Is Burning Angel worth it?

Just as blink-182 started in basements and grew into a multi-million-dollar powerhouse, Burning Angel started with largely unknown alt models and today features some of the biggest porn stars on Earth. For over 15 years, they’ve has stood out as the number one punk rock alternative for porn fans.

More and more, heavily tattooed performers are the norm on bigger sites like Pornhub, Reality Kings, and Brazzers. Founded by former AVN award-winning porn star and alt-porn pioneer Joanna Angel, Burning Angel foundation for that change. 

Is Burning Angel still worth your hard-earned dollars? Here’s everything you need to know about, and its parent site Adult Time.  

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Burning Angel cost

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Making the change to paying for porn can take getting used to, but Burning Angel is wildly affordable. Monthly starts at $14.95 your first month, then $19.95 per month after that. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $119.40 if you pay at once. That averages out to $9.95 per month.

What’s included with your Burning Angel membership?

1) 1,500-plus Burning Angel scenes and over 57,000 Adult Time scenes

Thanks to being around for almost two decades this company has built up a massive library of content. Your membership gives you access to over 1,500-plus scenes, with more added each month. For sheer volume and quality of alt-porn content, Burning Angel can’t be beaten.

2) Two or more Burning Angel updates per month. Five total updates each week from Adult Time

Each month Burning Angel uploads two to four scenes, depending on if they’re releasing installments in a series. However, that doesn’t mean you’re only getting two updates a month. Your membership includes access to the Adult Time network of over 307 channels. Adult Time has five full-length updates each week and over 57,000 scenes in its archive. Needless to say, this is the largest, most affordable, collection of porn on Earth.

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3) The most tattooed and alt-porn models on the web

Over the last decade, the porn mainstream has seen the rise of tattooed porn stars. No matter what site you subscribe to, you’re going to see porn stars covered in ink. That being said, it makes a difference that this site doesn’t just feature body mod porn stars—that’s its main focus. There are over 350 different punk, goth, heavily pierced, or tattooed performers waiting to fill your dreams.

Liking hot goth and punk girls is just as valid a kink as liking cheerleaders or MILFs. And hell, sometimes you even get goth MILFs and punk cheerleaders. They’re good like that. If you like alternative models there’s no better option in porn.

4) Roku and Amazon Fire compatible

All of Burning Angel’s content is accessible via the Adult Time app for Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Using the Adult Time app is dream come true for porn fans. This is an actual Netflix style app that allows you to browse massive libraries of content, search your favorite stars, or just browse new releases.

It also helps make Adult Time’s massive library easier to handle. 50,000 scenes of porn sound like a dream come true until you’re in your second hour of searching. Let the Adult Time app be your guide.

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5) Truly niche porn

Burning Angel earned its punk reputation through more than just models that look right out of a Rancid music video. Over the years Burning Angel has experimented with what can only be described as “horror porn.” With its horror spoofs, Burning Angel as created sexy-yet-gory hybrids of horror and hardcore. If you’re into truly weird, though often hysterical, porn Burning Angel has some surprises waiting.

6) Diversity performers

Like most porn sites, Burning Angel could do a better job of featuring a diverse range of performers. However, the site deserves credit for the work they’ve done, regularly casting women of color as performers in their films. Despite the alt-porn reputation, Burning Angel often does a better job of including performers of other races than the competition.

However, it can be frustrating finding non-white performers in their Adult Time section. Oddly the only racial category available is “Asian,” making it difficult to find scenes with their Black and Latinx performers. Still, at least the scenes are there if you look.

That being said, we truly respect that they have scenes involving pegging guys and wish more mainstream studios followed suit.

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Burning Angel membership cons

1) It’s biggest selling point might also turn off some users

For many users, the reason they sign up for Burning Angel is the punk attitude across its content. From its humor to the look of the performers, Burning Angel is unlike any other site. Goofy jokes abound and the scenes are hardcore and exuberant—and sometimes they get downright extreme. Especially in some of the site’s earlier archived content, it seems the focus was on pushing boundaries.

If you look hard enough you’ll find scenes involving zombies and fake blood or guys going down on their partners after finishing inside them. Burning Angel is a porn site that plays with the boundaries of the adult industry at times. If you’re not into choking, cum play, hardcore anal, gang bangs, and dirty talk, some of the content on Burning Angel may be too extreme. 

2) Some of its more extreme content, even if it’s comedy, could use a trigger warning

Horror porn isn’t for everyone, but it should come with a warning sign. Some of Burning Angel’s scenes are literally horror films, but even when they’re played for laughs sudden stage blood in your porn might be jarring. For some viewers, it may be triggering. Pay attention to what you’re watching when you’re watching Burning Angel. You might be in for more than you bargained for.


Is Burning Angel worth it?

Burning Angel has a true independent success story in the adult world since 2002. Today, with its partnership with Gamma and Adult Time, it maintains that Same independent spirit while giving subscribers more than ever. Joining a porn company hasn’t dulled Burning Angel’s sharp edges. This is still the same site, full of humor, beautiful performers, and hardcore sex. Burning Angel remains the gold standard of alt-porn online, it just has more friends now.

Porn fans looking for the biggest collection of stunning tattooed porn stars on Earth should look no further. From its early gonzo indie film content to today’s high production value scenes, Burning Angel stays true to its brand. That’s almost as sexy as the content they produce.

But once you’ve filled up on Burning Angel’s content, your membership continues to work for you with Adult Time. Adult Time includes over 270 channels of world-class hardcore content from studios ranging from Vivid to Vixen. With over 50,000 scenes and five updates a week, Adult Time is a one-stop-shop for porn. Even better, it comes included with the site you were already thinking about signing up for.

Burning Angel has been an important and vital part of the porn community since its foundations. But when partnered with Adult Time, it’s an impossible deal to pass up on. If you only have the money to sign up for one porn site, Burning Angel and Adult Time will give you hundreds of sites anywhere. Sign up now before they realize what they have and raise their prices.