Meet Crisis Point: Extinction, the revolutionary ‘Hentroidvania’ porn game

What if you took Nintendo’s popular 1986 NES platformer Metroid and fused it with adult content? You’d get Crisis Point: Extinction, a self-described “Hentroidvania” that features kinky alien sex across an expansive, side-scrolling sci-fi adventure.

In Crisis Point: Extinction, players star as a well-endowed soldier named Alicia sent from Earth to a distant planet’s research base in order to cure “a virus that alters the Y chromosome in developing infants, causing all children to be born female.”

The premise is undoubtedly stereotypical (and for the record, chromosomes aren’t necessarily correlated with sex), but the game’s premise is original: When Alicia crash lands, she discovers an alien environment infused with a chemical that makes humans aggressive and horny. Alicia proceeds to help the last two uninfected scientists restore the research facility to proper order, along the way meeting plenty of aliens and infected humans who want nothing more than sex. And as it turns out, Alicia is eager to return the favor.

Porn games tend to sacrifice gameplay mechanics or narrative design to make room for its adult content, but Crisis Point: Extinction does neither. Instead, the game perfectly emulates Metroidvania gameplay.

What is Crisis Point: Extinction and what are ‘Hentroidvanias’?

Crisis Point: Extinction's main character, Alicia, has vaginal sex with a slime enemy.

In Metroidvanias, players explore intricate, nonlinear levels with various items, enemies, weapons, and bosses. As players venture on, they uncover more of the map and learn more about the game’s story. The genre was popularized by Nintendo sci-fi series Metroid and Konami’s side-scrolling action horror franchise Castlevania.

Crisis Point: Extinction takes heavy inspiration from Metroid in particular. Players explore an alien planet as a tough female character, collecting power-ups and fighting alien monstrosities along the way. But Crisis Point: Extinction is a “Hentroidvania,” or “adults-only Hentai Metroidvania,” the game’s Patreon page notes. The term was coined by developer Anon42, although the concept isn’t necessarily new. Other popular Hentroidvanias include Future Fragments, Castle in the Clouds, and Xenotake.

Anon42 told the Daily Dot that Crisis Point: Extinction’s development began around May 2014. While Anon42 wanted to create a game like Crisis Point since he “was a wee lad,” it “wasn’t until more recent years that it morphed into a lewd project,” he said. First, Crisis Point started as a passion project, but eventually it turned into a full-time endeavor.

“The combination of goal-oriented exploration, with new areas unlocking based on what kind of powers you possess rather than a direct lock-and-key system, makes for an intensely satisfying gameplay loop,” Anon42 told the Daily Dot. “Knowing that you’ll discover more sex scenes as you unlock more areas fits into that reward loop nicely!”

As Alicia meets new monsters and infected humans, she can have sex with them either by masturbating in front of them or upon losing all her health. These sex scenes are beautifully animated, complete with voice acting and special climaxing animations. In one scene, Alicia is penetrated by a green slime creature, her exposed breasts jiggling up and down with each thrust. In another encounter, a futanari female soldier has vaginal sex with Alicia until both women orgasm. Other kinky content includes vore and tentacle sex. But breast expansion is one of Crisis Point: Extinction’s “primary kinks,” Anon42 said.

“[There are] multiple enemies and hazards in the game that enlarge the breasts of our main character, Alicia, and when she’s in that state, every enemy gets a brand new sex scene animation, often making use of her.. enhanced assets,” Anon42 added.

A database entry for a futanari NPC in Crisis Point: Extinction.

Most traditional action-adventure porn games place sex scenes as either reward for completing levels or as “death” sequences after running out of health. Crisis Point gets right to the fun by letting players activate their masturbation animation and watch sex play out mid-game (usually for a decent health bonus, too).

However, the bulk of Crisis Point: Extinction’s adult content is actually available at the in-game base camp where players can have sex with enemies without worrying about platforming or combat. While this technically separates the game’s sexual content from its Metroidvania gameplay, Anon42 said, he still accounts for the game’s lewd elements by “making the presence of sex and sexuality a large component of the game’s world and storyline” as well as “altering dialogue subtly based on how much the player engages in sexual content while playing.”

“Different types of sex content design appeal to different types of players,” Anon42 said. “My core philosophy is that I don’t want either side (gameplay or sex) to interfere with the other; gameplay is fast-paced and should have very few breaks to it since taking the controls away from a player can be frustrating. Sex scenes and kinky content value the polar opposite, with slow pacing and limited player input, so you have time to enjoy yourself, and put your hands to use elsewhere.”

A model example of an adult Metroidvania

A tentacle sex CG scene from Crisis: Point Extinction.

Crisis Point: Extinction isn’t just a good porn game. It’s a legitimately fun Metroidvania. Controls are smooth, platforming is easy to learn but difficult to master, combat is intuitive yet challenging, and the game’s pixel aesthetic is beautifully rendered across ancient temples and underground caverns. The game’s character animations are particularly lifelike; Alicia’s clothes gracefully rise and fall with her as she jumps, and her body jiggles, thrusts, and squirms as she has sex with nonplayer characters. Even though Crisis Point: Extinction is still early in development, the game is brimming with life.

As for the future of the game, Anon42 and his team will be putting out more content faster now that Crisis Point: Extinction’s second full-time team member is officially onboard. The developer hopes to introduce more alien enemies, new adult cutscenes, and sex toy and machine kinks. When asked by the Daily Dot, Anon42 also expressed interest in adding trans characters to Crisis Point: Extinction.

“Everybody deserves to be represented, and just because I’m making a porn game doesn’t mean that’s any less important,” he told the Daily Dot. “I’ve tried to include a variety of sexualities and ethnicities in the game’s main cast, and a trans character would be a wonderful addition to them!”

Crisis Point: Extinction is available for Windows PCs with a Steam release planned “once the game is completed.”

An early 2019 demo of the game is available for free on Interested players can also support Anon42 and his Hentroidvania development team on Patreon where they can check out the latest, patron-exclusive demos for Crisis Point.

“I can say with certainty that I see the light at the end of the development tunnel,” Anon42 said, “and Crisis Point: Extinction’s future is looking extremely bright!”