Cinema Joy is the Netflix of ethical porn

In an early 2000’s interview, Petra Joy, erotic photographer, director, and founder of the online adult film theater Cinema Joy said, “My biggest sex organ is between my ears, not my legs.” This is a concept that’s been far too often neglected by mainstream porn directors––but it’s led to the rise of feminist porn and sites like Cinema Joy dedicated to showcasing it. 

In 2020, feminist porn might not seem like such a groundbreaking idea to many of you. But 16 years ago when Petra released her first erotic film focusing on female-centered sexuality (AKA porn shot with the female gaze in mind), and it was a completely new concept. Her ties to the adult film industry as an erotic photographer continuously prompted her clients and friends to ask her about any films she could recommend primarily for couples and women––“films that celebrated female eroticism and pleasure”––but, unfortunately, she couldn’t recommend much. This was her inspiration behind her first adult film.

After her wildly acclaimed debut, Petra breathed new life into porn. Her work has left an undeniable impression on the adult film industry as a whole as both her films and Cinema Joy helped pave the way for many other female, non-binary, gender nonconforming, and LGBTQ directors and performers. 

What is Cinema Joy?

cinema joy

In 2016, after an incredibly successful decade of filmmaking, Petra created the innovative rule-breaking online movie theater platform Cinema Joy. It is still the exclusive platform for streaming all of Petra’s films, alongside a handful of her picks from other erotic directors around the world.

This handpicked paradise of ethically-produced porn is packed with award-winning film after award-winning film. This includes Petra’s own revolutionary debut film Sexual Sushi, her critically-acclaimed sequel, Female Fantasies, and many more. Petra’s lineup of star-studded directors seems tantalizing enough but coupled with the site’s behind the scenes, photography, and exclusive trailer content, it’s practically any cinema buff’s wet dream.

Cinema Joy cost

Unfortunately, while many sites offer trial periods for free, Cinema Joy does not offer that. I’m not too upset about it, as the roster of directors and performers speak for themselves, but it would definitely be a welcome addition.

That said, the payment methods accepted by Cinema Joy might just make up for the lack of free trial. Users can purchase a membership with a credit or debit card, PayPal, and––wait for it––any major brand gift card. Got any old Starbucks cards laying around? Put them to good use and snag yourself a Cinema Joy membership!

Cinema Joy membership benefits

Unlimited access to stream and download an array of diverse and award-winning films

Aside from the various award-winning films directed by Petra herself, Cinema Joy is littered with diverse titles from highly acclaimed directors and performers. Love Your Cunt, the multi-awarded film by directors altShift, films by Shine Lousie Huston including some from her fan-favorite “Crash Pad Series”, and Its My Birthday from age-positive director Morgana Muses are just a few of the top-shelf offerings that Cinema Joy brings to the table.

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Choose how you want to watch: by scene or full-length film

One of my favorite features on the site is the ability to view by scene or the full film. Having the erotic scenes separately organized from the actual storyline of films is so handy for when you happen to be in a rush or just don’t feel like sitting through the entirety of an hour and a half long movie. This is a definite standout feature.

Support the future of feminist porn

With the feminist porn movement gaining momentum, it’s nice to support a director that has been advocating for it and even had a hand in its move towards the mainstream. There are opportunists everywhere, so being able to feel 100% secure in the porn you’re watching, and knowing that it has all be vetted and approved by a true feminist advocate is a weight off your shoulders.

As an added bonus, by signing up for Cinema Joy you’ll also be supporting the Petra Joy Awards. Nowadays, porn watchers have at least five reputable studios they can consistently count on to produce high-quality ethical films and other versions of porn made by women, but it can’t just stop there. Petra Joy created the Petra Joy Awards with this exact thought in mind––to encourage and reward new female erotic filmmakers. It’s not enough that there are one or two or five or even 10 women in porn. It’s not enough that this way of porn production is slowly gaining momentum and reaching the mainstream media. For it to really come full circle, the now-established women in porn must extend a hand to other marginalized groups to completely change the industry. 

Cinema Joy cons

Not the largest library of content

While there is a great amount of content to choose from on Cinema Joy, there is nowhere near the amount that you would come across on more mainstream tube sites. But it’s important to keep in mind that these films are usually full feature-length, often contain more than one erotic scene, and are produced ethically, so the standards are high and quality takes time! We promise patiently waiting for fresh Cinema Joy content will be worth it.

Is Cinema Joy worth it?

cinema joy

Simply speaking, Cinema Joy isn’t for everyone. Let’s face it, some of us can barely make it through a much-anticipated Hollywood film, let alone pay attention to the over-arching storyline of a pornographic movie. So if you’re looking for hundreds of thousands of gonzo porn scenes, this isn’t the site for you. But if you prefer the more artistic approach to porn, then you’ll love what Cinema Joy has to offer. Watch the critically acclaimed films that shocked the industry and experience the new wave of feminist porn, all in one place.

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