CBD lube can unlock a new dimension of your sex life

CBD lube has been on the market for a few years now, but the hype around it isn’t as prominent as it should be. Despite many using CBD for its medicinal benefits, you don’t have to have pain with sex in order to reap the rewards of sexual lubricants formulated with it.

What does CBD do?

CBD’s popularity has skyrocketed in only the last couple of years, so if you’re not familiar with the compound, don’t beat yourself up. I’ve written a few guides to CBD, so consider the following a cheat sheet. If you’re interested in reading a more in-depth take on the topic, go back and peruse what CBD is.

CBD lube

CBD (or cannabidiol) in its most simple form is one of the many cannabinoids or compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD is also present in the marijuana plant, but it’s not what causes you to become intoxicated. Unlike THC (the compound of the marijuana plant that gets you high), CBD is non-psychoactive. This is why CBD product use is not associated with brain fog, paranoia, or altered thinking.

As I describe in my guide to full-spectrum CBD vs broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, CBD works by binding to endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors are responsible for regulating our moods, stress responses, memory, and pain perception. This is why when people consume cannabis or CBD products they report feelings of euphoria, pain relief, and relaxation. Different types of endocannabinoid receptors are located all over our bodies. But here’s what pertains to this article: a majority of these trigger points are found in the mucous membranes under our tongues and inside the vagina.

CBD lube

This explains why CBD tinctures are among some of the most recommended products. Sublingual administration allows for easy absorption. And believe it or not, the same can be said about CBD lube!

Are there any CBD health benefits from using cannabidiol-infused lube?

As I briefly touched upon before, some of the widely-known perks of CBD are pain relief and relaxation. So even if you don’t have pain with sex, there’s a good chance you can still benefit from using a CBD lube.

But let’s say that you do have pain during sex. Before trying something like CBD lube, your first move should be to call your doctor. While the patriarchy will have you believe that it’s normal for vulva owners to experience painful penetration, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even for first-time fornicators, penetration should not hurt. So if you find yourself unable to enjoy penetrative sex because it’s arduous, take comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one. This is a common and too often overlooked problem with a name: dyspareunia.

cbd lube

Dyspareunia affects about 10% of the vulva-owning population. Which, I’m no statistician, but that’s a big number. While there is an abundance of causes for the condition, many coincide with vaginal dryness. However, only a gynecologist will be able to diagnose the specific cause of your pain. Which is why it’s really important that you speak with one. Many times your pain can be attributed to vaginal dryness alone, but it can also get more complicated. Vaginismus and pelvic floor issues can contribute to pain during sex and while CBD lube may numb your symptoms, it won’t fix the underlying problem. Only a pelvic floor therapist is capable of such magic!

For those of you lucky enough to not experience painful sex, don’t write CBD lube off just yet. Not only will it provide you with an instant W.A.P., but it promotes cell regeneration and cell health as well as alleviates tension and skin issues caused by anxiety and inflammation. So even if you don’t have any pain during penetrative sex, your muscles may not be fully relaxed. As a species, we experience stress and anxiety on numerous levels. And while sex can be a natural stress reliever, it won’t relax muscles in real time. That’s up to the release of the feel-good chemical oxytocin.

CBD and THC lube, however, will relax your muscles in near real-time and even provide a nice libido boost. Not to mention, hemp and cannabis lube are natural vasodilators. In other words, they increase blood flow. And increased blood flow means increased pleasure. This explains why people claim to have explosive sex after using it.

In short, your sex life could be falling short without you even realizing it, and a CBD sex product can help sort that out.

How do CBD sex products differ from THC lube?

cbd lube

Just as CBD gummies are very different from weed edibles, CBD sex products are not equivalent to cannabis lube. Sexual lubricants infused with CBD won’t get you high, but THC lube will. Funny how that works, I know. But if that weren’t the case, do you really believe that suppositories would still exist? It all comes back to the mucous membranes I mentioned earlier. When the THC lube binds to the mucous membranes in your vagina or anus, your body processes it the same way it would if you had enjoyed an edible. The only difference is the high isn’t as intense as directly ingesting THC, and for the most part, it will be localized to the area it was applied. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t feel an overwhelming sense of relief or relaxation, just don’t expect to get zooted off of weed lube.

How to use CBD lube

Similar to the delayed effect of CBD and THC products you ingest, CBD sexual lubricants won’t go to work immediately. Meaning there is about a 20-minute or so wait period for the effects to kick in. Most CBD sex product labels recommend using the first dose of lubricant before you get going in the bedroom. As time passes and foreplay ramps up, you should slowly start to feel increased libido, relaxation, and of course, pleasure sensitivity!

Are CBD lubes safe for condoms and sex toys?

Short answer: yes and no.

Usually, CBD lubes contain some sort of oil, but this isn’t always the case. That’s because the compound requires a fatty substance for easy binding and absorption. And as you may not know (but definitely should) oil-based lube is NOT safe to use with latex or polyisoprene condoms. The oil will actually break down the material, causing micro-tears and rendering the condom ineffective. If you’re going to use an oil-based lubricant with a condom, you’ll have to stick with polyurethane condoms.

