‘He said he had to call his mom’: Woman catches date talking to girl rated ‘7/10 BJ’ in his phone

A woman says her date stepped out of the car to take a call from his mom. However, his Bluetooth was still connected to the car, leading the infotainment system to feature the caller ID information: “Rachel bj 7/10.”

Anna Malygon’s (@maligoshik) video on the matter racked up well over 20 million views.

Anna pondered in the caption of the clip: “what should I do :)))”


what should I do :)))

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There were a number of TikTokers who weren’t shy about sharing their opinions on what they think she should do. Several quipped that she should put the car in drive, effectively running over the man who was taking his call with Rachel BJ 7/10 while standing in front of the vehicle.

“Just drive forward babe,” one user wrote. Another commented, “Put the car in drive?”

Someone else joked that Anna got the entire situation wrong and that the woman he was speaking to was a participant from a martial arts class that he keeps losing to. “That’s just Rachael from Brazilian jujitsu class (bj). He 7-10 against her,” they said.

Others thought since Anna presumably had Bluetooth access to the man’s contacts via the vehicle’s infotainment system, she should add another person to his phone call. “Press ‘Add call’, and add his actual mum,” one said.

There were some people who couldn’t understand how Anna was so calm. “How are you still sitting in the car. My crazy would come out so fast,” another said.

And then there were those who weren’t so sure the person in front of the car was a man, which led them to believe the video is staged. “I know a girl in a hoodie when i see one,” one said while another added, “literally noticed right away.”

Others said that they noticed the phone caller’s nails, and if it was a video being posted simply for clout, it wouldn’t be the first time on the platform. There are a number of accounts that are constantly being called out for posting content that is passed off as genuine, but instead feature staged or produced scenarios. The New York Times has also reported on the growing number of manipulated or disingenuous clips that are being posted to the platform on a daily basis.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Anna via email for further comment.