get your mood up whether you’re partnering up or staying solo! It’s time to celebrate the spirit of love. Shower yourself, and your partner, with the thrill you both deserve by investing in the best sex toys for Valentine’s Day. 

Best sex toys for Valentine’s Day 

1) Thrust and Roses Gift Set

Thruster rose vibrator best sex toys for valentines day

This Valentine’s Day, get your hands on one of the best sex toy gift sets we’ve ever seen. Brought to you by the genius designers at Thruster, this Thrust and Roses Gift Set has everything you need to reach your highest climax. Included is a penetrative toy, a stimulating toy, a 4oz toy, and play lubricant. 

While the Thruster brand is best known for its innovative hand-held sex toy machine- the Velvet Thruster, the brand is kicking things up a couple of notches this Valentine’s Day. Introducing the La Rosa, a new red rose air pulse suction vibrator designed for clitoral orgasms. This stimulator pairs perfectly with the Jackie Thruster for dual-stimulation masturbation. 

It’s the best sex toy bundle for Valentine’s Day whether you’re spending it on your own, or with an adventurous partner. 

Price: $357.46 $268.10

2) The Koi 

Koi Vibrator best sex toys for valentines day

This sex toy for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift for the eco-conscious lover. Introducing The Koi, the ‘world’s most sustainable wand’. Made from FDA-grade silicone and predominantly recycled and recyclable materials including aluminum, eco-friendly glue, and soy ink, The Koi is your next favorite miniature wand. 

Featuring four intensity levels, seven pattern settings, and a waterproof design, this wand packs deep rumbly vibrations like no one’s business. For the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had, put your trust in The Koi, we promise you’ll never want to put it down. 

Price: $124.12

3) The Meile

Meile best sex toys of 2022

Another mind-blowing sex toy from the New Pleasure Company of the Year, Love Not War, comes The Meile. It’s the best sustainable toy for delivering pinpointed pleasure to the clit. Think of it like a bullet vibe with a ballpoint tip, making your desired angles just a wrist twitch away. 

Featuring four intensity levels, seven pattern settings, and a waterproof design, this perfectly designed clitoral stimulator delivers buzzy vibrations that get straight to the point. Don’t waste any time this Valentine’s Day, go straight for gold with The Meile. 

Price: $96.54

4) Kegg

Kegg Tech Tracking

The Kegg is most definitely not a sex toy, but we’ve included it in this list for all of the benefits it can have on your sex toy use and general sex life. When your pelvic floor is strong, your sexual health improves. Your vaginal muscles become more relaxed, there is an increase in blood flow, it becomes easier to reach orgasm, and increases your vaginal lubrication. 

Kegg is the only kegel ball that will exercise your pelvic floor while detecting your fertility window all in one. Kegg gives you insights into your fertility window sooner than any testing product.

When testing with ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) or basal body temperature (BBT), the Kegg will provide results faster. For women that are trying to get pregnant, have regular ovulatory cycles, are off birth control, and would like to spend a few minutes a day strengthening their pelvic floors, this is the product for you.  

Price: $239

5) Miss Bi

rabbit vibrators

If you’re into dual stimulation, take your hat off to one of the best rabbit vibrators of all time; Miss Bi by Fun Factory. This rabbit vibe delivers intense rumbly vibrations and features two motors for extra emphasis on where you feel best. 

Designed with a girthy, short, and curved shaft for optimal G-spot interaction, and a broad clit extender that hits your clit no matter how much you toss and turn, this vibrator has got it all. Miss Bi tops it all off with two motors that can be independently controlled. When you’re looking for heavy vibrations and serious design performance, this is the best sex toy for Valentine’s Day you’ll find. 

Price: $149.99

6) Sundaze

Sundaze vibrator best sex toys for valentines day

When vibrations just aren’t enough, where do you turn to? The Sundaze vibrator doesn’t just deal in good vibrations, it delivers tapping, pulsing, and thrusting for all-encompassing sensation. This new technology produces instant arousal for fuller orgasms and stimulated nerve endings that other toys can’t reach. 

Price: $189.99

7) Limba 

Limba flex dildo best sex toys for valentines day

We’ve got the best toy to satisfy both your solo needs and your partner’s playtime desires. The Limba Flex is the bendable dildo perfect for everybody. It’s got a prostate shaft that curves upward ever so slightly to hit your G-spot, and suction for flat, smooth surfaces. Choose between sizes small and medium to satisfy your pleasure cravings and never look back. 

Price: $59.99

8) Blow and Glow Kit 

Blow and Glow Kit Funfactory

The best sex toy kit for Valentine’s Day is hands down this Blow and Glow Kit from Fun Factory. Made for partners in mind, it’s the perfect way to give someone special, something special. 

This kit is stocked full of treats designed to perfect any oral activities you might explore this Valentine’s Day. The Blow and Glow kit features the Manta, Nos, Ylang-ylang massage candle, custom hair scrunchie, and partner play games to keep you engaged and turned on. 

Say yes to hotter hand sex, mind-blowing deep throat, and a more orgasmic penetration with the perfect Valentine’s Day Blow and Glow kit.

Price: $328 $239

9) Kama 

Kama best sex toy for valentines day

G-spot lovers have a lot to be thankful for this Valentine’s Day now that the Kama is available for purchase. The Kama’s head has been tailored and angled to provide an intense sensation on the G-spot while ensuring that its surface takes care of the clit as well. 

With a powerful rumbling motor, four intensity levels, seven pattern settings, and a waterproof design, this eco-friendly vibrator will have you saying “yes please” all Valentine’s Day long. 

Price: $110.73