Polyurethane condoms are essentially a very thin plastic, instead of rubber (AKA latex). They offer protection from both STIs and pregnancy. However, it’s worth noting that these types of condoms do not fit as snug as latex condoms so they can slide off. This means when you add lube to the mix you must be strategic. Add more lube as you need it (don’t over-pour on the first try) and never double up on condoms! Too much lube and more than one condom will only increase your chances of having the condom fall off or break.

As a bit of a reprieve, coconut oil is safe for sex toys. Even the silicone ones (as long as it’s really silicone)! Unfortunately, a lot of cheap sex toy companies claim to be selling silicone toys when they actually aren’t. Instead, the building blocks of these toys are nasty petrochemicals that you’d otherwise avoid. So if your “silicone” toy starts disintegrating after coming into contact with an oil-based lube, I’m sorry to inform you that it was never silicone in the first place. Consider the destruction a blessing in disguise.

Best sexual lubricants that contain CBD

The biggest problem with CBD is that it’s not FDA-approved (yet). So any product that claims to contain CBD doesn’t have to be cleared by the FDA, meaning companies can lie to you. And they do lie to you…often. For the last five years, the FDA has run random sample tests for products claiming to contain CBD and found that some actually contained zero traces of the cannabinoid. This is not only a problem for your budget but for your body too! Who knows what’s actually in those products and what problems they could cause.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to avoid all of this. All you need to do is make sure that the company you’re purchasing from provides you with a certificate of analysis (CoA) and third-party, independently tested lab results. Why third-party? Because an independent lab has nothing to gain or lose from the results. It’s simply paid to test the materials and describe the findings.

In order to make your job a helluva lot easier, listed below are a few of my most trusted (and personal favorite) CBD lube brands. Every product listed below is non-toxic, safe to use with sex toys, and free from harsh and irritating chemicals.

1) GoLove CBD

cbd lube

CBD isn’t just meant to be used as a vaginal lubricant, it’s meant to be used on all bodies! That’s why this couple teamed up to create one of the best CBD lubes on the market, GoLove.

GoLove is more than just a personal lubricant. It’s hydrating, hypoallergenic, pH-balancing, and latex-safe. Who knew you could get so much out of a water-based lube?! This couple, apparently! And I know what you’re thinking: “You just said CBD is the most effective when it has a fat to bond to?” GoLove just happened to find an ingenious workaround that won’t leave your sheets stained or eat away at your condoms. Glyceryl Laurate is a not-so-secret ingredient derived from coconuts. This emollient surfactant is super fatty and not only keeps the product stable, but it also prevents the ingredients from separating and assists with smoother absorption. But that’s not all GoLove has to brag about.

This particular CBD sex product is good for more than just spicing up your romantic life. This is specifically formulated to help improve your skin! Yup, you read that right. A lube that’ll moisturize and actually improve the appearance of your skin. This is great for those with sensitive and dry skin or those who prefer to shave their private areas. Gluconolactone and hyaluronic acid sound scary, but they’re not. These compounds are found in high-end skincare because they’re moisturizing and effective at healing the skin.

GoLube formulates with domestically-grown and organic hemp. But unlike other sexual lubricants infused with hemp products, this particular lubricant is made using CBD isolate. So what does this mean for you? You’ll only be getting the powerful benefits of CBD and not the entourage effect of cannabinoids working together. So why does this matter? Full-spectrum CBD products can cause you to fail a drug test because they legally are allowed to contain up to 0.3% of THC. That said, even though you’re not ingesting CBD sex products, we can’t rule out that a full-spectrum CBD lube won’t falsely flag you for drugs. So if you know that there may be a potential drug test in your future, CBD isolate should be the only cannabidiol product you use.

And if you’re not sold on the power CBD sex products hold, GoLove offers sample packets of its product for $5. So really, what do you have to lose?

Price: $68 for a little over an ounce, $5 for about a quarter of an ounce

2) Foria Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD

CBD lube

Foria was one of the first companies to create a cannabis lube and now it offers two lines of sexual lubricants. One is formulated with THC, while the other only contains CBD. Foria never uses any unnecessary additives or harmful chemicals, just clean cannabinoids, and organic MCT coconut oil.

One of the reasons I love Foria is because the company is dedicated to doing the most. It ethically and sustainably sources all of its materials, including the broad-spectrum CBD. All of the hemp Foria uses in its products can be traced back to one farm: Hudson Hemp. This hemp yard uses a method of cultivation known as “regenerative farming.”

According to Hudson Hemp, “the principal goal of a regenerative agricultural system is to build and maintain the soil’s ability to recycle nutrients, to capture and hold water, and minimize the farm’s dependence on outside inputs. Ideally, a regenerative farm is a whole world of intertwined natural networks, operating the way the earth itself does—through interconnectedness and holistic management of resources.”

So not only can you physically feel good using Foria products, but you can also rest easy knowing that your purchase supports sustainable farming practices.

Foria’s weed lube and other THC products aren’t available to purchase online, so you’ll have to take advantage of the site’s “Find a Retailer” feature in legal states. Foria’s broad-spectrum CBD products are available to purchase online.

