Is a membership worth it?

You’ve probably heard of Blacked before, especially if you’ve kept up with Kanye West‘s recent foray into the porn world. In August 2018, West said that he watches “a lot of black on white, obviously,” and named as a favorite. Launched in 2014 by porn entrepreneur Greg Lansky, Blacked has grown into one of the biggest interracial porn sites on Earth. Blacked features Black men having sex with mostly white women and little else.

Of course, the very nature of “interracial porn” is problematic in and of itself. It’s a fetish, yes, but it’s often a racist one. Blacked only features Black men, not Black women. Keeping this in mind, Blacked is a part of a network of membership porn sites (alongside Vixen and Tushy, to name a few) that offer premium memberships to ensure that adult performers are compensated fairly. Is Blacked worth your money? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Blacked cost

If you grew up on streaming sites, premium porn can take some getting used to. Before you can watch anything you’ll need to pay up. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a discount. The basic membership is $29.99 per month, adding up to about $359.88 per year depending on your taxes. If you’d rather save $200, your best bet is to pay $99.99 annually. That’s a little more than three months of the standard membership would cost you. It’s also $20 less than many other popular subscription porn sites like Brazzers. Paying for porn might feel weird at first, especially when free porn sites like Pornhub exist. But once you get used to the improved quality, you’ll understand. Besides, sex workers and adult filmmakers deserve to make a living.

What’s included with a Blacked membership?

1) New videos every five days

Blacked delivers a new video every five days, usually adding up to six videos each month. With an average run time of 35-40 minutes, that’s almost four hours of new porn each month. The company also makes a point of mixing things up with its plots to keep things fresh.   

2) Over 320 videos

Blacked launched in 2014, so it has built up quite an expansive library over the years. There are over 160 hours of HD content on Blacked, ensuring you’ll probably never run out of videos to watch. And if you do run out, at least know you got your money’s worth out of your subscription.

3) Hundreds of 4K videos

If video fidelity matters in your porn, you’re in luck. The vast majority of content on Blacked is shot in pristine 4K Ultra HD. While Blacked opened its doors in 2014, they didn’t start shooting in 4K until July of 2016. However, that doesn’t mean you should worry about the video quality of its original videos. Even the scenes that aren’t shot in UHD were shot in 1080p HD video. 


4) High-quality scenes

Blacked, like every site owned by Greg Lansky, focuses on providing a high-end porn experience to viewers. That dedication to quality extends from its 4K Ultra HD video to its professionally shot scenes. Featuring movie like editing and direction, Blacked scenes feel like something out of a TV movie (minus the explicit sex, of course.) 

Blacked membership cons

1) Repetitive content

Blacked can often feel repetitive. While it often goes out of its way to respect the male talent, ultimately lots of scenes wind up being some variation of the same thing. It’s a fetish site, so this makes sense. Of course, this may just be an issue if you care about the plot. 

2) Lack of diversity in female performers    

We know Blacked is playing to the fetish of white women having sex with Black men. That’s clear in the title and site description. We commend Blacked for having a few videos that include women of color in threesomes. Every performer on Blacked is beautiful. But it would be nice to see more kinds of beauty on display, even if just in group sex situations.

Like we mentioned in the intro, interracial porn is inherently problematic. The site’s name in itself indicates the kind of racist fetishization that Blacked claims to be against. However, in a world where sites like Dogfart (yes, that’s a real company that makes interracial porn) feature degrading scenes with racial slurs, Blacked keeps its humanity. The site’s male talent in particular is fetishized and its female performers are, predictably, mostly all white.

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Is Blacked worth it?

Interracial porn is a controversial subject due to how it’s presented. Blacked certainly plays with a racist fetish without falling into the obscene or violent scenes offered by its competitors. Couple its straightforward approach to the subject with its studio quality production values, and Blacked is likely worth a membership. Especially if you care about ethical porn that fairly compensates the performers who cater to every fetish and kink under the sun.

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