Cloud Meadow is Steam’s queerest adult game yet

Imagine if farming game Stardew Valley was horny. Interested? Then you might want to pick up Cloud Meadow.

Team Nimbus’ Cloud Meadow tasks the player with farming crops and raising monster boys and monster girls on a frontier village called Cloverton. Players incubate and raise catgirls, dragons, harpies, lamia, and demons, among many others, and then let them breed together. There are also plenty of nonplayer characters—both human and anthropomorphic—to meet throughout the game.

When we said horny, we meant it. As the game’s content description notes, you can expect “frequent sexual interactions between humans and a variety of fantasy creatures.” This includes various anthro monster babes, plus all the creatures you’ll be growing on your farm. Cloud Meadow is looking to be pretty kinky, too; expect female domination, group sex, bondage, impregnation, milking, breeding, and “farm situations” during sex sceness.

Cloud Meadow entered Steam Steam Early Access this month. Publisher TinyHat Studios provided the Daily Dot with a key to preview the game. For more information on whether you should pick up Cloud Meadow now or wait, read on.


Cloud Meadow Ogre

In Cloud Meadow, humans and sentient monsters coexist thanks to the Union, a governing entity spread out across various magic floating islands. Cloud Meadow stars players as an academy graduate sent by the Union to serve as a farmer on a Frontier settlement named Cloverton. Throughout Cloud Meadow, players must grow crops, breed monsters, and travel through dungeons while fighting feral monsters. Domesticated monsters are readily available for having sex, although players can meet, hook up with, and marry various human and anthro monster party members throughout the game. All 10 nonplayer companions can be married to the player at the same time.

Veteran porn gamers may recognize Cloud Meadow’s art style and features from another project, Breeding Season. The game billed itself as “Harvest Moon meets hentai” and topped at $42,000 monthly pledges before production ceased in 2016, according to PCGamesN.

Cloud Meadow’s artist and project lead S-Purple had a controversial departure from Breeding Season. Harista-PipeBomb, the creator of Breeding Season, accused S-Purple of walking away with Patreon money and declining to give the development team the rights to his assets. S-Purple responded to the allegation by claiming the project was unprofessionally managed from the start.

By the time he departed, S-Purple said other project members either left the game’s development team or were in the process of doing so, leaving solely Harista-PipeBomb to create the game.

Cloud Meadow is not Breeding Season, but it will hopefully be the spiritual successor to what could have been if bad management and incredible laziness had not interfered with production at the highest levels of our development team,” S-Purple wrote.

Cloud Meadow gameplay

Cloud Meadow Femdom

Cloud Meadow isn’t a porn game. It’s an adult farming simulator with sexual content. If you’re purchasing Cloud Meadow with the expectation of endless smut content from the very start, you’ll be sadly mistaken. But if you’re here for an open-ended role-playing game with characters to romance, crops to grow, and monsters to breed with, read on.

Cloud Meadow’s Steam demo introduces players to the basic mechanics they can expect throughout the full game. Players walk around town, meet the game’s cast, learn how to farm and incubate monsters, and play through a dungeon segment complete with an ending boss battle. Along the way, players can unlock sprite animations detailing the game’s various sex scenes. This includes straight, gay, and lesbian pairings, and many of them stray far from sex. In one scene, the female player character uses a strap-on with Fio, a scrappy straggler living on the player’s farm before her arrival. When the male player character has sex with the powerful dragon guard captain Goldra, she tops him over a barrel and uses her breasts to stroke his cock until he orgasms.

Cloud Meadow’s pixel artwork shines throughout the game, but the attention to detail during adult segments cannot be overstated. When Goldra tops the female player character with an ejaculating dildo, her body language and facial expression tell everything you need to know about the scene, Goldra’s sexual desires, and her personality. It’s masterful, ridiculously skilled work rarely seen in adult games.

In terms of gameplay, Cloud Meadow’s characters are well written, its lore is legitimately interesting, its farming and breeding systems are engaging, and combat is as challenging as it is exciting. At this stage in beta, the game lacks polish; at one point, this writer had to quit and reload her save after getting stuck in place on a dungeon rock. And while Cloud Meadow isn’t a porn game, it doesn’t stand on its farming simulator and turn-based combat mechanics alone. Cloud Meadow may be a jack-of-all-trades, but compared to games like Stardew Valley, it’s a master of none.

Cloud Meadow isn’t trying to be Stardew Valley, though; it’s trying to be a well-rounded adult game with erotic and non-erotic mechanics. Gameplay isn’t just a means to an end (getting laid), but a companion to the adult material, which is legitimately interesting and should speak to queer and straight players alike—as long as Team Nimbus can work out some of the idiosyncrasies.

Release date

Cloud Meadow Lesbian

Cloud Meadow is available on Steam Early Access for $19.99. The game’s full release is slated for the first quarter of 2021 and will feature more animations, quests, and dungeons, among other features. The game’s subscribers on Patreon receive regular playtesting builds with more story and gameplay mechanics added in ahead of time. Playtest releases do not feature Steam Cloud saves and other Steam features, but pledging for the game on Patreon is much cheaper in the short-term: Patrons can access a pre-release copy for just $2 per month, and after the game goes gold, any patron past or present will be given a DRM-free version of the full game.

If you’re interested in sampling Cloud Meadow before putting any money down, head on over to itch.io to download the latest public demo.