Pornhub beats off the Black Friday competition with a $200 lifetime membership

Black Friday Pornhub deals are nothing new. In fact, every year I have the opportunity to craft an incredibly crass headline announcing some ludicrous porn discounts. But, this year? There is going to be no topping this year (pun intended).

2020’s Black Friday Pornhub deal

For a limited time, Pornhub Premium subscribers can score the ultimate savings of a lifetime. And I mean that quite literally. Starting at midnight (so 12 a.m. ET or 9 p.m. PT) tonight through Cyber Monday, Pornhub is unloading a limited amount of $200 lifetime memberships to its premium service. It’s on a first come first serve basis, though. So if you wait until Friday, you’ll likely end up paying a smidge more.

In a press release, Pornhub announced that while these lifetime deals are limited, there are still enough deals to go around. The company tells us that the price will go up in $25 increments as availability runs out, up to a maximum final cost of $500. Which, considering the normal cost of a Pornhub Premium pass is $10 per month, $500 for a subscription that won’t expire until you do is still a hot deal.

Look at it this way: all you need to do in order to get the most bang for your $200 is to utilize Pornhub for two years. Any time spent on the site after that is free! And let’s be real, since COVID cases are on the rise again and we’re all about to get thrown back in lockdown, you’ll probably watch two years’ worth of porn between now and February. Which, as sad as it is, is for the best.

But in any case, if the price is just too damn high, Pornhub is also offering an extended free trial. Instead of only 7-days, new users can try Premium for a month without paying a penny.

Is a Pornhub Premium pass worth it?

Wondering what makes Pornhub Premium even worth your $200? Well, Premium members gain access to the (back)side of Pornhub that its free members never see. So in addition to its free porn library, paid subscribers unlock unlimited ad-free streaming to Pornhub’s entire catalog of full-length HD videos and adult VR content. This means no more two-minute previews or obnoxious advertisements. Better yet, you’ll garner about 500,000 adult videos. And that’s not including the content the company has yet to release. I rest my case! But if you still need convincing, you can read our full Pornhub Premium review here.

That said, this isn’t a deal you want to sleep on. So make sure that you have your credit card ready, your CBD lube on deck, and a fully-charged sex toy within reach. What better way to close out No Nut November?


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