Bubblegum Dungeon is BDSM with a touch of pastel

When you think of BDSM and dungeons, black latex, handcuffs, and dark spaces probably come to mind. While this aesthetic will never fade from the scene, there’s a new take on the tried and true classic. Bubblegum Dungeon is bringing the hardcore action to the bright light with rainbows, ponies, and colorful explosions to boot!

What is Bubblegum Dungeon?

Bubblegum Dungeon is brought to you by Adult Time, the Netflix of porn. This new and exciting venture is mixing up BDSM by dolling the performers up in kinky bright clothing and fun makeup and featuring rainbow-themed toys.

The series names give off a similar vibe, such as Unicorns Don’t Exist, Like a Rainbow, and DJ My Clit. For viewers that want to see hardcore sex with a fun, femme twist, Bubblegum Dungeon is definitely for you!

Jewelz Blu and Madeline Marlowe in "Dirty Naughty Filthy" for Bubblegum Dungeon

Bubblegum Dungeon cost

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A monthly membership starts at $14.95 your first month, then $19.95 per month after that. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $119.40 if you pay at once. That averages out to $9.95 per month.

Membership benefits

1) Access to the Adult Time content library

Since Bubblegum Dungeon is a part of the Adult Time network family, a membership to Bubblegum Dungeon will unlock access to all of its content, as well as the entire Adult Time content library. Currently, there are six amazingly shot and on-brand videos found on Bubblegum Dungeon.

Combined with Adult Time’s library, six videos turn into over 57,000. If you get nostalgic for the BDSM of the past or just want a break from the bright colors of Bubblegum Dungeon, you can always go there for some regular old black leather.

2) High-quality videos and unique storylines

Every studio under Adult Time brings the quality, and Bubblegum Dungeon is no exception. Each model involved seems to give the scenes their all, and the production is cinema-worthy.

Gia Derza poses for Bubblegum Dungeon's original feature, "Twenty Orgasm Challenge."

3) It’s a new studio directed by the one and only, Johanna Angel

This is a tricky one because there are positives and negatives to being a member of a new studio. In the spirit of positives, we’ll go over the perks. Since this studio is new, all the content will be current and beautifully shot. Members won’t have to worry about wading through hundreds of blurry, poorly shot videos. Having a female director like Johanna Angel at the helm is a guaranteed stamp of quality as well.

Membership cons

1) Lack of content at the time of review

This is the downside to subscribing to a new studio. Bubblegum Dungeon currently has only six series available to stream. The good news is that it did release content at a steady pace of about two to three episodes per month. However, since the start of 2020, no new content has been released. This is understandable, given the pandemic and all.

That said, if you’re looking to enjoy Bubblegum Dungeon originals but can’t justify the price for such a small library, just join Adult Time! You’ll gain access to all the content produced for Bubblegum Dungeon, as well as its other partner libraries.

Is it worth it?

Joining Bubblegum Dungeon is really all about access to the Adult Time network and its huge library of content. Despite all of the positives of the site, not having much content which hasn’t been updated in over a year is a big con for me. As far as subscribing to Bubblegum Dungeon, I would recommend subscribing to its parent site (Adult Time) unless you are okay with the possibility that it may not be updating anytime soon. Or if soft BDSM is really your thing, then go ahead!

The content that this studio feature is high quality and highly enjoyable. The only thing is that the lack of content and lack of new content for such a prolonged amount of time is unfortunate. I would tell potential members to really take a look at the content and get familiar with the Adult Time platform to make sure you’re in for the rest of what it has to offer. It’s such a big network that there’s something for everyone.