Dan Bilzerian posted some boobs on Snapchat and got instantly suspended

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Love him or hate him, Dan Bilzerian is one of the Internet’s hottest commodities. The gun-toting, face-kicking, model-banging, bomb-making, porn-star-tossing multimillionaire already rules Instagram with a macho, meaty fist. Now he’s gone after Snapchat.

The same auto-destruct feature that makes the app an ideal sexting platform—photos can only be viewed for a set time and are then supposedly wiped from company servers—suits Bilzerian’s themes of nudity and rank hedonism. Even so, he tweeted that he may not be on Snapchat for long: “I did my first snapchat(danbilzerian), i hope nudity is allowed or my snapchat career will be short lived,” he wrote. Hours later, his Twitter account was suspended, though it remains unclear why. It’s currently back online.

Bilzerian managed to fire off one snap before that account, too, was shut down. In the brief video selfie, he cavorts in bed with a handgun and a topless woman (who, some have speculated, is model Lindsey Pelas). The viewer is then treated to a few seconds of bare and bouncing breasts. Snapchat’s community guidelines expressly forbid “pornography,” a broad term that gives them plenty of leeway to squelch undesirable content. That Bilzerian had posted the clip as a public “Story,” meaning any (underage) user could watch it, surely factored in their decision to pull the plug after Bilzerian deleted the snap.

You know, it’s kind of nice seeing a guy who always gets what he wants finally taken down a peg. Not that he gives a shit.

H/T Business Insider | Photo via danbilzerian/Instagram