By The Horns: My Life And Sexuality As A Bull

Credit: wewi-creative/Shutterstock

My name is Bill, and I’m a Bull. No, not a Taurus, but a third that joins relationships to fulfill one purpose: sexually pleasing someone’s committed partner.

Confused? Let’s start at the beginning. Many people have questions about the wonderful world of being a third in someone’s relationship. We see a lot about unicorns or a third partner that joins a couple for threesomes, but what about the people that like to step back and watch their partner be pleasured? Is it cheating?  And so, we come to the question, what is a cuck? 

What is cuckolding?

Etymologically, the word cuck originates from the cuckoo bird, alluding to its habit of laying its eggs in other birds’ nests.

To continue with the birds and the bees, sometimes a man and a woman fall in love. Everything can be great in their relationship, except one thing: the sex. Sometimes, the problem is that the man is having difficulty pleasing the woman sexually. It’s very common: about a quarter of men under 40 report experiencing erectile dysfunction, and 52% of all men experience it at one point in their life.

Other cuckolds choose the lifestyle, claiming their “size” leaves them with no other options, some are submissive, and some just enjoy their partner being pleased, shared, and desired. 

There’s no one reason someone is, or becomes, a cuckold. There are cucks of every race, every gender (women are called cuckqueans rather than cuckolds), and every age.

So now, in the year 2023 (although cuckolding is nothing new), couples are more open about reaching out to bulls to come into the bedroom and, well, help do what their partner can’t. 

Much like people identify with being straight, gay, or bisexual, my sexual identity is a bull. Naturally, people have questions, most often being, “How did you find out you were a bull?”

It’s a funny (and hot) story. Back in 2007, my buddy Brad invited me out to watch a football game at the bar and knock back a few drinks. I’m not a big fan of football, but it’s what many men like to do together and he’s my friend, so I agreed to go. 

When I arrived at the sports bar to meet Brad, I noticed he’d brought his wife Jen along. Jen was looking good tonight, I couldn’t help but notice.

We drank a few beers and watched the game. At one point Jen touched my leg. Brad saw this and paid it no mind… I was shocked he didn’t say anything, but at the same time, I felt strangely comfortable with her touch. I elected to say nothing, in hopes of avoiding drama.  A new feeling was stirring inside me, but I didn’t know quite what yet. 

After the game, Brad invited me back to their house for a drink. I told him I didn’t want to be up late and have a hangover, but Jen just looked at me and said “Oh c’mon Bill, it’ll be fun.” 

I couldn’t say no to Jen, so I followed them back to their house. The three of us sat on the couch as Brad turned on replays of the football game. Jen brought out some margaritas and after about 5 minutes of us sitting on the couch, she touched my leg again, further up my inner thigh. Brad walked to his CD player and started playing a song by Boyz II Men, you know the one: I’ll Make Love to You.

I was shocked. He was allowing this, maybe even enjoying this, and I looked at him confused. He looked back and said, “It’s okay  Bill, enjoy yourself.”  He sat back in his recliner and started reading a Harley Davidson magazine.

Jen was all over me, and soon, we made passionate love on their couch. When we finished, Brad looked up from his magazine and said “Bill, I knew you were a bull.”

That’s when I knew too.

How do bulls find cucks?

This is a great question that I get often.  In the world of toxic masculinity, many men are afraid to come out as cucks. The term “cuck” is used as an insult against men who are perceived as “weak” or “unmasculine.” These men, who are dedicated to their partner’s pleasure, remain in the shadows in fear of their football buddies’ ridicule. 

It’s unbelievable this still happens, that stigma around sexual pleasure and non-traditional relationships is still so prevalent, but this is why I speak publicly about my choice to “come out” as a bull. I want to help people know that these desires are okay, healthy, and even common. 

But if you’re a bull, how do you find the cuck couples? For me, this often happens in one of three ways.

