Why people suddenly think Anonymous is going to release Clarence Thomas’ Pornhub habits

Last week, ProPublica dropped a bombshell report about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gallivanting around the world on a billionaire’s dime.

These tales of Thomas enjoying free vacations on superyachts and at ultra-exclusive resorts helped resurfaced data from a purported dox of multiple Supreme Court Justices.

Accounts claiming to be from the hacking collective Anonymous are touting that they recently obtained the information—but in reality, the data has been sitting online for some time.


The files on Doxbin include unverified information about members of the government, high-profile businesspeople, and other prominent figures. The data therein largely consists of email and physical addresses, phone numbers, vehicle makes and models, and the like. A few of the files include more supposed sensitive data, such as passwords, IP addresses, and partial social security numbers.

The vast majority of the political figures whose information is included in these files are conservatives.

The Supreme Court dox was first reported last year in the wake of the leaked ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. Security firm Cybersixgill, which discovered the data on the dark web, told TechTarget that it was unverified but there was some reason to believe in its legitimacy.

Interest in the materials picked back up after ProPublica revealed that Thomas has been secretly going on luxury vacations for decades courtesy of his close friend, Republican megadonor Harlan Crow. One vacation alone is estimated to have been valued at $500,000.

Thomas defended never disclosing the trips, saying in a statement that colleagues advised him “that this sort of personal hospitality from close personal friends, who did not have business before the Court, was not reportable.”

Many legal experts hold a different opinion.

The scrutiny seems to have reinvigorated interest in the Supreme Court dox, which many online are claiming is both new and revelatory.

Two details from the data about Thomas are currently making the rounds: a string of numbers that claim to be a purported Pornhub ID, although it is unclear what that points to, and an email address that he supposedly used on the domain “hotxxxbabes.com.”

Neither detail has been confirmed.

Even if the Pornhub ID does belong to the conservative jurist, it isn’t illegal or unethical to look at pornography featuring consenting adults.

Hotxxxbabes.com is currently defunct. A 2004 archive of the site promises, “If you want to get some hot picture, just enter your email address and click submit. Then, you will get fresh hot picture and movie in your mail box.”

Posts about Thomas using Pornhub and having an email address tied to a porn site have risen in recent days.


On Monday night, the influential @YourAnonNews Twitter account tweeted a video warning Republicans about the purportedly hacked materials. The video appears to have first been posted on TikTok by @anonymousiamlegion.

“This is a message to the GOP from #Anonymous. We gave you warnings. We gave you time to adjust your actions to meet the wants and needs of the people,” the video states. “In that time you have used the majorities you hold in states to expel [representatives]. You passed laws to inspect transgender children’s genitalia.”

“You have overstepped, and now we can share what we did with that time. Anonymous has a dark web database where information is posted to the world and the collective…. We are going to call this dark web database ‘the bin.’”

The message claims that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) are “on the bin.” Data for those two is also in the old Doxbin files.

“Clarence Thomas, your Pornhub account is on the bin,” it adds. “Remember, human rights and civil rights are not negotiable.”

The video attracted intense interest online. As of this writing, one version has 1 million views, despite it just being a recirculation of old info.