CamSoda introduces Language Lessons, a pervy way to learn Spanish

Learning a second language as an adult can be difficult without the right motivation. For some, inspiration comes in the form of wanting to better one’s self or to gain a new skill for a job. The tech/smut wunderkinds over at CamSoda think there’s another motivation no one else has thought to try yet: tapping into dudes’ hot-for-teacher fantasies.

CamSoda is launching Language Lessons today, the world’s first adult language-learning service. It’s basically the “that is correct” scene from Billy Madison taken to an extreme: Based on how much you pay and maybe how well you’re in your studies, the cam models will perform for the students.

Billy Madison 'that is correct'

Models set the cost, anywhere from $1 to $5 a minute, depending on what kind of show they’re providing. If you’re looking for more traditional cam model activities like sex acts, your cost will fluctuate. The model is in charge of the lesson plan, and you apparently work together to schedule a time for your private class.

CamSoda models


At launch, most of the lessons offered are in Spanish, Romanian, English, French, and Russian, mainly due to the number of cam models who live overseas. More languages may be available in the future, depending on the program’s success and if there are models interested in “teaching.” 

So what can you really expect to learn from one of these tutorials? Here’s one exchange from the company’s own promotional video between the student (playtime 21) and the teacher (alicegomez):

camsoda language lessons

playtime21: You have very beautiful… ummm.. EYES!
playtime21: where are you from
playtime21: I am from New York!
alicegomez: very good!

This service appears like it’s little more than the introduction of a “translate” feature to your typical camming session. That’s fine—just don’t expect college credit or to suddenly become fluent in Spanish.