Caught Fapping is perfect porn for self-pleasure junkies

2020 ushered in a deep dive into at-home projects for betterment during the quarantine. Bread making, language learning, and TikTok dancing were a few of the activities that rose to meteoric heights during those dreadful months at home.

While I have nothing against self-care and at-home projects, I’ve got to ask: why isn’t masturbation on this list? If porn about getting caught masturbating is something you’re into, Caught Fapping may be the porn site for you.

What is Caught Fapping?

Brought to you by the Adult Time network, Caught Fapping is an original series bringing you the best porn about getting caught masturbating. Members can explore hundreds of videos, all more outlandish than the next.

Boyfriend is caught masturbating by girlfriend.

How much does Caught Fapping cost?

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Unlike other premium porn sites, Caught Fapping won’t stress your wallet, thanks to the affordable nature of Adult Time. A monthly membership starts at $14.95 your first month, then $19.95 per month after that. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $119.40 if you pay at once. That averages out to $9.95 per month.

What are the benefits of Caught Fapping?

1) Access to all of Adult Time and Caught Fapping content 

With a membership, you’ll have access to all of its featured content. You’ll also get access to Adult Time’s enormous library, which boasts 57,000 videos and hundreds of channels. You can also check into the site’s livestream anytime. Talk about a good deal!

2) Well produced porn

Masturbation porn is a simple concept that can be easily overdone, but this network has found a way to make each scene unique. With fun mini-series like “Not Under My Roof” and “Do Mom and Dad Know?”, Caught Fapping will be sure to keep your attention for as long as you let it.

Boyfriend getting caught masturbating with girlfriend's bra.

Membership Cons

1) Slightly inappropriate content

Honestly, when it comes to Adult Time, we hardly ever find any faults. If I had to nitpick, I would say that there are a couple of themes produced by Caught Fapping that could be slightly inappropriate or offensive to some.

For example, the mini-series “Babysitter’s Bad Behavior” continues the tired trope of a young woman who was hired to care for someone’s kids and instead, ends up banging one of her clients’ relatives while she’s on the clock.

While Adult Time never films with underaged talent, the idea of sexualizing someone who chooses to use the title “babysitter” is enough to feed the gross sentiment of age just being “a number.” It would be nice to see the site retire this cliché, but that’s a big ask when society still cares to only value women based on their youthfulness and age.

Is Caught Fapping worth it?

As with almost every series out of Adult Time, this network about getting caught masturbating is a major yes for us. Of course, the content on this site is great on its own, but the added bonus of acquiring access to the whole of the Adult Time network is way too good to pass up. If you’re looking to relive your hormone-driven childhood without the trauma, this network is the perfect site for you. Happy masturbating!