Couples Cinema is porn for everyone (not just couples)

When you hear a name like Couples Cinema you probably associate it with porn for couples. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it limits what the site really contains. Couples Cinema doesn’t just host porn movies for couples–– it offers a little something for everyone.

What is Couples Cinema? 

Are you in need of a subscription to a reliable and couple-friendly porn site? Couples Cinema might be your best bet. Featuring a hefty line up of star-studded studios and indie directors, Couples Cinema offers a shining platform for diversity and ethically produced porn. 

One of the main advantages for people switching from a free tube site, or those just looking to secure a new porn membership, is the sheer volume of HD content that’s available on Couples Cinema’s platform. Since many ethical studios are independently run, they usually don’t have the means to license other studios’ content. Couples Cinema is the exception. When it comes to content, rivaling the number of options available on free sites is almost impossible (keyword: almost). While Couples Cinema isn’t comprised of millions of films, its co-opt mentality is what sets it aside from the competition. Alongside its own content, Couples Cinema features a variety of sex-positive directors and films. This is how the platform scored the title of “biggest library of story-driven films with cinematic quality.”

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Couples Cinema cost

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Couples Cinema offers three pricing options. The first level is month-to-month for $29.95 every 30 days. If you buy three months at once, it’s $69.95 for 90 days. Finally, you can get a full year for $134.95 for 365 days.

Couples Cinema Membership Benefits 

Access to the largest library of ethically produced erotic content

When Couples Cinema says it’s home to the “largest erotic storytelling library,” it’s not exaggerating. The service hosts 450+ films and releases new content weekly. With a dozen different types of categories, there’s something for everyone. Even couples who can’t decide on SFW Hollywood films will be able to agree here!

If you’re into the rougher stuff like BDSM and wax play, you’ll be pleased to know that there are hundreds of films for you, all of which put the performer’s pleasure first. But if hardcore kink isn’t your speed, try out the sci-fi fantasies, outdoor scenes, or the very specific porn for couples categories on for size.

Sorting the content is super easy too, this has to be one of the most well-organized porn sites around.

Star-studded directors and studios 

Couples Cinema hosts such an abundance of award-winning directors and studios that you won’t know where to start. Here you’ll find Petra Joy’s entire filmography, along with Foxhouse Films, Gentle Desire, Pink and White Productions, and so much more. I don’t know the exact number of awards Couples Cinema has but my guess would be north of too many to count. 

The site also makes it easy to find content from a specific studio via its “Producers” page. This small detail is incredibly helpful as you discover directors you like and want to access the rest of their films.

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Access to exclusive Couples Cinema Originals 

Couples Cinema is so ahead of the curve when it comes to producing cinema-worthy films. It has so much original content that it has adopted traits from your favorite streaming sites. Instead of having to clink into categories, users will find them all beautifully laid out on one page. To see what each category has in store, simply scroll left and right–just like Netflix!

CC originals are produced by the in-house team of directors and performers at Couples Cinema. Meaning, you won’t find them anywhere else!

Couples Cinema Cons

Performer diversity could be better

This isn’t a problem exclusive to Couples Cinema, but one that plagues the entire porn industry. Unfortunately, eurocentric ideals are also found in a majority of the content here. Despite hosting incredibly inclusive studios like FoxHouse Films and Pink and White Productions, diversity dies outside of those producers’ selections.

There’s no site biography or performer page

There is a small mission statement on the home page of Couples Cinema, but that doesn’t do the site any justice. I’m seriously nitpicking here, I get it. But in my eyes, we deserve a little more transparency from a site that should have nothing to hide. Tell me about your directors and your performers, I want to hear from them! And I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Other sites do it, so I know Couples Cinema is capable!

Adding to that, the site’s mission statement is way too broad. It describes its content as the “best sex films from the most creative minds in erotic cinema,” but does little to highlight its many ethical and feminist porn directors. It goes on to explain the environment as “amazingly erotic” but gives no mention to the healthy and creative space it has fostered for both its directors and performers. In my mind, with as much as this site has to offer, its mission statement sorely misses the mark.  

Is Couples Cinema worth it? 

This site is hands down one of the best all-around packages for erotic and ethically produced cinema. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an adult film platform that matches CC in price, content, quality, and ethical practices so, in my mind, this is a serious home run for all erotic enthusiasts!