‘These celebrities are entitled as f*ck’: Former server says athletes and celebrities are the worst customers

A former server from a “very upscale steakhouse in New Jersey” has gone viral after revealing the best—and the worst—behaved celebrities at her previous job.

In a video with over a million views, user Alouette (@aalouette_) shares her thoughts resulting from her time at the steakhouse, including observations about the behaviors of certain kinds of celebrities.

“I saw everything between football players, porn stars, rappers, actors, singers,” she recounts. “Whatever you fucking think of, I’ve seen it.”

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“These celebrities are entitled as fuck,” she claims. Alouette then goes on to say that celebrities frequently showed up in the last ten minutes before closing.

She adds that entitlement was the worst with athletes. “Granted, not all famous people are rude, but the majority of the athletes? Very fucking entitled,” she shares. 

“This one other athlete and his whole entire family would come every motherfucking holiday and tip us, like, two dollars,” she recounts. 

However, she was also quick to note the best tippers.

“It’s the Italian men that come in with the pinky ring and the big chain that’s going to give you the good tip,” she says. Later, she adds, “Porn stars? They tip nice, because they’re hard workers. Business owners? They tip nice, because they’re hard workers.”

She then speculates that, though athletes, rappers, and other celebrities are hard workers, “they forget what it is to actually work hard, I feel like. I don’t know…Maybe I’m crazy.”

“Working there has definitely numbed me to the idea of fangirling or caring about any motherfucking celebrity,” she concludes, before noting that the nicest celebrity she met on the job was singer Jhené Aiko.

In comments, users shared their own alleged celebrity encounters.

“I served Odell Beckham at ihop maybe 6 years ago and he left me a $7 tip on a $100 check,” a commenter claimed. “I purposely acted like I didn’t know who he was.”

“Served Paul rudd once, NICEST best tipper around. I’ll watch every movie and support him,” another added.

“Most celebrities DON’T tip!! I worked in nightlife for 10 years in Manhattan!!” a third alleged.

Several users noted that their experiences serving athletes, including Shaquille O’Neal and Steph Curry, were positive.

“Shaq is the nicest celebrity I have encountered,” a further user offered. “his whole family was amazing.”

“Steph Curry is super sweet,” an additional TikToker remembered. “He used to be a regular at my restaurant and always sat in my section.”

Users also backed up her claim about “Italian men that come in with the pinky ring and the big chain.”

“Yesss to the Italian men. I used to work at a hotel in New York, and Italian men always tipped me like $20-$50 just for giving them a towel,” a commenter shared.

“The Italian man with a pinky ring. The indian man with a pinky ring, the Armenian man with the pinky ring. The pinky ring is the secret,” a second joked.

In an email to Daily Dot, the TikToker expanded upon her original video and responded to some of the comments.

“Surprisingly enough, a lot of the comments I was able to capture were ones that agreed with me. I’m not the first to hear or say it — celebs just get a little cocky!” she shared. “Speaking from my own experience, the “C” or “D” list celebrities were the ones that remained kind, humble & considerate. I do think there is a disconnect from reality and a celebrity’s ego — a commenter said “they think seeing them or meeting them is the tip” & I couldn’t agree more. The culture of worshipping famous people was always questionable to me & working there only made it worse! Nevertheless, the nice ones always made up for it!”