Best unrippable pantyhose on the market

We can all agree that one of the sexiest, yet most notoriously short-lived, articles of clothing is the pantyhose. Taking off your pantyhose seductively during bedroom playtime, or throwing them to the side for a quickie can only be ruined by a handful of things – runs, tears, and rips. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a roundup of the most unrippable pantyhose on the market. Get it on with peace of mind! 

What are unrippable pantyhose? 

While the name might be pretty self-explanatory, the science behind it can be a little confusing. There’s no way that pantyhose can be 100% unrippable, so what’s the whole story? It varies from brand to brand, but a common thread is combining some type of yarn or cotton with a polymer, polyamide, or elastane. 

For some brands, new heights have been reached when it comes to the technology employed to create long-lasting tights. For others, it’s been more of a refining of the science that’s already there. Regardless, these options will most definitely get you through any day, and night, that you have planned.   

The best unrippable pantyhose for your next night out

1) Strongest unrippable pantyhose on the market: Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights

Sheertex Classic Unrippable Pantyhose

These tights from Sheertex are the strongest tights on the market today. Created with the brand’s own Sheertex proprietary knit, these tights contain fibers traditionally used in mountain climbing equipment. They are naturally cooling, lightweight, and water-resistant. that these are probably the only tights you’ll ever need in your drawer! If you’re into a bit of rough and tumble, these Sheertex tights will pass any test.

2) Best sustainable and unrippable pantyhose on the market: Eco 30 Tights 

Eco 30 Tights are some of the best unrippable pantyhose

The selling point for these Oroblu Eco 30 tights is a big one. Italian-made tights, designed from regenerated fibers that are sustainable without sacrificing quality. A simple elastic waistband that leaves the entire leg covered in seamless sheer color, a cotton-lined gusset, and polyamide/elastane material mix. 

This makes for a color-matching nude that is to die for. If you’ve been looking for some solid pantyhose that tick boxes in the sustainability area, these are most definitely for you!

3) Best smoothing pantyhose for a muted color palette on the market:  Luxe Leg Tights

SPANX Luxe Leg Tights

These pantyhose from Spanks hug you in all the right places, without constricting you. If you feel more confident with a bit of pull and push on your tummy, butt, and thighs, these are 100% the tights for you. Pulls, runs, and tears are few and far in between with this pair of legs. 

The nylon/spandex combo makes for a smooth feel and allows for a machine wash! With its elastic waistband, smoothed seams, and a lined gusset this pair goes best under a skirt or dress. Or just pulled out for that special nighttime somebody.

4) Best unrippable mesh shorts for short clothes on the market: Summer Mesh Shorts

SKIMS Summer Mesh Short

Like the new campaign says, “everyone is wearing skims”. Thankfully, the brand has come through with a great pantyhose selection, as well as some more unconventional options. Now, we know this is a pantyhose line-up, but not including these sexy sheer shorts would be doing you a disservice. 

The summer mesh shorts are complete with a skinny elastic waistband, and the mesh fabric hugs your curves and provides breathable comfort for all-day wear. Possibly the best feature of these see-through bikers is the range of colors in which they are available. Five colors, from bone to black, and great choices in between, ensure a seamless fit under any outfit. Join the Skims community and lounge lavishly in mesh!

5) Best unrippable pantyhose with a double band on the market:  Suntime Sheer Tights

Suntime Sheer Tights OROBLU

Another great addition from Oroblu is the sun time sheer tights. These pantyhose are designed to give your legs a sun-kissed look, and come in three different shades—a dark dore, a medium sun, and a light nude. A staple for the brand is the simple and sleek elastic band that allows the entire leg to be bathed in a beautiful light sheen. 

Made in Italy from a polyamide/polyurethane mix, these babies are meant to be hand-washed and laid flat to dry. If you’re stuck in the winter season and want to give your legs a bit of sun-kissed glow, these pantyhose have got you covered. 

6) Best pantyhose to avoid runs on the market:  Run Resistant Control Top Panty Hose

MANZI Run Resistant Tights

MANZI has named these “run-resistant control” tights for a reason. These opaque babies have been made with Polyamide and Elastane for an all-over smooth look and feel. 

The high-waisted design with extra control on top makes for all-day comfort and brings a nighttime comfort that you’ll find yourself loving. The opaqueness of the tights covers your legs in a natural sheen that provides a beautiful, light coverage just in case of any blemishes. 

7) Best pantyhose to slim your tummy on the market:  Shaping Top 20′ Control Top

Shaping Top 20' Control Top Pantyhose FALKE

These Shaping Top 20 Control pantyhose from Falke are top quality. While they might cost a bit of a pretty penny, Falke has been a notable brand for quite a while, and only delivers the best. What we love the most about these tights is the cheeky little detail around the rear area. 

This tiny feature really adds sensuality to the control top that slims the tummy while providing a comfortable fit. If you want a little bit more of a wow factor when undressing, these Falke tights are a great option. 

8) Best unrippable pantyhose for all-day comfort on the market: Comfort Luxe Control Top Tights

DKNY Comfort Luxe Control Top Tights

These pantyhose from DKNY have been highly reviewed far and wide, and the talk does walk the walk. They’re comfy and provide all the extra oomph you’ll need for a day of compression or a night of fun. A nylon/polyamide/spandex mix, these beauties need to be hand-washed to keep their quality intact.

Keep in mind that these pantyhose have a super opaque leg, but a dark black smoothing control top. If you do plan on wearing these out to work, or on a cute little date night, just make sure your bottoms are the perfect length to keep them opaque to the naked eye!

9) Best pantyhose for all-day compression on the market: Control Top Pantyhose

Control Top Pantyhose NORDSTROM

We love a lot of things about these pantyhose. Their durability, perfect sheer look, soft feel, and most of all, their price. At just $14, these Nordstrom pantyhose have made their case for near perfection. 

The control top allows for light shaping of the hips, waist, and rear, and they come in a beautiful light nude and striking navy. While these are not the most durable of the bunch, the low price and beautiful color options have gained them a place in this roundup.