Learn everything there is to know about data analytics with this training

Data informs pretty much everything these days. Businesses and organizations are increasingly reliant on data to make critical decisions and figure out their next move. It’s really not surprising, then, that data is considered a more valuable resource than oil, with the data scientist role being deemed as the sexiest job in the 21st century. These so-called data experts are responsible for making sense of mounds of data available and they get paid handsomely for it.

Want to snag that sexy job? Let the Data Analytics Expert Certification Bundle be your guide. It features five courses, all of which are designed to teach you how to effectively process datasets. Granted, the very act of data analysis and visualization isn’t very sexy, but the courses are put together in a way that even newbies will be able to grasp fully.

It starts by filling you in on the basics of data interpretation and then proceeds with getting you familiarized with Tableau 10, a popular tool used by experts for data visualization, reporting, and business intelligence. You’ll then jump to learning Python, an object-oriented programming language that is also often utilized in data analysis. There’s also a course on no other than Microsoft Excel, and here, you’ll learn how to make use of its built-in functionalities to devise insights from data sets. The bundle wraps up with a course on MongoDB, in which you’ll get the chance to master data modeling, ingestion, and replication.

Sounds good? Break into the world of data with this bundle. It usually goes for $2,645, but it’s only $49 for a limited time.

Price subject to change. 

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