Exercise porn enthusiasts, get sweaty with Cardiogasm

Let’s be honest, who actually likes working out? The answer is, not many of us. Working out is usually something relegated to incomplete New Years resolutions and canceled plans, but new studio Cardiogasm, is bringing sexy to the forefront of physical fitness.

If you’re looking to spice up your workout, or you just love see any sweaty bodies in athletic wear, this is the studio for you!

What is Cardiogasm? 

Cardiogasm is your look inside the world of sexy fitness. The performers at Cardiogasm love staying fit and working out, but they also love having sex. Cardiogasm’s performers are mixing the best of both worlds and showing out for all the studio’s members.

Enjoy seeing crazy positions, toned bodies, and lots of positive sweat at the new Adulttime studio dedicated to sexy exercise.

Gia Derza and Scarlit Scandal workout together in for Cardiogasm.

How much does Cardiogasm cost?

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You may be surprised by just how little this site will cost you. Although it’s not free, it may as well be!

A monthly membership starts at $14.95 your first month, then $19.95 per month after that. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $119.40 if you pay at once. That averages out to $9.95 per month.

Membership benefits

1) Unlimited access to a Cardiogasm and its partners’ videos

Cardiogasm is a new venture from Adult Time (aka the Netflix of porn) that offers members access to exercise-themed porn at its best. This studio has eight videos all featuring beautiful models in their favorite elements. Medicine balls, yoga mats, and resistance bands are used as accessories in Cardiogasm’s favorite pastime.

A membership at Cardiogasm will give you access to all of Adult Time’s featured content and an enormous library. Suddenly, eight videos have turned into close to 50,000. That’s a come-up if there ever was one. 

2) High quality content

Honestly, this seems to be a no-brainer when it comes to studios under the Adult Time umbrella. At Cardiogasm, you can expect to see top-notch production and great performances from each model involved.

Natasha Nice in "Tighten & Tone with Natasha Nice" for Cardiogasm.

Membership cons

1) Not much content available

As far as quantity goes, Cardiogasm does a really poor job. In its defense, the first video on the site launched in August of 2020. However, while all studios have to start somewhere, not every member needs to be around from the beginning.

Cardiogasm’s saving grace is the access awarded to its parent company’s library. Without Adult Time’s seemingly limitless content library, paying for Cardiogasm would be a complete waste of money.

2) Repetitive content

Not only does Cardiogasm have a wildly small amount of content available on the site, but the content that’s up is also highly repetitive. Out of the eight videos available, four of the videos are part of a series on increasing sexual stamina.

Of the four of these 40 minute long videos, three of them feature the same model actually working out and then participating in solo masturbation. The models featured are repetitive as well, which isn’t usually a problem when a site has more content than eight videos.

In this case, however, it feels like you’re getting the same video twice.

Is it worth it?

In my opinion. I would only recommend membership to Cardiogasm for serious and dedicated exercise porn enthusiasts. The bright selling point for this studio is its affiliation with Adult Time, which gets members to access to a huge library of adult content.

What I hope to see from Cardiogasm is more content, more models, and more diverse themes. While this is a site dedicated to workout porn, not all of the videos have to look the same.

Hopefully, in a couple of months, the Cardiogasm site will have a lot more to offer its members! Thankfully there’s so much on Adult Time you’ll never run out of other content to explore.