10 couple toys that will make your sex life explosive

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You may think of vibrators as an accessory for the single life, but they’re one of many couple toys that can help make sparks fly in the bedroom even if you’re happily cuffed. Think that just because you have another living, breathing, consenting adult with you that you have all the fun you need? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Listed below are brief guides to a few of our top picks for the best couple toys that belong in any bedroom. Every toy featured (and recommendation made) is based on our personal experience, high standards, and other reviewer opinions, so you can trust that we’re only highlighting your best sex toy options. 

Best couple toys you can buy from bed

1) Pixie by Sweet Vibrations

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The latest trend in sex toys for couples is the “sucking vibe,” but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Especially those who tend to be more sensitive in their nether region (myself included), y’all would probably benefit from a more traditional clit vibe. They tend to be a little less intense than their more evolved counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they’re less pleasing! Take the Pixie by Sweet Vibrations, for example, it features dual-stimulators at either end and 10 pleasure settings from a soft rumble to more extreme patterns. And unlike the sucking vibes, the Pixie is versatile–capable of clitoral, nipple, and even testicle stimulation. 

Price: $39.99$44.99

2) Siren

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Can’t decide between dildos or vibrators? Don’t. Instead, choose both with the SVAKOM Siren. Designed with dual motors (one at either end) you can choose to stimulate your more sensitive spots with its mouth or deeper pleasure points with the penetrative base, just don’t forget the lube! The mouth forks off into two little tongues, the design is not only playful but purposeful–depending on the intensity Siren is set to, the tongues move accordingly–and gee, do they move!  I was able to cycle through its 25 modes (five patterns and five intensities) and to say I was impressed might be a little corny but don’t sound the alarm (or in this case, the Siren). Users can choose to turn on both motors at the same time or just use one, adjusting the speed and intensity from a teasing lull to a powerful and swift fan-like dancer. 

Price: $98.99

3) b-Vibe Trio butt plug

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Butt plugs are notoriously one of the most popular couples toys (which should come as no surprise given the number of memes dedicated to eating a$$). And according to reviewers, the b-vibe Trio is a true standout among other anal vibrators. Gently tapered, the plug is suitable for beginners–just remember to go slow and slather on the lube! Trio is designed with body-safe silicone and three motors, so it’s shower-friendly, easy-to-clean, and has more pleasure modes for users to fool around with than most other sex toys (72 combinations, to be exact) and a wireless remote for hands-free play. 

Price: $140

4) The plusOne Air Pulsing Arouser

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As far as adult toys come, this “sucking” vibe by plusOne checks all the boxes. It’s affordable, completely waterproof, designed with body-safe silicone, and it can provide hours of fun on a single charge. This is one of my favorite couples’ toys for people with vulvas because it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and won’t interfere with your moves no matter how you play. Not to mention, since it uses gentle air pulsing technology (in comparison to traditionally unreliable vibrations) it pretty much guarantees an orgasm every time.

Price: $34.98

5) Crave Vesper vibrator necklace

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This may look like just a gold pendant but it’s actually a 24k gold-plated vibrator. So now your adventures can be just that … a little more adventurous. Featuring four-speed options, this gorgeous vibe even heats up while you use it. Talk about fashion meeting functionality!  And if gold ain’t your thing, no worries! The pendant is also available in silver and rose gold.

Price: $69$149

5) We-Vibe Couples Vibrator

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Out of all the couples sex toys, we found We-Vibe’s Couples Vibe suggested the most. It’s 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and designed with body-safe silicone so it’s free from phthalates and BPA, and safe for people with latex allergies. Unlike cock rings which are for external use only, this couples vibe is worn half internally, half externally with the larger end reaching into the vulva and the smaller end draping up the labia and towards the clit. The half-inside-half-outside design is said to “share” the vibrations better than other vibrators for couples. 

Price: $62

6) TENGA’s SVR (smart vibrating penis ring)

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Just like finger vibrators, cock rings get worn too (we’ll let you guess where they go). These vibes can definitely be used on their own, but are seriously ideal for partnered play. However, they come with a bit of a disclaimer for some couples. Since vulva-owners need consistent and repetitive stimulation to orgasm, cock rings do more for the wearer than they’ll do for the other partner. Not a total loss, just something to keep in mind.

Price: $49.99

7) Nymph by SVAKOM

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Ever wish you had an extra hand while you gave a blowie? The Nymph couples toy by SVAKOM is here to fulfill your deepest desires with its finger-like design and motions. Users can play around with three different finger movements and three different speeds (so nine modes total) until they find the one that really grabs their attention. The highly-rated dual-ended vibrator is designed with body-safe silicone, which makes it easy-to-clean and 100% waterproof.

Price: $98.99


8) Eva II

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Dame Products’ Eva II couples massager doesn’t require the use of hands, so it practically doubles your fun without adding any caveats or frustrations. Its wings rest inside the labia, nestling the vulva, allowing it to stay in place regardless of the type of pleasure you’re looking to envoke. Eva II is completely waterproof, but won’t be as buzzy in the bath so if the intensity is a priority for you, you might want to consider a different waterproof vibrator for submerged play. 

That said, although many people have found success with Eva if you haven’t used a wearable vibrator before I don’t recommend starting with this toy. Eva II does come with a bit of a learning curve, and with a $100+ price tag attached to it, it’s a risk only you can assess. But you know what they say–high risk, high reward, maybe? 

Price: $135

9) Zumio S or X

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What makes Zumio S a best-selling couples vibrator? Probably the toy’s award-winning design and SpiroTip™, which allow its head to rotate in circles rather than vibrate. So no matter what area you’re trying to envoke pleasure, the Zumio S (or X) can pinpoint it. The “S” stands for sensitivity (okay, maybe not, I might have just made it up) as in “pressure sensitivity.” Depending on how much pressure you apply to the tip, the toy’s mechanical design adjusts the intensity. Zumio is also completely waterproof and outfitted with an eight-speed motor and travel (lock) mode. 

The only difference between Zumio S and Zumio X are the levels of intensity, Zumio X vibrates at a speed that’s way stronger than Zumio S (think X-treme).

Price: $140

10) Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Elite Strap-on

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Designed with medical-grade silicone, this double-ended dildo (or strapless strap-on, whatever you want to call it) is latex and Phalate-free, as well as super easy to clean (just throw it in the dishwasher!). But what sets this apart from other strap-ons is its ability to conform to one’s contours while retaining your body heat to warm up the toy to the perfect temperature. 

Price: $36


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