People are searching for ‘Trump’ porn way more than ‘Clinton’ porn

What do our porn searches say about us? Never are we more honest than when we sit down and log on with the intention of getting off, so it follows that we can learn a lot about America’s collective psyche from data collected by porn sites.

For instance, Pornhub, the largest porn site on the internet, reports that searches for leprechaun porn increase 8,000 percent on St. Patrick’s Day. Is this because people secretly long to believe in magic? Is it because they’re throwing St. Paddy Day-themed orgies and need something to play in the background? Are they just really drunk?

Pornhub doesn’t mess around with interpreting the facts they collect; they leave that up to us. So what are we to make of the fact that “Trump” is searched for 144 percent more than “Clinton”?

What’s really surprising is that Trump hasn’t already mentioned this, as he loves to quote the polls and also loves talking about his penis. 

Clinton got a huge bump, on both Pornhub and xHamster, during the DNC with searches for her increasing 441 percent across the US and 275 percent in Philadelphia, but she still hasn’t caught up with the Donald, who leads her in every single state.

What exactly does this mean? Is it really true that both men and women prefer to masturbate thinking about Donald Trump? And what, if anything, does that mean for the election?

Well, one thing to keep in mind is that Pornhub did make a parody video of Trump on YouTube, so that might have prompted a few searches.

Also there’s an actual pornstar named Teanna Trump. Could she be throwing off search results? Pornhub no doubt knows of her existence, but there’s no mention of whether or not they adjusted their stats to account for it.

Screengrab via Pornhub

Or possibly people just think Trump is going to win, so they’re trying to get used to the idea of getting fucked by him.