TikTok star says ex put hidden camera in his room, posted video to Pornhub

TikTok star Brandon Robert, 22, says his ex-girlfriend secretly videotaped him and posted footage to Pornhub. The social media comic is known for pranks and challenges, however, and it seems unlikely that revenge porn is actually out there.

For starters, as of Monday there do not appear to be videos of Robert on Pornhub. (He tells the Daily Dot that the Pornhub video is now offline.) He’s also been featuring his ex—whose name he tells the Daily Dot he keeps private—as a regular in his videos since September. But this didn’t stop the Pornhub accusation video from garnering 10 million views.

“So I’m guessing you saw the video on Pornhub?” His ex asks in the TikTok video from last week, itself a follow-up to another clip where Robert claims to have found a hidden camera in his vent. “About time you found it… The video on Pornhub that I uploaded of you. So you know how you’re always recording me for TikToks? Well I recorded you… you go viral now.”


In a follow-up video with 2.2 million views, Robert shows his name apparently trending on Pornhub recently with “IM SCREAMIN RN” as the caption. In other videos since September, Robert’s ex is portrayed as jealous and spiteful.

We’ve reached out to Robert.

Again, it’s unlikely that revenge porn exists here because this situation was spun into content and Robert does not seem to have looped in law enforcement. Overall, he posts a lot of apparent social media stunts between branded energy drink content. On Nov. 21, Robert first posted about finding a hidden camera in his vent. On Nov. 6, he played out a pregnancy storyline featuring his ex that featured the caption “I’ll post if I’m a dad tm.” On Oct. 28, he posted about buying a haunted ring and summoning a demon. On Oct. 6, he posted a video where he recorded his friends talking negatively about him—and then confronting them.

Even the revenge porn accusation video features the seemingly tone-deaf-for-revenge-porn caption, “my pyscho ex-girlfriend put a camera in my room without telling me and this is what happened.”

It’s likely this serialized storytelling is just an audience engagement strategy. We’ll post if we learn otherwise tm.

Update 10:47am CT, Nov. 30: Updated with comment from Robert.

Update 3:22pm CT, Dec. 1: A previous version of this story included the rumored name of Robert’s ex-girlfriend. He denies that’s his ex’s name.