CrashPadSeries is home to some of the most inclusive adult entertainment

In this tech-savvy age, it’s quite hard to produce something that’s altogether fresh, unique, and influential, but that’s exactly what Shine Louise Houston did with the CrashPadSeries and its subsequent adult entertainment studio. Born from her own queer community in San Francisco, not only did Houston create a platform to showcase queer and feminist porn, she gave the LGBTQ+ community a spotlight and reasons to believe the porn industry sees them, hears them, and wants to do better for them.

What makes the CrashPadSeries so powerful is the unabashed pride that Houston visibly brings forth in each episode. To the naysayers and critics, she says: “There is power in creating images, and for a woman of color and a queer to take that power…I don’t find it exploitative; I think it’s necessary.” It’s this outlook that keeps you coming back for more, and clearly translates into each individual she captures on film. 

crash pad series

Unlike many tube sites and adult film studios populating the internet, CrashPadSeries’s message on body positivity and gender inclusivity is unquestionable. A quick search through the performers’ page will produce entertainers of all different backgrounds––queer models, trans performers, cisgender entertainers, genderqueer and other gender-variant people, performers who are femme, butch, and everything in between; people of color; people of differing abilities; people who are fat, thin, athletic, people aged 18 to over 50, the list goes on. 

With a track record like Houston’s, there’s no question that she has the Midas touch when it comes to queer porn. If you want to support an ethical porn site that features an inclusive catalog of performers enacting scenes the way they want to, put your money where your mouth is and head over to CrashPadSeries today. 

What is the CrashPadSeries?

crash pad series

Based on Houston’s 2005 cult classic film The Crash Pad, CrashPadSeries is the porn site of your wet dreams brought to you by her adult entertainment studio Pink and White Productions. Picking up where the full-length feature left off, the CrashPadSeries is set in the same San Francisco apartment dedicated to hot, queer sex. For those that never got the chance to view the original film, please do! It’s not necessary for understanding the plot of each CrashPadSeries episode (as they all have unique storylines) but would you jump into Tron: Uprising before watching Tron: Legacy? Didn’t think so.

Shine Houston plays the voyeuristic keyholder in each episode capturing the messy, euphoric, magical twists and turns the whole way. Even with a growing list of over 300 episodes and a seemingly never ending list of performers, there is never a dull moment. While many stars have held the key to the apartment several times and made cameos in multiple episodes, the only rule is that after you’ve used the key seven times, you have to pass it on. If you think you’re missing out on all the fun, think again. The CrashPad is always open for casting, all you have to do is apply

CrashPadSeries cost

If watching performers you can identify with engaging in realistic, unscripted sex turns you on, you might want to look into a CrashPadSeries membership. It’s obvious that this site is a personal favorite of mine, and it could become a staple for you as well, but what is it going to cost?

CrashPadSeries membership benefits

Unlimited streaming + downloading

For some, being able to not only stream but download clips, scenes, and movies is a make-or-break deal. On CrashPadSeries, not only can you download and stream every episode in the CrashPad, but every critically acclaimed and award-winning Shine Louise Houston creation as well. The amount of content this one studio produces and makes available to view on the site is almost unbelievable. Enjoy behind the scenes interviews, handpicked favorites, and quick clips from performers and filmmakers. 

Scroll through steamy photo galleries and performer bios

crash pad series

Not in the mood for a movie? Have a favorite performer? CrashPadSeries makes it oh-so-easy to access their entire collection and learn their story with just one click. Browse through their photos and then take a peek at the episodes they star in for maximum pleasure. 

Access to an awesome blog covering wide-ranging topics

One of my absolute favorite features of the CrashPadSeries website is the accompanying blog, which is meticulously crafted and regularly updated. Navigating the topics discussed is a breeze thanks to the preset categories for you to choose from. The blog page displays its most recent posts and also lets you sift back in time via the archives tab. This blog is honestly your one-stop shop for everything sex, including topics like sex ed, performer interviews, toy recommendations, and more. 

CrashPadSeries cons

The site could benefit from more advanced search features

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It always makes me sad when a studio puts out incredible work but has a site that isn’t as user-friendly as it could be. Because CrashPadSeries has such a large body of work, it’s almost necessary to have some sort of episode organization that goes beyond “sort by date”. When you first enter the episodes tab on the site, the videos are automatically shuffled showcasing various episodes, and even some blog posts, at random. The only tailoring afforded to the browser is the option to hide episodes including rough sex, BDSM, anal, and a few other choices. While I do love that the viewer has the power to remove any possibly triggering content, I think it should work both ways. Searching via category is so essential to viewership as it takes away the burden of having to sift through countless videos and really plays into the overall experience.

Is CrashPadSeries worth it? 

A thousand times, yes! There are only a handful of queer porn sites comparable to the CrashPadSeries in terms of the content quantity and quality, and the sheer amount of award-winning or nominated films and episodes. The entire site, from the films available to the blog curation, is a home run. So if Miss Shine Louise Houston is reading this, congratulations on the most incredible 12-year run––we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the hottest apartment in the Bay Area! 

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