Christmas will be extra nippy with this NSFW sweater

This article contains explicit content and is NSFW.

This year has been all about Free the Nipple. And there’s no better way to do so this holiday season than with these NSFW sweaters from Etsy.

The “Sexy Ugly Christmas Sweater” is sure to catch people’s attention at any party during this festive time of year. A convenient hole allows one of your breasts to hang out; with a cute little red pastie, this boob will look just like Rudolph the Reindeer. (And you’ll be glowing with confidence.)

Every red, green, or multi-colored sweater comes with reindeer eyes and nose pastie. And no two sweaters are alike, each made with tender love and care. The Etsy retailer, YourSassyGrandma, will also take custom size orders. But please note: The garment isn’t intended for breastfeeding since, the eyes can be a choking hazard. So no “Santa Baby” suckling. 

Dudes can also get in on the fun with the men’s version of the sweater, which features a bigger gap for your pectoral muscle. A good amount of chest hair is suggested to help give the illusion of bushy reindeer fur. 

No matter what gender you happen to be, you’ll look so hot in these sweaters that people won’t need that spiked cocoa to keep warm. 

H/T Mashable | Photo via dhslibrary/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)