Brazzers Review: Is The Gonoz Porn Legend Still Worth it?

Brazzers is one of the leading porn sites on Earth. The sort of place everyone knows about even if they don’t admit to having a Brazzers membership. Big enough Brazzers scenes are joked about on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

But how much is a premium Brazzers account? And is it worth it to become a Brazzers member? Free streaming sites may garner more traffic, but if you want the best in porn, you’re going to have to pay. And you should be willing to pay! Brazzers offers hundreds of new, exclusive scenes every year at a reasonable cost. And the longer you subscribe, the better deal you’ll get. It may sound too good to be true, so we’ve done the research for you.

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What is Brazzers and how much does it cost?

Brazzers is a premium porn site featuring the hottest stars of today and yesterday. There are thousands of scenes to choose from, but you’ll need a membership to get the most out of it. However, the longer you’re willing to commit to them the more money you’ll save.

While the 2-day and 7-day memberships might seem tempting because of their low prices, there’s a catch. Those two memberships each rebill at $39.99 per month. That’s why we suggest going yearly or month-to-month.

Brazzers memberships without a two or seven day preview start at $32.99 per month. The biggest savings come when you pay for an entire year upfront. A one-year membership costs just $119.99.

What we love about Brazzers

1) Brazzers has a massive library of original content

Unlike free porn sites, when you visit Brazzers, you’re seeing content that’s only available from the studio. For over 15 years, Brazzers has been producing scenes, now totaling 7,292-plus original videos for you to watch.

With an average scene length of 30 minutes, that’s more than 3,600 hours of original high-quality content. Plus, Brazzers shoots mostly 1080p HD. Unless you dig really deep for some old content that’s in standard definition, Brazzers is a mostly HD experience.

Ryan Keely Daizy Cooper

2) Brazzers original series

A one-off scene doesn’t do it for you? Brazzers ZZ Series is here to give you the whole story. These short pornographic miniseries take viewers on a multi-episode adventure, featuring ridiculous plots and all the hardcore sex you desire.

From the reality parody, Brazzers House (now on its third season) to vampire horror of Lust Bite the ZZ Series are fun, campy, and sexy as hell. If you’re in the mood for more plot with your porn, ZZ Series is something to lust over.

3) 1800+ performers

Everyone has their favorite adult stars, but variety is the spice of life. Thankfully, Brazzers has a truly staggering amount of variety when it comes to performers.

Over the years, the site has featured thousands of A-list porn stars. Brazzers is also one of the few porn sites that makes it easy to browse male performers, a frustrating quality on traditional sites.

As a member, spend a little time searching through the ranks. There’s a good chance the porn star of your dreams is waiting in the listings.

brazzers list of performers

4) New scenes added every day

Variety is important, but new content is king. Premium Brazzers content isn’t satisfied resting on its expansive back catalog (though it definitely has one).

Every day the site uploads two new scenes, adding up to seven hours of new content each week. If you get bored easily, Brazzers is ready to make sure you’re never wondering when something new is coming.

5) Brazzers has downloads

Having a Brazzers account means there’s no limits on content downloads for subscribers. This seems like an odd thing to reward a site for, but given how many companies are streaming-only these days, it’s important to highlight. 

If you want to build a hard drive full of porn for when the apocalypse comes or net neutrality ends, Brazzers is cool with that. Just pay for your membership and get to saving.  

5) 20-plus themed sites

One of the ways Brazzers differentiates its content is by organizing it across niche sites. There’s MILF-centered “Mommy Got Boobs,” mainstream gonzo sex scenes in “Pornstars Like it Big,” and the kink-focused “Hot and Mean.”

With 28 sites to choose from, having a Brazzers account offers an array of scenarios that help you safely sort out your fetishes.

brazzers - kissa sins

6) Diverse range of models, races, and body types

We’ve dinged Brazzers in past reviews for its lack of diversity, but over the last few years they’ve wildly improved. From featuring more Black, Asian, and Latinx performers to hiring plus size performers, it’s a change of pace from its earlier content.

Even better, these scenes avoid problematic, racist, or marginalizing fantasies.

Brazzers isn’t just limiting itself to more inclusive traditional cis-het porn. In March of 2021 Brazzers posted its first scene with a trans performer starring Daisy Taylor and Xander Corvus.

The cons of Brazzers membership

1) Missing scenes after a redesign

Brazzers launched a redesign in late 2020 that streamlined categories and removed a large chunk of older scenes. Depending on your age and relationship with vintage porn, that could be an issue.

After all, we’re talking about a site that’s fifteen years old, a life time in the porn industry. There are thousands of older scenes that just disappeared with the new redesign.

That isn’t to say you can’t still find content from back then. It’s just far less than was once available.

2) No 4K content

Oddly, while Brazzers produces more content than almost anyone else, it hasn’t made the jump to 4K along with its peers. This isn’t a massive issue, particularly if you watch on your phone.

Still, we’re living in an era where even iPhones can shoot in 4K. DSLRs can shoot in 8K. Come on guys. You have the best stars in the industry. Give us already UHD already.

sofia rose

Is having a Brazzers membership worth it?

Brazzers still has room to grow. But when you weigh the pros and cons and you know what you’re signing up for, the site provides a great deal.

Brazzers has helped build the careers of porn stars like Ava Addams, Monique Alexander, and Ryan Keely, to name just a few. It’s a place where you can support the work of a new favorite star or rediscover an old favorite. 

While we hope it expands to include a wider range of content in the future, we appreciate the site’s dedication to keeping subscribers happy. Two new scenes a day is an incredible rate of output—that’s more than 700 Brazzers scenes per year. It’s what really sets Brazzers apart from the competition.

In its current form Brazzers is one of the best sites on Earth for traditional mainstream porn. Even better, it actually represents the diversity of the porn audience, while delivering molten hot content.

You’ll be paying a premium each month compared to some sites, but Brazzers membership account is a gold mine. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth. 

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