  1. They find you. I’m a firm believer that pheromones play a part in all of this. I always believe cuck couples are good at picking up on the vibe of bulls. So yeah, sometimes, they will just approach me, much like Jen and Brad. It helps to frequent spaces like swinger bars or resort takeovers, sex clubs, and the like. Go where the kinksters are.
  1. I find them. Just as cucks are good at finding bulls, bulls oftentimes can sniff out the cuck couples. I’ve found three long-term cuck couples at Target over the years. I personally find Target to be one of the best places to meet cuck couples, especially on Sunday afternoons, but I wouldn’t recommend going to your local Target with the sole intention of finding a bull or a cuck.
  1. Online. Now I’ve never really dabbled much at the online cuck scene, but a few of my bull buddies say they’ve had great luck with it.  Apps like Kinkoo and Feeld, which focus on dating and meeting within the kink sphere, are often where people find luck. Sure, it’s probably easier. Sure, you’ll probably find more experienced cuck couples seeking bulls online. But for me, it takes away the excitement of meeting them the old-fashioned way. 

This last part is important and something people never think of. I’ll just come out and say it: hiring a male sex worker. 

My experience with professional bulling as sex work

For two years,  I lived in Las Vegas, working hard to become a professional poker player. I met a man while in that circuit named Tony. After a few beers one night, Tony told me about his business as a talent scout.

When I asked for more details, he explained that in the world of “whales” at casinos, many of the men just couldn’t please their wives in the bedroom. He told me he was a manager for “male talent.” I laughed and remarked that he had to be kidding. He continued, saying that I would be amazed at the number of beautiful women married to wealthy men who simply wanted a bull to please them.

I told Tony that I was certain I wouldn’t be attracted to the women he was mentioning, but he proved me wrong. He pulled out his phone, showing me pictures of a woman from Ohio that was coming into Vegas that weekend. To my shock, she was the most beautiful woman I’d seen in a very long time.

I explained to Tony that I’d been a bull for five years at this point. He told me he assumed so, and asked if I had any interest in bulling that Friday and Saturday night for the couple from Ohio.

I was torn. I never thought I’d be a sex worker, but is the job really a job if you love your work? I mean, I would have done this for free…

I told Tony I would do it.

The weekend rolled around. I was to meet the cuck couple at a sports bar to get to know each other and feel the vibe out. I walked in and was immediately awestruck: the woman was the most beautiful person in the entire restaurant without question.

The husband, soon to be my cuckold, was incredibly kind. He was into crypto investing and we spoke for a while about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and of course, football. After a few drinks and conversation, they invited me back to their hotel room.

I won’t go into extreme details, but my first bull-for-pay experience was less awkward, more enjoyable, and way more lucrative than I’d ever imagined. Tony paid me $7,000 for the weekend, and the cuck tipped me an extra $3,000 because we got along so well.

This couple, along with 8 other couples Tony set me up with, continued to visit me on a monthly basis over the next two years. I made a small fortune, but again, I would have done this work for no pay. It was a passion I was fortunate enough to monetize.

I lived my life for 15 years in the “closet” as a bull. My family always wondered why I never got married. Why I never had children. why I never introduced women to them.

When I finally came out to my entire family and all my friends a few months ago, I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. Unexpectedly, the support I received from family and friends was overwhelming. The point of this statement is that whoever you are, be yourself. Let others know your needs and identity. It may not be as “weird” or “uncommon” as you currently think. 

On that final note, when I walked into their hotel room that first time in Vegas,  I noticed the room was designed for cuck/bull encounters. Every hotel room in North America has a single chair with an ottoman in the corner. This design choice is so prevalent that these chairs received the meme treatment, becoming commonly known as the cuck chair or cuck corner after Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit joked about it for years.

One may ask if the chair is an intentional design choice: is the cuckold lifestyle so common, so deeply embedded in our culture, that you may miss things if you don’t pay attention? Or is it just a chair?