Dame Products just released a clit-sucking vibe for beginners

If you need a breath of fresh air, you should check out Aer, the new clitoral stimulator from Dame Products.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, over half of the women in America use a vibrator. Knowing the benefits a vibrator can bring, this comes as no surprise to me. What does shock me, though, are the many mixed reviews on popular clitoral vibrators. Apparently, this type of vibrator is lacking balance. Various reviews have stated that some of these best-selling toys are either too strong or not strong enough. But with the release of Dame Products’ new suction vibe, we’re hopeful that there can be a one-size-fits-all sucking vibrator.

What is the Aer vibrator?

Dame Products describes the Aer as “a powerful arousal tool for fans of oral stimulation.” This is why if you were to put this vibrator in a category, it would fall under clitoral sucker or stimulator.

Dame has programmed the Aer to “create thrilling pulses of air and a soft seal around your clitoris”. As with most clitoral suckers, the aim is to re-create the feeling of oral stimulation. The air pulses mimic the fluttering feeling of a tongue, while the suction imitates the pressure of a mouth. As you position the vibe to create a soft seal around the clitoris, the focus begins (and stays) on your lil pleasure bean.

two Aer vibrators intertwined in someones hands.

How well does it work?

After playing with the Aer for about a week, I can say for certain that it’s a great clitoral vibrator. Especially for clitoral beginners. I reserve this toy for novices because I do have vibes that pack a bigger punch. However, I know that not everyone likes a toy that only delivers super-strong vibrations. So it’s a matter of subjectivity (as it usually is with sex toys). But in all honesty, I do wish I’d had the Aer as my first clitoral stimulator!

The Aer has five vibration settings and five pattern settings, giving users a total of 10 settings to explore. Personally, I like a steady vibration over a repeating variation of beats. Still, I found the patterns on the Aer to be unique and interesting (for a lack of better words). The pre-set patterns aren’t a simulation of random beats, at least not in my opinion. They actually do a damn good job at mimicking real oral stimulation!

Dame Products suction vibrator Aer

The first vibration setting of Aer was a little too soft for my liking but would be a great start for a beginner. The third setting was the most pleasant setting for me and I found that alternating between the third and fourth to be ideal. The fifth setting was so powerful that I think it may give the Hitachi a run for its money! That said if you need a little extra to send you over the edge, set this baby to five.

In terms of the preset patterns, in general, they are not my piece of cake. As I mentioned above, patterns just feel like autopilot to me. But that doesn’t mean you won’t like them! Aer has a decent range of pattern types and their duration, making this the perfect toy for those who know they love a good rhythm (or for those interested in testing the waters).

When using Aer with a partner, I found that it was a little too big for the missionary position. However, its large and deep opening fits perfectly over the clit in so many other positions.

My personal favorite feature is its water resistance. Taking the Aer into the shower or bath solo (or with a partner), heightens the experience times 10.

Dame Products' Aer vibrator in a puddle of water

Dame Aer review: Is this suction vibrator worth it?

For tentative, sensitive, or first-time explorers of clitoral vibrators, Dame’s Aer toy is a home run. Priced at $95, it’s a great entry-level product that still provides quality and pleasure. Its pressure wave technology sends major pulses of air that feel deeper than most other clitoral vibrators. The fact that it’s rechargeable is also a huge plus. Can you believe that in the whole year of 2021 some toy designers still rely on batteries?!

In my opinion, Aer is the perfect toy to spice up a solo or partnered moment. And its water-resistant technology gives a double mark in the pleasure section. Thanks, Dame, I love it!

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