Jiggler is a NSFW app that will transfix the 8th grade boy in you

If you want to waste some time playing a dumb game on your phone and you don’t have a Wi-Fi, there are a few options: Dots, 2048, Crossy Road. But if you’re looking for something a little more, shall we say, scintillating, there’s Jiggler (NSFW), an X-rated app that lets you enlarge, shrink, and jiggle your avatar’s bathing suit areas.




The concept of Jiggler is simple: You select an avatar, and then you modify their appearance based on your 14-year-old-boy impulses. Want to see a skinny man with an erection that goes down to the floor? You got it. Want to give a lady elephantine breast implants, then watch them bounce up and down? OK, cool, Jiggler can help you out. It’s infantile and objectifying, but that’s kind of the point, and it’s also oddly mesmerizing.

Jiggler is a new app by way of Utherverse Digital Inc., which owns the adult virtual reality and role-playing network RedLightCenter (again, NSFW.) While the app’s purpose as a mindless timekiller is fairly straightforward, Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster sees Jiggler as just one of a slew of future apps integrating XXX content with technology. For instance, the team is also developing a social app that lets you play the role of a porn producer, hiring adult performers and shooting scenes with them (sort of like an app for a Porn Star Fantasy League).

As the Daily Dot reported earlier this year, Utherverse is also developing content for Oculus Rift, combining the technology with Leap Motion to create an ultra-realistic hands-free pornographic virtual reality experience. (How ultra-realistic is it? It’s anatomically correct and with the motions you have the really subtle movements of the inner labia and the clitoris,” Shuster told the Daily Beast in October, adding that a model can even show signs of “wetness.”) Using this tech, Shuster says, you could get a first-person virtual lapdance at a club via Oculus Rift, or even sext with a partner via avatar.

Of course, there’s just one problem with this plan: Most large tech companies like Apple have stringent restrictions on pornographic content, which makes it impossible for companies like RedLightCenter to sell their apps on the App Store. (They’re currently selling Jiggler for $3.99 on the adult app store MiKandi, which is only available for Android.) But Shuster predicts that there’ll be enormous future demand for XXX apps, which will prove to be “the iPhone killer.”

“We’ve developed technology and applications for pocket boyfriends, pocket girlfriends, that really involve you and other live users and other AI users that are very advanced, customizable, and interactive,” he says, listing SFW activities like cuddling or getting a massage from a loved one as examples of activities you could experience on future VR apps.

He sees the opportunities for one-on-one sexting as being an “iPhone killer” as well: “If you can’t take off your top and send it to your boyfriend on Apple, but you can do on an Android phone, that is all by itself a compelling enough application to switch over.”

But is it, though? Given how ghettoized sex tech is from the rest of the tech world, and how easy it is for people to sext each other via pre-existing platforms, or use mobile versions of porn sites in lieu of apps, exactly how high is the demand for NSFW mobile content? Are we really willing to shell out $20 a month for virtual porn, or even $3.99 for a silly novelty app like Jiggler, just so we can look at some boobies on our phones?

Shuster is confident that the answer is yes. “The demand [for high-quality, immersive, interactive porn] hasn’t been high because [Apple’s] censorship has been so extreme,” he says. “But history tells us the censors never actually win, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the generation that uses these technologies will become opposed to this kind of censorship.” Opposed enough to migrate from Apple to a more porn-friendly platform? That remains to be seen.

Screengrab via Jiggler/Utherverse