Your favorite boob-twerking model is back with a Valentine’s Day surprise

Remember Internet-famous boob-twerking pinup model Sara X Mills, who first won our hearts with her stirring performances of Mozart and “Jingle Bells”?

She’s back and better than ever with a very special Valentine’s Day surprise: a video of her twerking her boobs to the tune of what every minimally talented fourth-grader learns to play during piano lessons, Beethoven’s “Für Elise.”

Is the somber “Für Elise” a totally appropriate tune for Valentine’s Day? Nah, not really. Are Sara’s frenetic boob-twerking motions in sync with the somber tune, as more than one YouTube commenter has pointed out? Not exactly! But you still gotta love someone who responds to her critics with the following comment:

Sara X Mills/YouTube

Sara X, you are a goddamn national treasure and I will violently boob-twerk in the face of anyone who says differently.

H/T Barstool Sports | Screengrab via Sara X Mills/YouTube