Price: $44 for four ounces of organic CBD lube

3) Saha Self-Care’s Natural CBD Lubricant

Saha self-care's natural CBD lubricant on a white background.

Formulated using only two ingredients, (coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD) Saha Self-Care’s Natural CBD Lube is not only effective but edible, too! It’s free of alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients, phthalates, glycerin, parabens, and dyes, making it safe for even sensitive skin. (Although, I would still recommend a patch test as I do with all new products). And thanks to the coconut oil, this lube is lightweight, long-lasting, and has a slightly sweet scent to it which is absolutely divine. However, since it does contain coconut oil it can stain your sheets if you let a spill sit. So if you know that you’re going to be overly generous with the lube, lay a towel down or use sheets you don’t care about. That said, a little does go a long way so start small and work your way up to more if you need it.

A little bit about the brand: Saha Self-Care is a Black-owned and funded self-care company that delivers premium hemp-derived wellness products designed for and catering to customers of color seeking natural ways to soothe the daily stresses of life. Through its high-quality products, caring customer support, and transparency, Saha Self-Care has plans to innovate the industry with its emphasis on community building and customer education.

Price: $39.99

4) Kush Queen Water-Based CBD Lube

cbd lube

Take notice of Kush Queen’s CBD lube. It’s one of the very few sexual lubricants that don’t use an oil base or any coconut byproducts. Instead of formulating with fat-rich oils, Kush Queen chose a purified water base. While this may not be the most effective way of consuming cannabidiol, Kush Queen combats that with its proprietary Nanotechnology. What does this mean? Well, when it’s in the formulation stages, Kush Queen scientists break the CBD isolate down to its molecular level. This enables the cannabidiol to become water-compatible and absorbable since the CBD particle size is 2000x smaller than your pores.

Price: on sale for $39.99 (regularly $49.99 for one ounce)

5) LeafyQuick’s YesMoan CBD lubricant

cbd lube

YesMoan is one of the few CBD sexual lubricants available for sale on Amazon. So if you’ve got a Prime membership, this product will make those yearly dues well worth it!

This water-based lube is latex and sex toy safe. However, unlike the previous two products that I mentioned, YesMoan CBD lube has broad-spectrum CBD as an ingredient (compared to CBD isolate). So in addition to the CBD health benefits, you’ll also be indulging in all the benefits terpenes have to offer. A few of the popular terpenes are Linalool, which can relieve stress and anxiety, and Limonene to elevate moods, heighten senses and also relieve stress and anxiety. Not to mention, Ocimene—an antifungal and anti-inflammatory.

In addition to this hemp lube, YesMoan also produces a warming personal lubricant. Loud Moan uses mint to create the “warming” agent, which according to Amazon reviewers makes sex electric!

Price: $24.99 for two ounces

6) Bella’s Aqua D’Amore water-based CBD lube

bella's aqua d'amore cbd lube

Looking for a plant-friendly substance to get intimate with? Bella’s Aqua D’Amore CBD lube is calling! According to the makers, Aqua D’Amore was created for anyone looking for the most natural lube, but how true is that statement?

This water-based lube includes a mix of good and not-so-good ingredients. The “bad guys” are Sodium Benzoate, which is commonly used as a food pickling agent, and Peg-8, which is known to be a moderate hazard in part because of its inclusion of Lauric acid. Personally, I don’t love when “natural lubes” include a bunch of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Regardless, of how often these ingredients are used in personal care products, I have to take some points off. But considering the price, ingredient transparency, and how infrequently you’d be using this (when compared to something like toothpaste), it still makes the cut for this list.

Now onto what I consider the best feature of this lube: premium CBD Isolate from American-grown hemp. This Sativa seed extract feels great when put to use, and the water-based solution is silky smooth and smells like grapes. This lube has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not edible, but it is paraben and glycerin free. At the end of the day, Bella’s Aqua D’Amore is not my first option but it is one. As far as CBD lube goes, this personal lubricant ticks quite a few of my boxes, but not all of them. If you’re interested in trying it out for size, don’t let me stop you!

Price: $2.19-$22.99

7) Privy Peach CBD Lube Intimate Oil

CBD lube

Not all hemp or cannabis lube products come in individual packages like this one by Privy Peach. While some may see this as an added expense of environmental waste (which is totally valid, BTW) I see the perfect travel buddy. Whether you’re just strolling down the block to the girl next door’s house or prepping for a sexcation across the pond, an entire bottle of lube is cumbersome. Lighten the load with these individually wrapped broad-spectrum CBD sachets and forgo guesstimating what a “serving” of lube is.

Each Privy Peach sexual lubricant box includes a dozen packets of 25mg CBD lube. It’s worth noting that Privy Peach does formulate its hemp lube with an oil base so you cannot use it with latex. Privy Peach also designed a CBD sex product specifically for anal sex. The Coco Jambo-Exploratory Anal Lube has added cocoa and shea butter to give it a thicker texture, which is perfect for anal sex since the anus isn’t self-lubricating.

Price: $45 for 1.21 ounces of the CBD lube and $60 for 4.06 ounces of the CBD anal lube

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