Bring your bean to life with Dame Products’ Arousal Serum

Penetrative sex takes two to tango, but sex companies really bend over backward these days to help out. People with penises are practically wading up to their waists in treatments and products just for them. Thankfully, Dame Products is here to right the script with its all-natural Arousal Serum. Give it a try, we promise your vulva will thank you!

What is Dame’s arousal serum?

Dame’s first-ever topical Arousal Serum hits the ground running. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients. That means it’s something you can feel comfortable using if your skin is sensitive thanks to its pH balance. Many people can successfully use it to increase orgasm intensity, duration, and frequency through heightened sensitivity of the clitoris.

Dame Products arousal serum packaging

How does the arousal serum work?

The serum comes in an easy-to-use pump bottle for mess-free application. One pump massaged directly onto the vulva does many things. Expect an increase in blood flow, stirred nerve endings, and intensified awareness. How? It’s all thanks to nature. All-natural ingredients peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon lend their intensifying properties of stimulation. Together they create a warm, tingling sensation that heightens sensitivity and helps with the production of personal lubrication.

Dame Product’s Arousal Serum benefits

In a survey of 1,000 arousal gel users, the results were quite staggering. 46% said they use topical serums with a partner for fun. 72% said topical intensity is what they look for most in a serum. After testing, 85% of Dame respondents reported that the Arousal Serum was effective. Overstimulation, which is common in many serums on the market, was alleviated with this serum.

Dame Product's arousal serum on a finger.

Some sex toys and condoms clash with certain lubricants. However, those looking to use Dame’s serum in conjunction with a sex toy or while using condoms can rest easy. This serum’s water-based formula is silicone and latex safe. The best perk? Dame’s formula is vegan as well and safe to ingest. Bonus: it has a slightly sweet, earthy taste!

Is this arousal serum worth it?

This serum is good for everything from regular play to trouble with self-lubrication. It should help you get (and stay) wet and spice up your sex life. Beyond the product itself, Dame has a proven track record of changing the way we experience, and explore sexuality. I believe everyone with a vulva should give this serum a try!

You can find it listed on the Dame store for $30.

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