CamSoda is bringing virtual oral sex to the ladies

Thanks to a technology called teledildonics and the company CamSoda, we live in a world where virtual reality blow jobs exist.

Thanks to the forward-thinking progressive politics of that same company, women can get in on the action. But if you want to help make the O-Cast team a success, they’re going to need you to lick your phone.

O-Cast works by connecting to the Lovense “Lush” Bluetooth egg vibrator, a $100 smart sex toy that can connect with O-Cast’s special app to simulate the sensations of a tongue on your vagina. These simulations are made by users you like, and industry professionals, via the same app. All they need from you is that aforementioned phone licking.

Their app will record your style by tracking your tongue, or finger, and then upload your pattern to the app. Recordings are then sold to users for $0.99, though they’re free for the entire month of March. Don’t worry ladies, the app isn’t going to be full of crowd-sourced ding dongs. Professional porn stars, male and female, along with cam models, will be laying down VR cunnilingus patterns as well.

CamSoda is a leader in the VR sex industry, also giving us BlowCast, Holo-Cam, and OhRoma, which lets you smell what’s going on in a scene. Tech and sex sure do love one another.

H/T Mashable